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4 Reasons ENERGY HEALING Is NOT A Big, Fat Lie


“Does Energy Healing really work?”

“Where’s the scientific proof?”

“If you can’t see it, how do you know it’s there?”

Look, I get it. It’s perfectly normal to be skeptical of a phenomenon like energy healing, a.k.a. the practice of triggering physical and emotional healing by working with a person’s invisible energetic field.

Because yes, energy healing practices like Reiki, Chakra healing, Qigong and certain forms of meditation do appear to contradict what you learned in school (and what your doctor probably tells you) about the human body and mind.

And yes, due to its intangible nature, some people do misuse it to make false or unrealistic promises.

But can it really help you? 

After over two decades of studying mind science, personal growth and holistic healing… 

And after helping over 2.1 million people - including myself! - energetically heal from a wide spectrum of challenges… 

My answer is an absolute YES.

Because if it wouldn’t…

1. Why does the latest scientific evidence point to the existence of an energetic field projecting from the human mind and body?

According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, one of the world's leading authorities in neuroscience and quantum physics, modern technology now proves beyond any doubt that everything in reality is vibrating at a certain frequency, and that everything is energy.

He states that the human mind is no exception, and that your thoughts have an electrical charge, while your feelings have a magnetic charge.

What this means is that a person’s thoughts and feelings broadcast a unique energetic signature that then attracts other similar signatures, and rejects mismatched ones.

The implications of this discovery on a person’s wellbeing are simple but profound: by working to energetically elevate your thoughts and feelings, you can start building a reality where your environment, decisions and emotions draw you closer to a state of holistic health.

2. Why does a growing body of evidence support the validity of various energy healing practices?

Some people insist that energy healing is nothing more than a highly convincing placebo.

And yet every day, many of the world’s most widely used practices of this kind are being studied and verified by reputable medical institutions and universities. 

You can find a non-exhaustive lists of theseall over the internet, which cover a wide variety of topics including the effects of distance healing on surgical wounds, the effects of prayer on blood infections, how positive intentions impact cancer patients, and much more.

3. Why are even hospitals and insurance companies starting to recognize energy healing as a legitimate complement to traditional medicine?

FACT: Reiki education is now offered in over 800 American hospitals to help patients reduce pain and accelerate healing.

ANOTHER FACT: A growing number of insurance companies like Aetna now offer coverage for cases that would benefit from alternative medical treatments like energy healing.

These are institutions whose reputations and bottom lines are greatly influenced by decisions like whether to endorse an emerging practice such as energy healing - and now more and more are making the decision to support it.

4. And why did energy healing help ME… when nothing else could?

I’ve saved this point for last, because it’s the least “scientifically valid” one - and yet it’s also one of the biggest pieces of evidence to me.

Years ago, before Mind Movies took off, I was a miserable, struggling and broke entrepreneur.

I was overweight and exhausted. I looked at least a decade older than my age. I wasn’t eating right, I wasn’t thinking right, and my physical and mental health were reflections of that.

And so I hired a therapist who told me to work less, sleep more, and swallow what must have been half a dozen pills a day.

Unfortunately, this standard approach to healing didn’t do much for me. It was as if I was addressing the symptoms of my unhappiness and exhaustion, without touching on the root cause.

My turning point happened when I began meditating on a regular basis. This was when I realized that the real source of my struggles was most likely an energetic blockage deep inside of me - and the only way to fix it was to perform - you guessed it - energy healing on myself.

And so every day for a few minutes, I started using simple meditation and visualization techniques with the purpose of ‘unblocking’ my inner energy.

The changes that followed were deep and fast; it was as if a fog had been lifted from my entire reality. Stress no longer overwhelmed me, even with the same workload. My sense of passion and purpose, previously all but drained, returned to me. My thoughts and emotions, previously ablaze with negativity, quietened to an ocean of positivity and self-acceptance. 

I even felt myself capable of completing more tasks and getting more out of each day; as if years of wear and tear had been lifted from my body.

A lot of the things I have achieved today, from the Mind Movies movement, to my healthy body, to my life of fulfillment and adventure, I credit to the energy healing work I have performed on myself.

And that’s why I truly believe, with every fiber of my being, that energy healing is NOT a big, fat lie :-)

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