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2 Important Things To Consider Before Making Decisions


If you were to take all of the "stuff" in your house and put it in a pile, how high would it be?

I'm sure a lot of us, have several things in our house or apartment that we'll never use again.

So why did we buy it in the first place? And why is it still worth keeping in our lives?

I recently learned a new word, "Stuffocation." It's literally a combination of "stuff" and "suffocation" and it got me thinking...

How do we decide what to buy? How do we tell the difference between the stuff we want to enhance our lives and the stuff we want so others will think more highly of us?

With all of the advances in technology, and so many ways we can buy things, we're constantly adding to our 'stuff' too.

This can drain our finances and may still leave us feeling empty and unfulfilled.

So before you decide to buy this, that and the other thing... think about these two simple steps before making decisions so you'll be guided toward making the best choices possible:

Step 1: Start With "WHY"

Think about your last big purchase, something that you needed to borrow money in order to buy... maybe your house, condo, car, computer, or that new designer outfit.

Now think about why you bought it, why you chose that specific one over all of the other options...

Did you spend a lot more for a house or apartment with an ocean view because you feel more peaceful and happy every time you see and hear the waves? Or did you do it so you could brag to your friends and impress them with your expensive mortgage payment?

Motives play a major roll in our happiness. The "stuff" we bring into our lives should be there to enhance our own journey, not to demean someone else's.

So figure out why you want something in your life, and if you find that it's for the right reasons and it will make your life better, easier and happier, align your energy with it and soon it will manifest itself into your reality!

Step 2: Get Into an Abundant Mindset

I often talk about how important it is to have an abundant mindset if you want to attract all you hope for into your life. Abundance is a peaceful place where we recognize that there's more than enough in the world and that we're WORTHY of all that we need and desire. It should never be confused with jealousy, envy, or lust for something.

Before you buy, set your mind to abundance and look at your purchase through that internal filter. And remember that the grass actually isn't always greener on the other side!

The Universe responds to intent and matching your vibrational frequency to what you desire will make it that much easier to attract it into your life :)

What are the motivating factors behind WHY you buy things? I'd love to hear what's important to YOU in the comment box below!


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