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20 Pictures to Remind You There Is Good In The World

20 Pictures To Remind You There Is Good In The World

The holidays are always a great reminder for all the things that make us smile. Getting together with family, laughing with friends, and showing kindness through giving. But remember, not everyone in the world has the ability to partake in the holiday traditions we cherish. So no matter your circumstance, you always possess the power to spread positivity. Whether that’s lending a helping hand, picking up trash on the ground, or even offering up a smile, and these pictures can remind us of what really matters in the world.

1. Weekly Walking Partner

Sanitation worker helping 88-year-old woman

After witnessing 88-year-old Opal Zucca take a scary fall while wheeling her trashcan up the driveway, waste management employee, Billy Shelby vowed to make sure it would never happen again. He now helps Zucca get her trashcan up the driveway every single week.

2. Free the Turtles

Man releasing turtle into the ocean

Arron Culling is helping to save sea turtles from being endangered by setting them free in the ocean. After paying $50 for turtles being sold in a local food market, he’s working to put an end to a vulnerable species that are often harvested for their meat and shells.

3. A Cup of Joe

Little girl with two paramedics

This little girl thought it would be a good idea to offer a cup of coffee to these two paramedics after their shift. And that small and kind gesture got her a pretty awesome tour around the ambulance.

4. Family Matters

Dad and 5 adopted children

With thousands of children in foster care, this is the heartwarming story of a single dad deciding to keep a family united by adopting 5 siblings so they can stay together.

5. Lewis the Koala

Rescued koala

A woman nearly risked her life to rescue a badly burned koala from the brushfires happening in Australia. Fast-acting, Toni Doherty, took the shirt off her back to cover and protect the koala from the terrifying scene.

6. A Lifelong Companion

Man with his rescue dog

Kevin Cochran has found his lifelong companion after rescuing a dog who had been found living in a cage for months on the streets of Chicago. The instant bond that was formed between the two shows how far a good deed can really go… and it turns out this bond is forever.

7. Strength in Numbers

People work together to help during an accident

Far more can truly be accomplished in a group than what can be done alone, and we see that here as people band together in a train station to help rescue a commuter that fell in the gap.

8. Haircuts for Homeless

Man giving haircut to homeless person

New York hairstylist, Mark Bustos, uses his Sundays to give back. And he does that by providing free haircuts to the homeless. Something as simple as a haircut for someone who just can’t afford it is the kind of good we need more of in the world.

9. Keep Warm

Winter coats on street poles

Children in Canada covered street poles with warm winter jackets and notes attached, saying, "I am not lost! If you are stuck out in the cold, please take me to keep warm!" What an incredible gesture these kids made in giving back to those in need.

10. A Game of Chess

Young and old man playing chess

Seated are a young man and an older man playing a game of chess in a park. It’s so incredible to see the blending of generations, really showing how much we can all learn from one another, even in a game of chess.

11. Seeking Human Kindness

Homeless man with sign

A man kneels in a subway station with a sign that reads, “Seeking Human Kindness,” words you may not normally see coming from someone in need. Even those with very little understand the need for more kindness in the world.

12. Beach Cleanup

People picking up trash at the beach

Groups of volunteers work together to help revive a beach riddled with trash and pollution, showing that sometimes it’s benefitting the greater good that brings us all together to lend a helping hand.

13. I March For My Granddaughter

Grandfather at women’s march

Pictured here is a man at one of the many worldwide Women’s Marches that started in 2017 with a notable sign reading, “I march for my granddaughter, age 3.” This grandfather is not only showing his support for women’s rights but also the importance of protecting women of future generations.

14. #SchoolStrike4Climate

Greta Thunberg climate strike

At just 16 years old, environmental climate change activist, Greta Thunberg, has become one of the most influential teens in the world, continuing to inspire generations to come, one climate strike at a time. The Swedish activist notes just how grateful she is for her peers, and this powerful photo truly reveals how much influence future generations have on affecting change.

15. Be Kind To Mother Earth

Little girl planting trees

A little girl is seen here on her hands and knees, helping to plant trees in a garden amongst other volunteers. Taking care of our earth is something that’s often better understood through doing, like volunteering to help benefit and beautify a community can start at any age.

16. A Moment to Give

Man gives money to homeless person

A passerby kneels down to lend some spare change to a homeless person sitting on the street with their dog. You see, life can get busy, but taking a moment to give, even if it’s just a little, is what can put a smile on someone’s face (and yours too).

17. Walking In The Rain

Father covering son from rain

This photo truly warms my heart, as a father is making sure his little boy doesn’t get drenched by water during their walk in the rain. This so greatly speaks to the importance of protecting our children, no matter what.

18. Love (At Any Age)

Elderly couple walking holding hands

This charming couple holding hands in the park is a reminder that love can show up at any time in our lives and you can have love at any age.

19. A Helping Hand

Man helps elderly woman with her bags

For some, it can be hard to ask for help, but for the man seen here helping an older woman with her bags, offering his hand was never a question. It’s those small, kind gestures that have the power to make someone’s day a little easier.

20. No Questions Asked

Sign on restaurant door offering free meal

The unfortunate reality of being homeless is that the next meal is never guaranteed, so the kind gesture this restaurant took to offer complimentary food is something that deserves recognition, especially during the holiday season.

You see, the more you learn to be kind and give with an open heart, the more you can expect of that in return. And if you’re familiar with the law of attraction, you already know the same goes for manifesting the life you want. The more you focus on what you want, the more likely you are to reveal it, and you can use visualization to do just that. And to help, I’d like to share with you the manifesting exercises that give you the power to raise your creation power to create, be, and achieve anything.

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