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Powerful Writing Prompts For Self-Discovery & Motivation

Powerful Writing Prompts For Self-Discovery & Motivation


Do you keep a journal? Or do you have a regular journaling practice? In the past, I’ve talked about why journaling is so important for your success, which you can read more about here, but today, I want to switch gears and dive into some actual creative writing prompts if you need help getting started. Because sometimes, knowing where to begin when it comes to starting a journal can be the most challenging part.

Man Sitting Outside Writing in Journal

And even if you’re not necessarily the journaling type, these writing prompts are also great to help you discover your motivation and what you want in life. Everything from attracting abundance to managing your happiness and mental wellbeing, this mindful practice happens to be one of the best ways to keep you focused and aligned on your journey toward self-discovery, self-love, and fulfillment.

Because journaling can benefit many different areas of life, I’d like to break down these prompts and questions into categories. This is going to help you pinpoint the area of life you’d like to focus on with your writing:

Self-Love & Self-Discovery

  • What words do you want to live by?

  • Describe yourself in one sentence.

  • Make a list of 25 things that make you smile.

  • What scares you?

  • Describe your favorite childhood memory.

  • What does it mean to live an authentic life?

  • Describe your favorite hobbies.

  • If you could have a theme song, what would it be?

  • Make a list of your best tips for physical or mental wellness.

  • Make a list of 10 things you’re good at and why.

  • What makes you unique?


  • What can you learn from your biggest mistakes?

  • Make a list of the things you want to achieve in the next month.

  • Write about your top 3 goals.

  • Describe how your day went from start to finish.

  • Write out your definition of success.

  • Describe your dream life (be as detailed as possible).

  • What’s something you’d love to learn how to do?

  • What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

  • Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 10 years from now?

  • If you battle with procrastination, write about what could be causing it.

  • What excites you about the future?

Love & Relationships

  • Make a list of the people you’re most grateful for and what makes them special to you.

  • What do you love most about your significant other?

  • Who do you look up to and what do you admire about them?

  • What’s the best compliment you have ever received?

  • Who inspires you?

  • Describe your relationship with your parents during childhood.

  • If you were stranded on an island, who would you choose to have with you and why?

  • List 10 things you wish people knew about you.

  • Write a thank you letter to one person in your support system.

  • Write about your first love.

  • Describe yourself in the eyes of your ideal partner.

Cultivating A Safe Space

  • What is your favorite way to spend the day?

  • What makes you feel calm?

  • Make a list of everything you’d like to say no to.

  • Make a list of everything you’d like to say yes to.

  • Describe what the perfect day looks like to you.

  • List 10 things you love about your home.

  • Describe your dream vacation.

  • How do you recharge?

  • Where are you when you feel most inspired?

  • Describe a moment when you feel happiest in your own skin.

  • Describe what helps you slow down and feel more present.

Staying Positive

  • What’s the kindest thing you can say to yourself when you’re feeling down?

  • What do you love about life?

  • Describe the latest positive habit you’ve started practicing and how it’s impacted your life.

  • What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

  • How do you handle a bad day?

  • How do you nurture your mental health?

  • Write the words you need to hear at this moment.

  • What’s the funniest thing you saw, heard, or read about this week?

  • Name 5 things you couldn’t live without.

  • Describe the last time you felt totally at peace.

  • Describe something you’re able to do today that you didn’t think you could do a year ago.

Woman Sitting Inside Writing in Journal

And if you’re still feeling a little stuck on where to begin, chances are, you might have some inner blocks that you need to remove to achieve your goals. If you’d like to find out exactly what those blocks could be, I encourage you to take this super quick quiz – it only takes 30 seconds – to reveal what’s preventing you from living your most fulfilling life. You can go ahead and take the quiz right here, to discover some incredibly valuable insights about yourself and exactly how to use this information to succeed in every area of your life.



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