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7 Secrets To Live A Harmonious Life

On this week’s blog, writer Carmen Jacob shares 7 secrets to living a harmonious life. Enjoy :-)

Life is like a symphony, with ups and downs, many surprises, triumphal marches, and instruments in sync with each other. 

So let me ask you - are you satisfied with the symphony of your life? Being in balance maintains not only your happiness and well-being but also your physical health.

Leading a harmonious life is like living as a forest does, where every element has a purpose in this giant organism. Every part has a purpose, and all the parts are connected to each other, depending on each other for survival. 

Here you have Seven secrets to live a harmonious life:

1. Celebrate life - live life with passion.

Your chances to be born were so tiny and, yet, you are here. You have received the most beautiful gift there is - life!

Celebrate your life every day. Live with passion and excitement. Wake up in the morning and smile: Take a deep breath and say “It’s another great day to be alive!” Pump up your engines, caress your soul, honor your body, give peace and tranquility to your mind! 

Isn’t it simply amazing to be you?!

2. Show gratitude and appreciation.

Like a river feeding the nature around it, showing gratitude and appreciation to your loved ones nourishes your relationships.  

Let them know how important and dear they are to you; how much better your life is for having them close. 

Yes, sometimes, you might be silent and only think about the words you’d like to say - but have no courage to say them out of fear. The fear that, once the words are coming out of your mouth, maybe your loved ones will not live up to your standards, will not strive to be the fantastic people they are. 

Yes, it’s true, that might happen. However, most people are seeing your gesture for what it is and try even harder. 

Gratitude and appreciation are your gifts to give in return for all the things you get. 

3. Learn how to communicate.

If you have a pet, you know that communication takes place all the time. Your dog, for example, doesn’t say anything to you and yet, you can almost read each other’s minds. You understand each other. 

Many people complain that: “Our relationship is failing because we lack communication. We don’t communicate.” Listen, you are sending a message every moment when you are in the presence of someone; perhaps you aren’t communicating because you are busy doing something else. 

If your words don’t talk in your voice, your body does. And when you speak, the tone of your voice says more than your words.  

4. Know what you want.

Define what you want in life. Know where you are going and arm yourself with a well-designed plan how to get there. If you don’t know where to start, begin with the things that are missing from your life. What will give purpose and meaning to your existence? 

Get curious about the things you can achieve and how much more you can accomplish. Remind yourself that, at the end of life, the most important thing for a human being is the legacy she/he leaves behind.

5. Have compassion.

Leading a harmonious life requires you to do thing above all else: have compassion. 

Have compassion for yourself and others. Accept people as they are and listen with the intention of finding out new things, to understand, to really see the person in front of you. 

Sometimes, the person in front of you is you. See yourself, acknowledge when life is tough (for you) and give a hug to your soul. Forgive yourself when making mistakes. Accept your unchangeable limitations. 

Again, give a hug to your soul free from judgment, blame or guilt. You and those around you are only humans.

6. Teach others how to treat you.

The way you treat yourself sets the standards of what you expect from others. Treat yourself with respect. Talk nicely to, and about yourself. You are the guardian of who you are and who you want to become. Like a lion protecting his kingdom, protect your well-being, self-image, and future.

7. Stay positive.

Almost everything that happens in life has a positive part. Search for that side of things and be confident that whatever life puts in front of you, you’ll find your way. 

Know that there is no problem without a solution. Look closely and see how many possibilities and opportunities are opened up for you. 

Clean up your environment of negativity (people and things) and pay attention, notice and acknowledge the bright side of life. 
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Carmen Jacob is the creator of several self-help programs, courses, and books, which focus on using what you already have to improve your life and the life of those around you. If you want to learn more about Carmen and her work, please click here!

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