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6 Habits For Bringing Your Dreams To Life

6 Habits For Bringing Your Dreams To Life


I recently chatted with Laura DiBenedetto, best-selling author of The Six Habits: Practical Tools for Bringing Your Dreams to Life.

Laura DiBenedetto

This was a very special conversation because it really got me thinking about how our dreams and goals evolve throughout life. For a moment, I want you to think back to when you were young and think of your earliest dreams or desires. Can you remember them? Did you think of growing up to become a Firefighter? Or a teacher? How about a Veterinarian? Or maybe even a famous athlete?

Naturally, as we get older, our goals in life can shift and change, but what about the concept of having dreams in general? Even if we’ve reached a certain level of success, do we just stop dreaming or wanting more for ourselves? Are certain habits we’ve picked up over the years, preventing us from truly living a fulfilling life?

During my conversation with Laura, she revealed that she had lots of jobs in her life and even started her own company at the early age of 19. She found great success as an entrepreneur and accomplished quite a bit very early on. But somewhere down the line, she felt like she was losing herself, experienced stress and burnout, and thought she was seeking fulfillment but chasing dreams for all the wrong reasons.

Shockingly, she retired at age 37 and thought life would be amazing, but it turns out she just wasn't happy. Despite having great success, she saw that there was so much more to life than having money. So what’s the real formula for happiness or a successful life?

Happy Woman Jumping with Confetti

Well, after doing quite a bit of inner work, leaning into surrender, and learning the science of habits, she discovered the six key habits for bringing our dreams into reality. And furthermore, how to use those six habits at any stage to create a fulfilling life.

And because this success formula is just too good not to share with everyone, head over to my podcast to listen to this very special conversation in its entirety where Laura reveals all six steps. Because you see, no matter where we’re at in life, we can still have dreams for ourselves. And now more than ever, it’s important to get into the habit of checking in on our goals to make sure we never stop dreaming. And if you’d like to get your hands on Laura’s book, The Six Habits: Practical Tools for Bringing Your Dreams to Life, to dig even deeper into the science of habit, you can get it here for free!



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