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4 ways to develop the skill of Patience (for yourself and others)

How to Develop The Skill Of Patience


In the fast-paced world we live in, people are finding it harder to cultivate (and master) the skill of patience.

We're so used to obtaining and consuming things on demand, that we sometimes forget why we need to harvest this skill in the first place.

But did you know that every time you become upset or agitated because somebody else delayed you or made you wait, you're actually only torturing yourself?

And when you're stuck in a moment of frenzy and stress, you're unable to accomplish anything.

I'm no stranger to impatience myself, but I've come to appreciate and develop the important skill of patience with practice and commitment.

Now, I know that it can be challenging to master, which is why I've gathered 4 very simple but powerful ways to help you develop the skill of patience with yourself and others...

1. Recognize your impatience

Do you have a tendency to do things fast, even when you're not in a rush? Are you the kind of person that wants things done immediately? Or perhaps you get easily annoyed if people don't immediately get what you're saying?

If you're nodding right now, don't worry. Acknowledging the situation is the first step towards developing deeper patience.

Tip: If it's a person who is challenging your patience skills, become aware, stop and take a few deep breaths if you start to feel upset. If it's a situation that's challenging your patience, choose to enjoy the view, watch the people around you or listen to your favorite song.

Remember that getting impatient won't make things move any faster, so why stress out for nothing?

2. Look into the source of your impatience

Think about it for a second... exactly why do you feel rushed in the first place? Could it be that you're trying to do more things than you possibly can?

Tip: Make sure to plan your day well and not schedule in more things than you can accomplish in the time you have. Also, nourishing yourself and staying healthy will help you get to where you want to go and keep you calm and connected.

3. Practice delayed gratification

A wise person once said: 'A pleasure delayed is a pleasure enhanced'.

Tip: So before rushing for dessert or buying your tenth pair of designer sunglasses, pause and think about it first. Maybe you don't need it or want it that badly after all. This is a great and easy way to practice patience.

4. Think before you speak

Have you ever said something that you regretted afterward? At times, we say things without considering the consequences. We say the first thing that comes to our head and we end up offending others.

Tip: The key here is to be patient, pause and go over what you want to say. I know this may be easier said than done, but practice makes perfect.

Also, consider that in order to lose weight, to be successful, heal from illness or achieve any goal in life, you must be patient and therefore, it's important to master this skill.

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Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.








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