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Reclaim Your Right To Grow Old

Reclaim Your Right To Grow Old


I’d like to talk about a topic that just happens to be inevitable for all of us, and that’s aging. You see, we’re all getting older at the same rate, but as you get older or hit a certain age, the idea of aging can feel like it’s following you around like a dark cloud. Seeing our physical features change and feeling like we’re moving further away from our youth can be a hard pill to swallow. Or perhaps you’ve witnessed the way aging has taken a toll on those close to you, be it illness or suffering mental health - the reality is, it can be scary.

But, who said you can’t be fearless and thriving after a certain age? Who said life must slow down or stop after reaching a certain point in life? In my late forties, I used to have a big fear of getting old, and perhaps you, too, are feeling a little afraid of this reality. But after crossing the 50-year mark, I have discovered a brand new appreciation for what it means to “age gracefully”. That’s why I’d like to not only show you how to overcome the fear of getting older, but how to wholeheartedly step into the wisdom that develops in the years that are yet to come!

Happy Older Couple Embracing
No Matter Your Age, Embrace It!

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is to embrace your age. This is by far one of the most crucial takeaways of getting older. Why? Because it’s exactly how you show love and kindness to all that you are. This is how you can show appreciation for the person you’ve become in the years you’ve spent on this planet. Not only will you feel more confident, but you will provide yourself with the ability to let go of what was and fully embrace what is!

Practice Mindfulness

The act of aging can also be considered a lesson in mindfulness. You see, when you harness a more mindful way of living, you’re able to better enjoy each present moment, giving you the breathing room to self-reflect more often and let go of always seeking to compare. When you spend your days too focused on how to stay young or remain youthful, you may be missing out on all of the lovely gifts living in the moment will bring because life is a gift itself. And know that growing older won’t always be a walk in the park – some days may be better than others. But remember that getting older is only natural, so try your best to stop and smell the roses as often as possible.

With Maturity Comes Confidence

Reaching that ‘mature’ age, whatever age you consider that to be, doesn’t mean that you have less to offer. It means the total opposite! There’s something to be said about being the wisest person in the room. Understand that with age comes experience. And with experience comes expertise. And with expertise comes confidence! You see, the level of maturity that you are equipped with simply by existing is exactly what others can learn from. So it’s now your turn and your role to step into your most confident self and be the giver of wisdom.

Realize That You Get To Evolve

What many fail to realize is that these are some of our most transformative years yet! When you consider all of the work you’ve done and the experiences you’ve had up until this point, there comes a time when you get to decide on the kind of life that fills your heart with joy. Whether it’s finding solace in the little things or the daily rituals that spark even the smallest amount of joy. Beyond busy work-life or business, understand that you already possess the personal power to determine what a happy and fulfilled life can look like. The key is harnessing it! So start to visualize now because your connection to your sense of self is greater than ever! And that means you get to be whoever you want.

Reclaim Your Right To Grow Old

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Kathleen O’Brien, who has been researching aging for over 12 years and now teaches classes on her aging philosophy through the University of Denver’s continuing education program. And her book, Reclaim Your Right To Grow Old: How to immerse yourself in, be curious about, and celebrate life's most important stage, popped up at just the right time. You see, Kathleen has quite an interesting take on the aging process and really digs deep on how to handle aging in a much more empowering way.

Now, in her early seventies, Kathleen has spent over the last decade uncovering why she felt like people at this age started to become invisible. She was determined not to let this feeling happen to her and was motivated by the idea of living life with passion and being seen! She knew there had to be a way to grow old and be happy! And if you’d like to find out more about her unique approach to growing old, check out our full conversation right here. It was truly an eye-opening and awe-inspiring conversation for me that I know you, too, will get a lot out of. So get ready to feel like yourself again, no matter what age!



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