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Do's and Don'ts of Dating Over 50

Do's and Don'ts of Dating Over 50

After my marriage with Glen failed, I had a hard time feeling worthy and lovable again. It took me a few years to get back into the dating pool.

I thought I was too old for the men in my age group... That all men were looking for younger women... or that maybe I was too successful and men would be intimidated…

I had to overcome LOTS of ridiculous thoughts that were connected to a deeper belief in me... that I wasn't good enough.

So I decided to work on my limiting beliefs, recognize them for what they were and release them.

It wasn't easy, and it's been a journey, but doing so allowed me to embrace a beautiful, loving relationship. And I couldn't be happier that I did!

The truth is that dating can be challenging at any age. And I won't sugarcoat it – dating over 50 comes with its own set of complexities. With the shift to more texting, dating apps, and social media, the way people date has evolved.

But despite the challenges, dating at this stage can also be incredibly rewarding. You know yourself better than ever before, and your life experiences have enriched you.

Now, I'm no longer afraid to speak my mind because I've learned that things can and do work out in the end.

After many failed attempts and one successful one, I've gathered my own share of wisdom and I can confidently say there are Do’s and Don'ts when it comes to dating after 50.

The Do’s:

#1 Embrace Your Age

Celebrate the person you've grown into and allow your genuine self to radiate. Embrace your unique quirks, strengths, and passions wholeheartedly. Authenticity is magnetic and will draw in those who truly appreciate and value you for exactly who you are.

#2 Be Open To Different Types of Relationships

In your 50s, relationships don't have to be a specific way. Stay open to various types of connections, whether they involve companionship, friendship, or romance. Embrace the opportunity to explore and find the kind of relationship that truly brings you joy and fulfillment.

#3 Believe in Love

Always keep faith in the power of love to change lives. Trust that there's someone meant to join you on this wonderful journey. Stay positive and believe in love's potential as you navigate dating. Love doesn't have an age limit and can bring incredible happiness and fulfillment to your life.

#4 Continue Working On Your Self-Growth

Keep working on yourself and getting better. Try new things, do things that make you grow, learn new stuff, and follow your interests. When you invest in yourself, you become a more captivating, satisfied, and appealing person.

#5 Explore Online Dating

Stay open-minded and give it a try. Technology can help you meet more people who are similar to you and share your interests and values.

The Don’ts:

#1 Don’t Rush

Remember it's crucial to spend time understanding someone before committing to a serious relationship. Establishing a strong base built on trust, compatibility, and common values sets the stage for a happier and more satisfying partnership in the future.

#2 Hold on to the Past

Holding onto the past hurts and resentments can block you from fully enjoying the present. Releasing the past opens up room for new adventures and a new beginning in your dating journey over 50.

#3 Forget To Have Fun

You'll probably have lots of meetings, but the key is to enjoy them. Smile, keep things light, and be yourself. The first encounter is all about having a good time and setting the stage for a second one, which is called a date. Just remember, it only takes one person to connect with you and make things click.

#4 Don’t Compare Yourself

Don't worry about trying to keep up with 20-year-olds. It might seem like you need to compete with them for attention but remember, you have a lot to offer. Men your age who chase younger women are often looking for something different. Focus on what makes you special and avoid guys who only care about looks, unless that's what you're interested in!

#5 Don't Lose Faith In Finding Love

Don't fall into the trap of thinking all the good ones are taken. There are plenty of great people out there, so stay hopeful! And above all, never think you're too old for love — every person deserves to love and be loved, no matter the age.

Now, sometimes these negative thoughts that often block us from feeling lovable and finding love can be mistaken for simple common sense…

BUT here's the thing... If these thoughts are not working for your highest good, and if they’re not helping you get to where you want to be... then more than likely it's connected to a limiting belief.

Some kind of success blocker.

I encourage you to take the free 30-second Success Blocker Quiz, so that you become aware of your #1 limiting belief and you'll also get a customized report on how to overcome it.

Healing from limiting beliefs is the best thing you can do for yourself and your happiness!


Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

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