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7 Ways To Naturally Increase Your Energy and Vitality

If you need a triple shot of espresso to get out of bed in the morning, it’s definitely time for a change! If you’re feeling a constant lack of energy, it’s  always best to get to the root of the issue - whether you do so by internal investigation and making lifestyle adjustments accordingly, or by seeking support from a health practitioner. 

Creating the intention to get to the root of your exhaustion allows you to truly find solutions that will support your body with healthy energy levels. 

But why invest time into making sure that you’ve got optimal energy? Well, lacking the proper fuel, tools and rituals needed for healthy energy levels leaves our bodies feeling weak, lethargic, and unmotivated.  Additionally, you’re way more likely to set goals and follow through with them if you have more energy, so knowing what gives you that source of vitality is key to success. 

So, without picking up another cup of joe, here are 7 ways to increase your energy and vitality, in a natural way:

1. Drink tea

Teas are not only hydrating, but detoxifying. Different herbs can support the cleansing of major organs, our blood cells, and the endocrine system - which is a key player in your body’s ability to regulate your stress response and maintain adequate energy levels. If you’re new to tea, read our recommendations here. 

2. Add greens to your plate

Adding a side of mixed greens (think: baby spinach, kale, chard) to your plate gives your digestive tract the help it needs to break down your lunch. Live foods, like fresh greens, have natural enzymes that break the food down for you. When you digest greens, your body only does half of the work, taking up less of your energy than it would digesting heavier, cooked foods. If you have a hard time incorporating greens into your diet, you can also sneak a handful into a fruit smoothie. By simply doing this, both your mind and body will start associating the greens with the energy increase you experience, and building this healthy habit becomes easier. Your body may even naturally start to crave them! 

3. 15 minutes of cardio

Exercise and energy are almost synonym, unless it’s excessive! Getting your heart rate up for just fifteen minutes is actually enough to start increasing happy hormones, circulate blood flow, and have you feeling revitalized within minutes. 

4. Breathing techniques

There are breathing techniques both specifically for relaxation and ones for giving your body a big burst of energy. The majority of people aren’t conscious of how shallow their breathing is, or how we manage to stop breathing altogether during parts of the day (especially under high stress). To deliver bursts of oxygen to the brain, try this breathing technique for increasing energy.

5. Mindset

We always come back to mindset - and rightly so! It’s super important. Upon waking up, are you already convincing yourself that you’re tired, that you didn’t get enough sleep, or that you would rather get more sleep than champion the day? The first hour after shuteye is critical. How you spend your morning can determine how you spend your whole day. Before you open your eyes, lay in bed for just a few minutes and recite some affirmations for health and vitality. You can also immediately go into gratitude for the energy that you will have and all of the great things you’ll be manifesting. 

6. Purge

It may be some old clothes that are taking up space in your closet (the ones you think you may wear someday), or a relationship that needs to go! Clutter of all kinds can be weighing you down. Our physical environment and the people we surround ourselves with have a real physiological impact on our lives. This is because emotions (the chemical messages in the brain) and our physical body are in a constant conversation. So take some quiet time and figure out if there’s anything that’s asking for your attention.  What needs to be let go? 

7. Try a new activity

If you’ve gotten into an autopilot routine, spicing things up with a new hobby or finding a new community can shift the energy game for you. Sometimes a lack of energy is just a lack of an outlet for all of the energy that wants to come through. Pick up that activity that’s been on your to-do for the last year, or find a meet-up of interesting people to connect with. 

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Do you have any affirmations you use to lead a healthy, happy life? Please share with our community in the comment section below!

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Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

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