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Release The Past (Letting Go Affirmations)

Release The Past (Letting Go Affirmations)


Do you sometimes wish you could change the past? We all do at some point in our lives! But, the truth is, there’s no magic way to go back in time and undo the past.

What you CAN do though is learn how to accept and let go of the past. The truth is, letting go of anything is not always that easy.

However, it is possible to release the past and I’ve found an effective way to help you do just that! The key is to reprogram your brain with affirmations that release the pain of past experiences.

To help you experience this, I’ve created a Mind Movie filled with healing affirmations that will reprogram your subconscious mind so you can release the past with ease and grace.

If you’re ready to look at those difficult parts of your past from a whole new perspective, just click that play button now and recite these letting go affirmations now!

And after you finish the video, if you'd like more ideas to help release the past, don’t forget to download this free visualization exercise.

This remarkable tool was designed to instantly raise your vibration and help you release anything that no longer serves you. Get it here now→



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