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Top 5 Timeless Relationship Tips To Hold On To Forever

Top 5 Timeless Relationship Tips To Hold On To Forever


Relationships are fun. Relationships are exciting. But relationships can also be challenging and sometimes hard to navigate. Things may be absolutely incredible at first, but there may also be times when you feel dissatisfied and lost on how to move forward. And as the Law of Attraction reveals, thoughts become things, so dwelling on frustration and misery in a relationship is only going to lead to more of that. So, if you’re encountering relationship challenges, need relationship advice or even just dating tips, read ahead to learn my top timeless tips for healthy relationships that you’ll never forget!

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1. Relationships require hard work…

So be prepared to get your hands dirty. When you meet that special someone and fall in love, it’s natural to want the honeymoon phase to last forever. But at the end of the day, no matter how much you may have in common, a relationship is the bridging of two completely different worlds. So understand that there will be times when you don’t see eye to eye on everything. And that’s okay because as you grow with your partner, you are learning more about them every day. Think about exploring a city you’ve never been - yes, it’s exciting when you arrive, but you’ve got to do some digging to understand exactly how to get around.

So if you both are willing to do the work, then expect to experience an even stronger relationship going forward.

2. Be honest

Call me old school, but honesty really is the best policy. It may seem easier to cave under pressure or just go along with what your partner does. But being honest about your feelings is truly better for everyone in the long run. For your partner to really see you for who you are (flaws and all), don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and honest. Keeping your feelings and emotions bottled in is no good for anyone, especially you. Not only does being honest in your relationship help to create a more solid foundation, but it also allows you to live your most authentic life.

When I’m honest in a relationship, I become that much more honest with myself.

3. Carve out time for Y-O-U

Ever feel like you have lost your sense of self in your relationship? When you are spending quality time with your partner, and just simply in love, time seems to fly by. It can be easy to get caught up in the flow of a relationship to the point where you forget to make time for yourself. You have to think about a relationship as two whole individuals embarking on a journey together. Before the relationship, you had your own friends, your own hobbies, your own life. And once you start sharing your life with another person, sometimes we push out our own needs, for the needs of our partner. Look, there’s nothing wrong with learning and building together, but to sustain a healthy relationship, you’ve got to put yourself at the top of your to-do list.

At the end of the day, you are the most important person in your life, and your well-being matters, so start getting in the habit of taking out quality time for you and you only.

4. Be best friends and best partners

How would you describe your best friend? Someone who appreciates you for who you are? Someone who isn’t afraid to be honest? Someone you love spending time with? Someone you can trust and rely on? Now, how would you describe your partner? Well, a significant other should be described in the exact same way. If you make the foundation of your relationship that of a true friendship, you will be on your way to a long-lasting relationship.

You see, when you respect each other as friends, you add an unshakable respect to the relationship as partners.

5. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t

Do you ever get that little feeling in your gut that something’s not right? Well, don’t ignore it, because that feeling likely means something. When you have gotten to the point in a relationship when you are fighting the person and not the problem, it may be time to move on. Arguments will happen, but you must remember, there are never any winners in a fight. You may feel like you have to give your everything to hold on to a dwindling relationship, simply for the sake of how long you’ve been together or perhaps there are children involved. But if there is something in your gut telling you that something just isn’t right, don’t be afraid to embrace those feelings.

This is not failure… it’s vulnerability looking you right in the face and saying, I am fully capable of navigating my own life and I trust the process.

And you may remember that my Mind Movies business partner, Glen, and I, used to be married. Although we are still the best of friends to this day, this is the timeless advice I discovered through trial and error. So I hope these timeless tips will not only show you how to embrace relationships in your life but also help you uncover more about yourself.

And if you’d like to discover what it takes to invite the most loving and unshakeable relationship into your life, get started on our step-by-step program right here. I have to admit, in navigating through a relationship, I’ve learned so much more about myself that has only helped me become the person I’ve always dreamed of becoming. So not only in this program will you find guided assistance on creating the love life you want, but you’ll learn how to love yourself more deeply too. Love is always in the air, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.



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