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4 Days of Matrix Mastery Day 2: 7 Steps To A Deeper & More Loving Relationship With Anyone In Your Life

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NOTE: This blog post series is intended for Mind Movies Matrix students. If you don't yet have access to Mind Movies Matrix - one of the most powerful personal growth technologies we've ever created - go here to find out more.

Here we are at Day 2 of 4 Days of Matrix Mastery!

(Go here for Day 1's lesson on wealth.)

For this project, I've collaborated with Morry Zelcovitch - the brains behind Matrix - to give you extra tips and tools for better, faster results in all 4 areas of life covered in your Mind Movies Matrix package:

1. Wealth ~ (here you'll find tips for your Money Matrix)

2. Relationships ~ (here you'll find tips for your Relationships Matrix)

3. Body Weight ~ (here you'll find tips for your Weight Loss Matrix)

4. Romance ~ (here you'll find tips for your Perfect Partner Matrix)

Today let's explore the subject of non-romantic relationships.

Or more specifically, how to erase the blocks holding you back from connecting better with people, enjoying better conversations and time together, and becoming more effective at both giving and receiving help from others.


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Here are Morry's 7 top tips for becoming a master of relationships, which you can use in tandem with your daily Matrix Mind Movies:

1. Communicate honestly and openly

If there is something on your mind (good or bad), talk about it. Keeping things in is tantamount to fostering an infection in any relationship.

Healthy relationships come from keeping the lines of communication open even when it might be uncomfortable. 

Technology is great in the right place and the right time - but the best times in any relationship happen without the distraction of phones, tablets and social media.

Happy relationships happen with REAL face time, not Facebook.

2. It's the little things

Saying please and thank you should be regular behavior, even if you're already as comfortable with your friend as you are with yourself.

Neglecting the little things is a sign you're taking your relationship for granted.

Showing manners, grace and gratitude helps foster feelings of closeness and respect that are necessary for any relationship to go the distance.

3. Do things together

Countless studies show that shared activities bring people together.

Organize dinners, go on road trips, or even start an art project together. Shared activities stimulate your brain to release neurochemicals that help you both feel good and form bonds with the people around you.

4. Don't be afraid to spend time apart

Time apart can also be good for any relationship.

Try new things, learn new skills, expand your social network - then share your experiences with your friends, co-workers or family members.

This is a great way to enrich your relationship with anyone, and become greater than the sum of your parts.

5. Laugh

Laughter is good medicine, but a shared laugh is the best medicine.

The simple act of laughing can relax your body, boost your immune system and release endorphins.

Laughing can even make you feel better if you force it out.

And the effect is only compounded when you're doing it with someone else.

6. Eat together

People that eat together, stay together. 

Mealtimes provide a focal point for you to connect with others, with no outside distractions (just remember to keep the TV off, and your smartphone in your pocket).

7. Embrace change

Our interests, perspectives and priorities tend to change as we grow older.

But if your appreciation of a person relies too heavily on their current state, these changes can become a source of disconnection.

As long as a person's changes are positive, remind yourself to appreciate their growth and the fluidity of life - and even if you find yourself spending less time with them or having less in common, remember that a truly strong relationship can withstand anything.

And of course, remember to keep using your Matrix Mind Movies!

Your mind is the key to deeper relationships, and success in every area of life - and you only need 6 minutes a day with your Matrix Mind Movies to keep it in peak condition.

In tomorrow's 4 Days of Matrix Mastery, we move onto the next area of life: body weight. And how one simple mind exercise from Morry can help you start getting into the best shape of your life, even if nothing has worked in the past.

And for now - please share your favorite relationship tip in the comments section below.

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