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5 Powerful Tips For Working To Live (Instead of Living To Work)

5 Powerful Tips For Working-To-Live (Instead Of Living-To-Work)

Did you know that according to recent studies, nearly half of all working Americans didn’t take one single day of vacation last year?

Sadly, this statistic is real!

And while it’s true that we all need to pay our bills and provide for our families, we must not forget that it’s also important to enjoy life… because after all, what good is all that money and hard work if you can’t spend time doing the things you love most?

If this sounds familiar, and you’re struggling to achieve a healthy balance between work and fun, and want to live (and die) with no regrets, then read below to discover 5 easy tips to start working-to-live instead of living-to-work:

Tip 1. Release the guilt.

Many people make work their #1 priority and they become so habituated to working really hard that when they decide to take some time off, they feel guilty about it. They put all their focus on their work and instead of being more productive, they quickly burn out as they’re not recharging themselves with new, invigorating energy.

If this is YOU and you feel guilty about taking time off, start by scheduling and planning your time off now. Let the people around you know (your boss, your team, your family) about your future plans so everyone can prepare accordingly. Doing this will help you enjoy your vacation time without regrets.

Tip 2. Work smarter not harder.

If your usual work schedule is 10 - 12 hours a day, try shortening it to a super-productive 8 hours and stay within that limit. Delegate the simple tasks and get a planner, scheduler,  or software tool that can help you stay organized, and get things done in less time.

Tip 3. Use technology to your advantage.

Technology should help make your life easier, not control or overwhelm you. Try to avoid any unnecessary technology like social media during the work day or when you’re with family or friends. Set aside a dedicated time to scroll through social media, and then remove yourself from it. Too much technology can be distracting and add unnecessary hours to your work day!

Tip 4. Learn to say NO.

Do you end up doing things you actually don’t want to do just to please someone at work, in your family or a friend, and then later resent it?

Unfortunately, many people take on more responsibilities than they can handle, simply because they haven’t mastered the skill of saying ‘no’.

If this sounds like you, any time you feel tempted to say “yes” when you actually mean “no”, remember that saying “no” to unnecessary commitments or requests is extremely important for your mental health and ability to avoid burnout at work. Saying ‘no’ is one of the easiest ways to spark your motivation, energy, or passion you’re looking for in your life!

Tip 5. Follow your passion.

When you follow your passion and add purpose to your work, it suddenly stops being something you “need” to do and becomes something you “love” to do. If you enjoy what you do, it will never feel like work. So make sure you balance out your work life by infusing purpose and passion into everything you do. :)


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And if you have any other tips on how to work-to-live, please share them with our community in the box below. :)

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