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4 Easy Chakra Opening Tips For Beginners

On this week’s blog, we feature a close friend and seasoned meditation enthusiast, Bianca Ricoy! Enjoy :)

When I was put on medication for Hypothyroid at 19, I trusted that all of the fatigue, the weight gain, and chronic muscle pain would stop. 

Fast-forward three years later and I was still experiencing the exact same symptoms, even though doctors assured me that the medication was doing its job. When I asked doctors what I could do to actually reverse the illness, no one had an answer - really they didn’t think it was possible.

At 22, I found myself googling the Chakra System. I had always known about it, but up until that point it just felt like fun, new-age entertainment for my younger self. 

I spent the next six years mastering my energy systems and fully healing the thyroid imbalance within two years. 

This is what I discovered:  

If you’re only trusting what you see with your eyes, then you would believe that we are - that everything around us - is static, unmoving or solid. But, we know for a fact that the earth is constantly spinning and, although it looks like one giant mass, it’s composed of various elements. 

So despite what we see with our eyes, we too are simply thousands of moving particles in motion!


Each of these particles carry a magnetic charge, or an energy, that is responsible for how we interact with our world - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  

In the same way that the earth is composed of different elements, we encounter different types of energy with our own physical body. 

The ancient Chakra system helps us understand how these different energy centers in our body correspond to our physical health and how weaker centers can manifest into issues in your relationships, finances and more. 


There are traditionally seven main energy centers that start from the base of the spine and go all the way up to the crown of your head. Think of them as hotspots for similar functioning nerve bundles. Each chakra corresponds to specific organ functions, our immune system, and emotions! That’s why keeping them open and in balance is so important. 

To prevent physical and emotional manifestations of imbalance, here are 4 easy tips to open up and start balancing your Chakras: 

1. Get familiar with their color. 

While you visualize the color of the Chakra that you are opening, you actually want to feel the energy of the color. It’s not enough to just see the color in your mind’s eye, but give the color properties like “cool”, or “warm”, or a quality like “revitalizing”. Pair the color with that sensation and feel the energy expanding within that energy center.  

2. Play with sound.

Play a song and notice where in your body you feel the most connection to the music. Does it calm you and make you feel grounded? Root. Does it make you want to move your hips? Sacral. Does it make you want to sing? Throat. Each energy center carries a specific vibration, or tone. So when we listen to music, it has a real physical impact on the energy of our body. 

3. Sit in silence.

Sometimes the answer lays in the subconscious, or the superconscious. We can get a download on a particular food, supplement, action or movement that could really open up any blockages. Sometimes simply asking yourself, “What do I need today?”, allowing for a pause and letting the answer come through to you is the most accurate source for knowing how to open and balance. The trick is to trust what you hear. 

4. Yoga. 

The postures in yoga were intended to open up these seven energy centers. Somewhere along the way we forgot that it might only take one or two poses to give us what we need (and not necessarily 60 minutes of intense cardio). Engage in one or two postures before you start your day to release tension. Is your upper back stiff (heart chakra)? Do you experience lower back pain (solar plexus or sacral)? Finding postures to relieve that tension naturally gets the energy flowing back through the muscles and strengthens the energy centers in that area. 

Bianca Ricoy Profile

Bianca is Mom to Camila, a natural born healer, writer and visionary leader of peace. Having healed an autoimmune thyroid imbalance using meditation, Bianca is passionate about teaching individuals how to 'be' their meditation practice. She believes in our bodies' natural ability to heal and the immense power of a fine-tuned mind. Bianca is a highly - intuitive guide for anyone on the journey of Conscious Parenting or Empowered Body Healing. You can read more about Bianca over on her website at

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