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6 Excuses That Could Be Sabotaging Your Success


When you're faced with a big challenge, does it excite you or do you immediately get scared and convince yourself that it's probably a bad idea?

If you ever try and talk yourself out of conquering a challenge or task that will help you grow, it may be that your mind is playing tricks on you!

You see, when we try to get outside of our comfort zone, our mind immediately tries to settle us back into 'the known' at all costs. This can halt our personal growth, sabotage our wellbeing, and even cause us to miss great opportunities.

So how do you know if your mind is playing tricks on you? Below are 6 excuses you may be telling yourself to justify that it's okay not to take a challenge to change, ultimately leaving you stuck right where you are.

Do any of them sound familiar? Let's find out:

Excuse 1. It's not my fault.

You think that your success, failure or current situation depends on the circumstances around you. So you think... 'the reason I'm stuck in this job is because my parents didn't send me to the right college' or 'the reason that I don't look like I want to is due to genetics' or 'I was born like this so there's nothing I can do about it.'

Excuse 2. I can't live without my ____.

You can fill in the blank with: coffee, soda, fav TV show, car, etc. All of these are examples of things you may have convinced yourself you need and simply can't live, or progress in life, without.

Excuse 3. Life is meant to be enjoyed, it shouldn't be hard.

Of course there is truth to this, however if you're just using this statement to justify your unhealthy habits like eating a full box of donuts by yourself because 'life is meant to be enjoyed', then most likely it's an excuse your mind is creating to sabotage your wellbeing.

Excuse 4. One time won't hurt.

This is a tough one for most people, as we tend to think... 'one bite of that cheese cake won't count', or 'one time I miss working out, won't hurt'... but is it really going to be just once?

Unfortunately, most of the time, it's really not. One thing leads to another; so unless you're very strong minded and determined, don't risk yourself by believing the 'one time' excuse.

Excuse 5. I'm too tired.

Really? Well, guess what... me too! But I still woke up early and went to the gym, did my morning meditation and set my day up for success.

The important thing here is to really know the difference between when your body truly needs to rest and when your mind is telling you to avoid an uncomfortable situation.

Just think about how, despite being really tired, you still would find energy to go out with someone you really liked if you had to.

Excuse 6. I deserve this 'bad thing.'

It's true that you might deserve a break or a reward, but if you make this your everyday rule, then you'll always end up giving yourself rewards rather than working towards what you truly want in life.

So... how did you go? Did any of them sound familiar?

If you found that you've used these excuses more than once, don't beat yourself up... there's nothing wrong with giving in once in a while.

What's most important is that you learn your limits and keep progressing toward the life you desire and deserve, despite the nagging little voice that may pop up in your head telling you otherwise!


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