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27 Easy Ways To Practice Kindness Today

27 Easy Ways To Practice Kindness Today

Let’s be honest…

The fast-paced world we live in and the sad stories we hear on the news sometimes sucks our attention and makes us forget how important it is to choose to be kind even when our world seems to be unkind.

But what we sometimes don’t realize is that if we all choose to see the abundance that surrounds us and we all put a little bit of effort into making the world a better place, we could actually live much happier lives and be surrounded by much friendlier people.

The good news is that kindness is an attribute that can be learned, and by practicing it you’ll not only be improving your own life, but you’ll also be making a contribution to your community and to the world around you.

Pick one of these 27 ways to be kind today (and enjoy how it brightens your day at the same time):

1- If you see garbage, pick it up

2- Send flowers to a friend

3- Express gratitude to someone who’s made a difference in your life

4- Buy 5 lottery tickets and send them to your friends or family in the mail

5- Be kind to someone who has hurt you in the past

6- Bring your co-workers a special treat

7- Let another car merge-in during traffic

8- Leave a nice comment on a blog

9- Let someone with fewer groceries go ahead of you in the checkout line of the supermarket

10- Adopt a pet

11- Offer to pay for someone’s dinner

12- Donate your unwanted clothes to shelters

13- Leave a nice server the biggest tip you can afford

14- Smile at people

15- Give away your parking spot

16- Help someone carry their groceries

17- Say ‘thank you’ a lot

18- Send someone a card

19- Leave a note on your child’s packed lunch

20- Hold the door open for someone

21- Offer to do a chore for someone else

22- Share your knowledge

23- Be on time

24- Avoid gossip

25- Forgive yourself

26- Respond timely

27- Inspire others to do the same!

Perhaps don’t try and do all of these things at once. Instead, try implementing one each day and you’ll quickly see how being kind will leave you feeling more satisfied, happier and more fulfilled.


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