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How To Use Writing To Help Heal Yourself

How To Use Writing To Help Heal Yourself

On this week’s blog, we share a guest article from writer Chloe Bennet. Enjoy! ;-)

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves in situations where we know that we want change, but we aren’t quite sure how to achieve the change we want.

This can be immensely frustrating, particularly when we want to achieve personal growth or healing!

Often, we find ourselves turning to alternative solutions to these situations, when there is a feeling that traditional methods won’t help to solve or heal anything. One such explorative solution is the power of writing. Have you ever been told to write a letter to express your anger? Well that’s a bit like what we’re talking about.

Let’s take a look at how writing can help heal even the deepest wounds:

An Alternative To Verbalizing

One of the hardest aspects to any struggle in life is actually just talking about it. There is so much to worry about when trying to explain a personal issue to another person, including misinterpretation or fear of getting too much sympathy.

“The problem with simply eliminating the conversation partner is that you’re likely to feel a little bit mad simply talking to yourself. Writing allows you to hypothesize a third party to listen to your explanation of your problems, without feeling like you’re losing grip on reality”, says Harry Simons, health writer at OxEssays and Custom Writing Service. Furthermore, writing is a way of recording your thoughts and explanations in a more orderly fashion, with more forethought, which gives you the opportunity, if you choose to, to show it to someone later on, to help them understand. The therapeutic benefits to being able to explain yourself, to express your pain or difficulties, without the pressure of a third party are immense and deeply helpful in your path towards healing.

The Law Of Attraction

Whilst some healing writing can be simply about expressing yourself and finding a private arena to explore your emotions, it can also be used as a way to envisage and seek future health and happiness. The Law of Attraction dictates that the path to achieving what you want is rooted in the present, that if you want something you need to fill your life with positive thoughts and focus about it in the present, even if you don’t yet have it. Writing is an amazing way to put your focus on your goals and create the space in your life for when you eventually do make it to where you want to be.

“When used correctly, the Law of Attraction can be amazingly instrumental into bringing into your life all of the positivity and health that you are seeking, without needing to make giant sacrifices or seismic shifts to the composition of your life. It should be an exciting prospect for anyone who is looking to make their life happier, healthier and more positive,” says Charles Harris, inspirational blogger at Boomessays and Essayroo.

The Logic Of Happiness

Because of the fact that writing is a process of labor, a craft if you will, that requires concentration and forethought, you will quite likely find that, without even intending to, you enlighten yourself about the reality or truth of a situation through the act of putting together your thoughts and feelings on a page. One thing about trauma or any psychologically taxing emotion that comes as a consequence, is that they are hardly ever rooted in actual logic. The mind warps and perverts situations in ways that usually only serve to make things worse. The clarity of thought required to put anything to paper properly brings out a logical representation of events in your life which can help you to conquer your unjustified fears. To ensure you write clearly enough to achieve this check out ViaWriting, Sociology essays, and Academized for writing tips and PaperFellows and EliteAssignmentHelp for proofreading resources.


Writing is a really powerful tool to use to improve your life. It can help you deal with past traumas, discover your own strength, and even help you to plan your path towards the happiness and joy you wish to bring into your life. So, go ahead, get started and help yourself.

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Chloe Bennet is an editor at both Book Review Writing and MBA Assignment Australia websites. She helps improve businesses writing and teaches public speaking. Chloe encourages students at Top Writing Services in China portal.

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