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4 Days of Matrix Mastery Day 1: 7 Ingenious Tips To Activate Your Wealth Mindset

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NOTE: This blog post series is intended for Mind Movies Matrix students. If you don’t yet have access to Mind Movies Matrix - one of the most powerful personal growth technologies we've ever created - go here to find out more.

Welcome to 4 Days of Matrix Mastery!

For this project, I've collaborated with Morry Zelcovitch - the brains behind Mind Movies Matrix - to give you extra tips and tools for better, faster results in all 4 areas of life covered in your Mind Movies Matrix package:

1. Wealth ~ (here you'll find tips for your Money Matrix)

2. Relationships ~ (here you'll find tips for your Relationships Matrix)

3. Body Weight ~ (here you'll find tips for your Weight Loss Matrix)

4. Romance ~ (here you'll find tips for your Perfect Partner Matrix)

We begin 4 Days of Matrix Mastery with what is perhaps the most in-demand subject in the Mind Movies community: Wealth.


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Now, Morry gave me a list of 7 powerful wealth-enhancing tools to share with you, but he stressed that this one in particular is his favorite:

1. Keep a journal

In this journal, write the word MONEY as the headline. 

Then, write all the words that naturally come to you with respect to money. 

Remember, there are no right or wrong words. It’s important that you write down all the words that come to you, both positive and negative.

Next, think about each word you wrote. 

Ask yourself if this is how you really feel about money - 

Or perhaps could it be how you feel about a lack of money?

Notice how each word makes you feel, and add these feelings to your notes.

If the word makes you feel bad, then write “bad” next to it. If the word makes you feel good, then write “good” next to it.

Calculate how many “bads” you have compared to the “goods”. 

Do not judge yourself, we are in the learning phase here, and knowledge is power.

Dealing with your beliefs by being honest with yourself in this way is a large and important step towards your unbreakable wealth mindset.

2. Give money away

Or volunteer. Or better yet, both.

It does not have to be a lot, but get in the habit of doing some good for others.

A poor money mentality comes from scarcity; generosity comes from abundance.

3. Keep questioning your beliefs

Review your list of beliefs from above regularly, and use it to clarify exactly what you want out of life as well as your attitude toward wealth.

4. Take inspired action

When you get an idea, act upon it. 

At the very least, you will gain valuable information that can lead you to wealth down the road - and at the most it can lead you there right now.

5. Build yourself a support network

Share your ideas and make yourself accountable with others who share your goals and desires. 

Be sure to look for people who are likely to nurture you and do everything you can to avoid those who are negative.

6. Foster an attitude of gratitude

Always look for ways and reasons to be grateful for what you do have. 

When you look for reasons to be grateful, you will be amazed at how many you find.

7. Live with fearless passion

The most successful people in the world have one thing in common: they always follow their passion. 

Your attitude dictates your passion more than anything else, so if you're doing something you do not feel passionate about, then see how you can look at it from other angles that will allow your passion to shine through.

And of course, remember to keep using your Mind Movies Matrix!

All you need is 6 minutes a day to keep your financial beliefs, habits, emotions and performance in optimal condition.

You already have Matrix technology at your fingertips - use it along with the above pointers, and watch your wealth multiply.

Look out for tomorrow's 4 Days of Matrix Mastery post, as Morry shares 7 tips to add deeper joy and meaning to your relationships.

And for now - please share your favorite wealth mindset-boosting tip in the comments section below.

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