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3 Steps to Saying No Respectfully

3 Steps To Saying No Respectfully


Have you ever said yes to the request of a friend, family member or co-worker when you really wanted to say no?

So often, instead of speaking our truth, we consent to things we'd actually rather not do out of fear of hurting or disappointing others.

But this habit of putting others time and energy above your own, actually has a huge impact on your energetic vibration. In fact, if you struggle with setting boundaries on a regular basis, you may be hurting your chances of overall abundance and success.

To prevent this, here are 3 steps on how to say no respectfully:

1) Show Appreciation

When you can clearly tell that someone is about to ask you for help, instead of jumping to saying no, really listen to the other person's request. Be fully present and take it in. Then, express to them how much you appreciate that they've asked you for help.

The fact that this person even came to you with this request shows that he or she trusts and values you in some way. By really listening to them and by acknowledging that they trust you, you'll create a good rapport that will make them more receptive to receiving your kind but respectful no.

2) Give a Clear No & Explain Why

Start by expressing what you appreciate or respect considering the backdrop of this person's request, then give a clear explanation about why you have to decline the request.

For example: if a friend asks you to donate money for a charity they are fundraising for and you don't have the money, let them know how wonderful you think it is that they're spending their time helping others. Then, explain that you're committed to sticking to a tight budget at the moment, and it's important for you to stay in integrity with yourself and stick to it.

Give a clear reason as to why you're saying no, and the person you're speaking to will see that you're not rejecting them as a person, you're merely declining their request.

3) Make a Counter Offer

An excellent way to respectfully decline a request is to counter with something that you CAN do.

Using the example I just gave above about a friend asking you to donate to a charitable cause, after declining the request you could instead offer to ask around to see if other people you know may be willing and able to make a financial donation.

Even though you've said no to what they've asked of you, they'll likely appreciate that you still want to support them in what they're up to in a different way, which will help to maintain a good vibration in your relationship.

Getting comfortable with saying no respectfully is one of the best ways to begin building healthier boundaries with yourself and others, so don't be afraid to speak your heart. Anytime a particular request doesn't work for you, practice each of these 3 steps. They'll get easier and easier each time you do!

Do you feel that you have healthy boundaries when it comes to saying yes or no to the requests of others? Leave a comment below - I'd love to hear your thoughts on this :)

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