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A Message From Natalie: Exciting Company Announcement and Introducing our Newest Team Member


Mind Movies Has Just Hit A HUGE Milestone - And It's All Thanks To YOU!

"Nat, you're not going to believe this..."

We may have been on the phone, but I could tell one of our Chief Executives was grinning as he told me the best news of 2017 so far:

"I just checked Mind Movies' total global reach - and we've now hit over FOUR MILLION people!"

Four million people. That's about the population of Panama. And it all started because just 10 years ago, my partner Glen and I gave up our careers for that one piece of personal growth technology we truly believed in.

But that's just how Mind Movies got started.

YOU are the real reason we've thrived for nearly a decade. Mind Movies is the culmination of all the courses and technology you’ve invested in. All the success you’ve had with them. All the friends and family you’ve told about us. And all your public declarations of love and gratitude.

I still remember some of the first 'love letters' we received from overjoyed students several years ago:

“I know the power of visualization, emotions, and the Law of Attraction, so your Mind Movies really gave me goose-bumps when I first saw it. And they work! After creating my Mind Movies, I manifested such an abundance of amazing and supportive friends, I live in a place I had dreamed of (San Diego - and I'm from Canada), I got to experience unconditional love and acceptance from a lover, my work is PLAY... and I owe it all to the power of your Mind Movies! Thank You!”
- Lee Jagger


But I'll be honest with you - we still have a long way to go…


Our goal has been the same since we started: we want to help humanity reconnect with the true power of our minds. Because we believe the solution to so many of our challenges - whether it's our own unrealized goals, social problems, environmental issues, you name it - is already inside us.


And so we aim to spread the world's best personal growth wisdom and technology to at least 10 million people across the globe - who will in turn spread it to millions more.

We're now almost halfway there, and looking at our growth rate - we won't need anywhere close to another decade to reach 10 million!

What this means for our relationship...

As the movement grows, we realize it's time to start operating less like a company, and more like a community.

What that means is getting you more involved in our projects, giving you more intimate opportunities to grow with us, and even allowing you to co-create our vision as we move forward.

(I'll tell you more about these developments soon - we've got some incredibly exciting things in store for you!)

But it also simply means getting closer to our team and being part of the Mind Movies family :-)

So from today onwards, I'm going to start introducing you to our team members - starting with Jeff, who just joined us as our Email Community Manager.

Check out this fun interview we recorded with him:



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Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.








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