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How Giving to Others Can Change Your World

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I'm sure we've all heard the phrase:

"It's better to give than to receive."

With a positive mindset, giving to others can be the most gracious thing you can do for yourself. It’s also a great way to practice gratitude and become more giving all around.

Perhaps as a child you were told that doing good deeds and being gracious to others is a way to put a smile on someone else’s face. However, as it turns out, this can benefit you just as much as the receiver. Giving to others, whether that be in the form of material items, time, or attention can significantly boost your mood and provide you with positive energy. 

Sometimes, without noticing it, we often expect to get exactly what we give in return. But the truth is, once you start giving because it positively impacts you - you don’t need to rely on other’s for your happiness and your actions aren’t dependent on the expectations of others. 

So if you’re feeling stuck in a negative mindset, check out these 3 tips to remind you how giving to others can truly change your world:

Tip #1: Give with a Joyful Heart

When you give, it's important to do so with gratitude. Whether it’s your time, energy, money or a physical thing - if you find yourself giving just because you feel obligated to, you're not going to feel good about what it is that you're doing. This can create a negative vibration that can stick with you throughout your day.

To avoid this, try to give while letting go of any expectations. Give only when you feel inspired to give without any attachment to getting anything back in return, and then if and when you do receive something back, it'll be a pleasant surprise which you will be genuinely grateful for.

Tip #2: Participate in a "Giving Challenge"

If you've been following me for a while, chances are you've heard me talk about the benefits of paying it forward - but here's a way that you can take that concept one step further...

I was recently at a San Diego Padres baseball game when I overheard the people behind me talking about how their family does random acts of kindness for others every single day throughout December. Though I found this really inspiring, I also found myself wondering why so many people restrict themselves to spreading this kind of goodwill only during the holiday season.

So here's a fun challenge:

How about doing ONE random act of kindness each week? These could be as simple as bringing one of your co-workers a cookie or special treat... calling a friend out of the blue to let them know what you really love and appreciate about them or letting someone jump ahead of you in line.

Not only will these random acts of kindness raise your own positive vibration but it'll also raise the vibration of those around you - which you’ll be grateful for!

Tip #3: Don't Be Concerned with the "How" of Receiving

One of the main principles of Law of Attraction is not to focus on the "how," but instead the "what."

This means that if you focus on giving WHAT is in your heart instead of worrying about HOW this output of positive energy is going to come back to you, the Universe will boomerang that positive energy back to you all by itself...

And pretty soon, you'll start to see a domino effect of good deeds that will come your way - because that is precisely how the Law of Attraction works.

To learn more on how to practice gratitude and channel more happiness from giving, I urge you to check out one of my most popular systems called: Rich With Gratitude. 

The Rich With Gratitude system has been designed to effortlessly retune your mind to the frequency of gratitude. This 3-part system is jam-packed with our most powerful tools and technologies for shifting you into an unbreakable gratitude mindset. Check it out now! 

And before you go, what will YOU choose to give this week? Let me know by leaving a comment in the box below or if you have any other tips to change your life - I'd love to hear from you!

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