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Become a Lifelong Positive Thinker

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I truly believe that every moment in our life is a precious gift from the Universe.

With each breath we take, we have the opportunity to enjoy life's many splendors, and that's a very beautiful thing!

But sometimes, even when we have the best of intentions, no matter how positive we may try to be, or how grateful we are for our many blessings, we can still get tangled up in the threads of negativity.

And if we're not careful, it can become easy to get so wound up, that it feels like we're trapped in a vicious negative thought pattern that seems impossible to escape.

Well, I'm here to tell you, that a consistent positive mindset is something you can have! And it's something I deeply want for you because...

Your outlook on life and the world around you has a HUGE impact on your happiness, relationships, and dreams!

Positive thinking is an extremely valuable tool that can help you overcome challenges, reach new goals, and even deal with pain and regret. Research has shown that optimistic people enjoy increased satisfaction in their love lives, have better physical health, and create higher incomes for themselves.

So to help you on your journey of having an ever-present positive mental attitude, I've unraveled 4 common misconceptions of positive thinking (keep this in mind the next time you need to combat any negativity trying to weave its way back into your life!):

Misconception #1: 'Negative thinking is the same as realistic thinking.'

FACT: Realistic thinking is not necessarily negative thinking, and vice versa. Negative thinking is not always realistic thinking. There are many positive thinkers, who are also very realistic.

This truth is, no matter who you are or how realistic you are, if you get stuck in a negative mindset, you're blocking the path of positive energy to flow into your life.

You see, our thoughts affect our environment, which in turn shape the world around us.

So positive thoughts send positive vibrations, which attract positive people and opportunities into our lives. But the opposite also holds true for negative thoughts that send negative vibrations, which will inevitably attract negative situations into our lives - it's the Law of Attraction at its core.

Misconception #2: 'Positive thinkers believe that whatever they wish for, will just manifest itself.'

FACT: There’s a big difference between positive thinking and positive action. Anyone who accomplishes anything in life, whether it's earning a desired income or taking a dream vacation, did it by taking action

When you remain positive about your dreams and goals, you create a mindset where you truly believe your desires are fully attainable. You'll come from a can-do mindset where your actions are based on possibilities.

In other words, positive thinking allows you to be more easily inspired, which will encourage you to continuously take action and move closer towards your goals!

Misconception #3: 'Positive thinkers avoid reality.'

FACT: A positive mental attitude makes it easier to embrace each moment and live in the present. When you're in a positive state of mind, you leave the gates open for abundance and happiness to freely flow to you.

What's more, being a positive thinker will help you to always look for creative solutions, since you're free to think of new ways to solve problems. It's easier for positive people to change their perspective and turn challenges into opportunities for self-growth and improvement.

You see, a positive mental attitude DOES change reality because it allows a person to act in a way that's in accordance with abundance and prosperity. So positive thinkers don't avoid reality, they're too busy finding ways to create their own reality!

Misconception #4: 'Positive thinkers don't understand what the world is really like.'

FACT: Everyone has dealt with negative situations and harsh realities at one point or another. Positive people can still have setbacks and get discouraged too. No one is completely sheltered from all pain and suffering, it's a part of life.

Having a positive mental attitude means choosing to overcome hardships and finding ways to grow beyond them. It's important not to let tough times completely change your positive outlook on life.

Once you understand and accept that there are many external factors beyond your control, you realize that you have the power to choose how you respond and react!

So, how would your life change if your every thought, belief, habit and emotion could propel you forward instead of hold you back?

If you’re ready to become a lifelong positive thinker, it’s time you join pioneering brain researcher Morry Zelcovitch and me on our free online Masterclass.

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And if you have any tips on creating and maintaining a positive mindset, please share with the community below :-)

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Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.








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