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DAY 2: How Gratitude Impacts Your Health!

What are you grateful for today? Is it a friend, a loved one or someone who recently gave you an unexpected helping hand?

What about a pet or maybe something that you normally take for granted like having a comfortable home to live in, or fresh food to eat everyday?

Post it below and share it with the world? I dare ya ;)

Today, I'm grateful for my good health, vitality and energy which is actually what I want to talk to you about today: How gratitude can positively affect your health.

You see, when you emit appreciation and thanks to the universe for the things you have in your life, an incredible internal shift happens and rather than seeking happiness from the outside-in, you cultivate happiness from the inside-out.

The practice of gratitude has been understood and practiced for centuries. In both recent, and ancient research, it's been proven as one of the fastest and most effective ways to restore balance and harmony in your life.

It's sometimes easy to look at a situation as difficult and unfortunate, and maybe in the past you've even said things like 'This (bad situation) always happens to me' OR, 'I could never have that much luck or be that fortunate,' OR maybe you've even said 'If only I had more money or success, I'd be so much happier.'

When you think these thoughts and live in a state of need, scarcity and you attract more of that into your life because that's the vibration you're releasing.

It's like the saying goes, you get what you give.

But, the second you shift your state of mind to positive and grateful thoughts and leave behind negativity, and a lack of appreciation for the things you DO have, well that's the moment that everything in your life will change.

In fact, the affects of expressing gratitude are IMMEDIATE. Your brain becomes clearer, more at peace and agile, and the biochemical changes in your brain set off healthy responses throughout your body. You build resilience and raise your vibration allowing more positivity and happiness to flow effortlessly into your life.

Yesterday, I told you about the power of starting a gratitude journal, but here's how powerful having one can be: In a study conducted on a group of people who kept a gratitude journal for just 3 weeks, they measured a 25% higher satisfaction towards life. They exercised more, drank less alcohol, and their friends and families noticed that they were more pleasant to be around. The effects lasted for several months past the initial 3 week study!

So remember this week is all about making an effort to show appreciation for the things that already exist in your life. It's about openly saying a BIG thank you for all the wonderful things you have, for all the people who make you smile, and for all the gifts that have made your life what it is today.

It just takes a few seconds each day to show a little gratitude for something amazing in your life that you may have previously overlooked, and as you can see, not only will it make you feel good but it will have a positive impact on your health too!

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Look out for tomorrow's message where I'll be sharing some exclusive clips from bunch of different people talking about gratitude. It's REALLY special and will definitely make you feel awesome so make sure you catch it!

Have a great day!



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