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Why Hypnosis Could Change Your Life

I want to talk a little today about something that a whole lot of people misunderstand… 


Now that might immediately bring to mind a stage hypnotist making people cluck like chickens or act out ridiculous skits, and that does actually exist. 

But what I’m talking about is hypnosis that can cause a powerful change affecting many areas of your life. 

You see, it’s a funny thing about true hypnosis; it actually changes the active brainwave state that you’re experiencing at the time. 

We humans have a total of 5 very different brainwave states that we cycle through day to day, and throughout our lives. 

Normally, as you may know, adult human beings exist in the Beta brainwave state, that’s most likely the state you’re in right now as you read this post. 

The others are Alpha, Delta, Gamma and Theta. 

They’re a direct channel to how you perceive the world around you right now. Beta is the normal state of being, your “awake and conscious” mode so to speak. 

You’ve likely experienced Alpha from time to time too, it’s the state that your brain is in when you’re deeply involved in creativity or really focused on learning. 

Gamma kicks in when we become hyper alert of our surroundings, it can happen when you’re in a state of “flow” focusing on one thing and nothing else, or it can happen when you’re in a heightened state of awareness, like when you’re visiting a new country for the first time and everything seems foreign, or when you’re doing something that really ramps up your adrenalin. 

Delta comes around when you’re in deep restorative sleep or any other fully unconscious state. 

But what about Theta? 

That’s where brainwaves get interesting. 

Theta happens only a couple of ways. The first was when you were a little kid, really little… like 2. 

When you’re that small your brain is stuck in Theta state and all it does is record, record, record. It’s the reason really small kids can learn so much, SO fast… languages, new things, basically all the things that you need to survive you get recorded when you’re a little kid hanging out in Theta state. 

The other time you can experience Theta? 

Times of deep, deep, meditation… and (wait for it) hypnosis! 

When you’re in Theta brainwave state, your mind is open and primed to get new information, new inputs, to rewrite the bad things you might be holding onto in your subconscious mind. 

That’s why hypnosis is such a powerful force for helping you let go of limiting beliefs, and start to truly write over all that bad programming that you might have gotten as a child. 

It literally opens back up that mental state where your brain records and remembers whatever it’s fed. When you’re in a state of hypnosis, things will immediately imprint on your brain… 

People have used hypnosis to stop smoking, to help them lose weight, to remove self limiting beliefs that might be standing in the way of them realizing their true potential and their real success. 

The best part is that it all happens so very quickly! 

Hypnosis can have you seeing changes in your reality in just hours or days from an initial session. 

And we don’t even know just how powerful hypnosis really is yet, as an emerging science we’ve only scratched the surface!

New scientific research is blazing a trail with hypnosis being used to treat a variety of serious conditions ranging from clinical depression to substance abuse, with some incredible results along the way. 

The power of this medium to elicit change in the mind is real, and it’s well documented. 

In fact, if you’d like to see for yourself and experience a really powerful hypnosis session… then I have really good news for you! 

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Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

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