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Eat This, Not That: 7 Quick & Easy Healthy Breakfast Swaps!

Gluten-free, Organic, Natural, Low Fat, Non-Fat, Grass-Fed, Sugar-Free, Non-GMO…

Nowadays, it’s more complicated than ever before to eat healthy and avoid the wannabe-healthy impostors on grocery store shelves.

So it’s no surprise that busy people, who are rushing in the mornings to get to work on time, see sugar-laden energy bars and fruit juices as legitimate meal replacements.

And it's also no surprise that we see the subsequent afternoon crash as an unavoidable part of life.

So in this age of endless to-do lists and diet deception, how do we prepare wholesome breakfasts as quickly and easily as possible?

Here are 7 of my favorite easy breakfast swaps to help you stay fit & energized, as you spring clean your body from the inside out. 

1. Eat avocado toast, not cream cheese bagels

Healthy Breakfast - Avocado toast

Why: Avocados have vitamins, protein, and healthy fats essential for your brain. Paired with wheat bread, they will provide more nutrients than any plain bagel with cream cheese. 

2. Eat oatmeal, not cereal

Healthy Breakfast - Oatmeal

Why: Even the “healthiest” branded cereal can’t compete with oatmeal’s nutritional value. Besides helping you stabilize your blood pressure, it’s high in fiber, and since it has a low glycemic index, it will help you stay full throughout the entire morning. 

3. Eat Icelandic or Greek yogurt with real fruit, not fruit-flavored yogurt

Healthy Breakfast- Yogurt

Why: In this case, brand is extremely important, as most yogurts are loaded with sugar and added colors instead of protein and real ingredients. Make sure to choose Icelandic or plain Greek yogurt and add mangos, berries, shredded coconut, or nuts. 

4. Eat grains, not pastries

Healthy Breakfast - Whole Grains

Why: Grains provide healthy fibers that flour-based pastries can’t. Avoid a sugar crash and stay lean by eating cashews, almonds, amaranth, and flax seeds… not donuts and croissants. 

5. Eat whole fruits and vegetables, not bottled fruit juices

Healthy Breakfast - Whole Fruit

Why: Most in-store fruit juices undergo a lengthy processing procedure that strips them of their nutrients. No matter how it’s labeled - organic, natural or with pulp - a glass of juice will never have the same nutrients as a piece of whole fruit. 

6. Drink a protein smoothie, not a fancy coffee drink

Healthy Breakfast - Smoothie

Why: A small ice-blended coffee packs on 11 teaspoons of sugar (on average). Not the best start to your day, is it? Make yourself a healthy smoothie instead by blending almonds, a banana, and almond milk.

7. Eat hard boiled eggs, not frozen waffles

Healthy Breakfast - Hard Boiled Eggs

Why: If you’re skipping eggs for breakfast due to a busy schedule, try hard-boiling eggs before going to bed or after you shower. Don’t let their size fool you - even though they’re small, they’re packed with zinc, potassium, iron, vitamin E, folate and 6 grams of protein!

My favorite rule of thumb for healthy eating is combining whole fruits and vegetables with lean proteins and healthy fats, such as yogurt, eggs, and nuts.

If you follow this rule, you’ll feel full longer, have more energy throughout the day, and be more productive. And don’t be surprised if you lose some extra pounds too!

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Do you have any other healthy breakfast swap suggestions? Share them with our community in the comments below :)



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Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

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