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A Different Look At The Sword In The Stone

On this week's blog, published author Michael Fletcher gives his insight on the powers of the universe. Enjoy :-)

In the mythical story of The Sword In The Stone, the King, Uther Pendragon, has died, leaving no heir. A mysterious anvil and sword have appeared in London, engraved with 'Whoso Pulleth Out This Sword of this Stone and Anvil, is Rightwise King Born of All England'. A tournament is announced on New Year's Day to give all able men in England a chance to remove the sword, but no one can ever claim it because only one soul is designated as the “chosen one”. No one but the chosen one can ever achieve this task. One day a young man, the Wart, eventually and accidentally removes the sword from the stone and he becomes the rightful King, King Arthur.

Have you ever thought of your life and your goals in this way? Perhaps you thought that some goals were like the Sword in the Stone, and not meant for you to achieve. In this story, we could return every day for a thousand years and still never be able to remove the sword from the stone, because fate had already determined one single heir to the throne of England. The awesome news is that this world, our universe, is NOT like the sword in the stone concept. 

The universe yields to us and blesses us all the time.

This is why we meditate, visualize, and pray. We create an attitude of gratitude and release negative thoughts because the universe is there for us and accepts us as a work in progress. I am not the same man I was when I was 20 years old. The universe has allowed me to interact, grow and change, all the while bending and flexing to hear my prayers, my dreams, and goals. The universe yields to us! I have already released the sword from the stone on my many small journeys. I will continue to remove the sword from the stone multiple times among my journeys. 

I realize I am the “chosen one” after all. 

My journey has been different than I imagined, but I have no sadness in my heart because I know the universe is with me and keeps on urging me toward greater things. 

So press on loved ones! Many doors will be opened and the universe will bend, flex and yield to you, your dreams, and goals. Sometimes it may take you on the road less traveled, but the universe will guide you. The universe is a loving place with arms around you. 

You have the sword in your hands!

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Michael Fletcher is a published author and Registered Sleep Technologist. Michael is passionate about writing, learning, and music. You can read more about Michael over on his website here!

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