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The LOA Works (100% Of The Time) - You Just Might Not Be Working It Correctly

The LOA Works (100% Of The Time) – You Just Might Not Be Working It Correctly


On this week’s blog, we share a guest post from transformational coach Lynn Owens. Enjoy! ;-)

I know, I know – you are yearning to get back with your ex, manifest money to pay off your student loans, manifest a job that has you waking up excited to go to work – get out of that sedan and into a sexy, sleek sports car, but you are so focused on your current situation!

Well, that’s the problem – manifesting requires you ditch your reality, and feel like you already have that dream – yes, like right now!

But I can hear you saying, “How do I do that?”  Well, trust me, I have been there and done that and this article will provide you a few easy peasy ways to ditch your reality.

1. Get Clear – I used to jump from desire to desire like a frog.  And I always wondered why I wasn’t manifesting, but I wasn’t clear.  Here’s the thing, imagine going to a restaurant, and placing your order for your delicious meal.

The waiter goes to the chef and turns in your order, then you call the waiter back over a second time because you see another food item you want instead, and decide to change your food order.  The waiter graciously writes down this order to your exact specifications, and then walks to the kitchen to provide the chef the new order.

Other patrons are enjoying their delicious meals, and you see the savory meals coming from the kitchen.

Then you once again decide you want something else, and call the waiter back over, and change your order for the third time. This time you are upset, outraged, because other patrons are enjoying their food, and the amazing atmosphere, and you feel slighted. You have been here for a while, and some patrons have eaten and left since your arrival.

Well, it’s not that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work, the issue is that you lack the clarity to place an order. Your order keeps changing. Every order must be prepared by the chef; however, each order change slows down your meal coming to you.

Get crystal clear on your order, and know the Law of Attraction requires you be crystal clear, and hold that clarity despite what you see.

Here’s an affirmation to help…I am so grateful and happy now that I am clear on what I want to manifest.

2. Forget What You See – now, things tend to get a bit hairy. I used to be the worst at suspending what I see! But this is where the magic begins.

One must totally release where they are – meaning their current reality, and become immersed in their crystal clear desired manifestation.

Here’s why focusing on where you are will only keep you there. You are placing a new order.  Believing for new things! How many times do you go to a restaurant and say, “Let me see your cracked eggshells, the peels from the potatoes, and all the yucky stuff.”

Chances are you don’t. You are focusing on a delicious, mouth-watering meal when you step inside of a restaurant, the amazing atmosphere, the company and all of the wonderful people you will share this meal with, the great service. So when you focus on our current reality – and all – you are not aligning with your wonderful new desired manifestation.

So here are a few ways I use to suspend my reality, and focus, focus, focus on my new reality:

*Sound the alarms – our brains think the same thoughts over and over again!  However, we can use technology to help us remember. Set your phone to alarm a few times a day and to remind you to align with your new reality.

*Here’s the deal, we are simply wanting to tip the scale and create positive feelings around this new manifestation.

*Write an affirmation and place it in a place you will see it often – use sticky notes, and write an affirmation – you can even set your alarm to repeat the affirmation and savor the feeling of having the new manifestation.

*Write a letter/journal entry about how amazing life is with your new manifestation.

3. Stay Grounded and Grateful. Often along our manifestation journeys, we get off kilter…ground, and ground often. Step into the grass with your bare-feet, inhale pink, and exhale black.  This will ground your energy, and help you feel centered.

Be grateful for the reality you are releasing/the contrast. Yes, give gratitude for your feelings of lack – these feelings will help you savor and enjoy financial abundance, affluence, and security on a deeper level.

Be grateful for the time you spent away from your ex – this time allowed you to practice, and learn the Law of Attraction. Now that you have manifested your ex back, imagine what else you can create if you so choose to.

Be grateful for working a job that uninspired you – you were able to gain clarity, and know more about your purpose.


Even give gratitude to your new manifestation, yes, before you see it, be grateful for it…

I am so happy and grateful now that I am enjoying my red luxury, sports car.

I am so happy and grateful now that my soulmate and I are re-connected and sharing a love that grows deeper, and more passionate with each passing second.

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Lynn Owens is a powerful transformational coach, and speaker. Lynn has learned to use universal teachings to create a life she loves. She helps men and women around the globe, release the lack mentality, shift their thinking with mental diets, and embrace their power - and create dreams! Schedule your session with Lynn today to learn how she can help you align with your power.








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