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4 Powerful Tips To Free Yourself From Negative Beliefs (PLUS a free gift inside)


Happy 4th of July! Today we are celebrating FREEDOM. Freedom from the chains that hold us back from creating the life we really want to live. 

One of the things that blocks our freedom is actually our own negative beliefs and thoughts. On average, we have 70,000 thoughts per day. 

How are you using those 70,000 thoughts? Are your thoughts empowering? Are they opening you up to joy and gratitude? Or are you using them to judge others and beat yourself up? 

To rid yourself of negative beliefs and to finally free your mind from mental blocks, I have 4 tips I want to share with you:

1. Stop fearing the future.

People are fearful of change and of the unknown; not knowing how things are going to work out. When we fear something in the future, we are actually creating that future, whether we want it or not. The Law of Attraction is constantly working all of the time! And so what you think about, you bring about. 

We cannot create the future by worrying about what has happened in the past. Change the movie that keeps playing in your mind! Instead, create your desired future by thinking about what you do want. Use a tool like Mind Movies to really tie in emotion with your visualizations.

2. Balance emotion with logic.

A lot of us are working on autopilot. If a situation comes up, a knee-jerk emotion comes up. This is tied to past programming, which can be triggered when we’re having a tough day. We can make a choice how we want to respond to the situation and how to move forward from it.

Next time you find yourself in a challenging situation, detach yourself from it for a moment and view it as an outside observer. Stop, step away, and take a breath, give yourself enough time to center. This will help to take all the emotion out of it so that you can see the situation just as it is. Then, respond from a place of love. 

3. Enjoy meditation and physical activity. 

A great question I got asked recently was: What have you done in service for yourself today? 

A ritual like meditation is an awesome thing you can do that is just for you. You are doing a service to yourself by taking the time to center yourself and enjoy peace. You can combine meditation with physical activity by going for walk in nature or going for a run during a sunset. If you do this everyday, you will see that you move throughout your day with greater confidence and purpose. You will have more control of your thoughts, thus freeing yourself of negative, mental blocks and beliefs.  

Allow yourself to be still and quiet with your thoughts. This is YOUR time! Enjoy this as part of your daily success rituals

4. Practice gratitude.

One of the easiest and most fun ways to practice gratitude is by keeping a gratitude journal and writing down 5 new things you’re grateful for each day. A goal I like to keep in mind is making at least two of these things related to a goal or life area you’re currently working on. For example, if you’re focusing on relationships, share your two gratefuls with your partner and tell them why you’re thankful for them and what you appreciate about them!

Another great practice is engaging in activities that put you in a state of gratitude. For me, I have two exercises: One is when I take my dog Bella out for a walk in the morning and I’m walking along the marina with the sunshine on my face. In that moment, I feel gratitude not just for what happened the day before or in that morning, but rather gratitude for what’s to come. I am opening myself up to expectation and belief that there is something to be grateful for ahead. The second exercise is when I drive in my car. Instead of feeling tired or annoyed when I go on a long drive, I get into a state of gratitude as I play my music and enjoy the scenery along my drive.

Speaking of gratitude, I want to take the time on this 4th of July to thank YOU for being part of the Mind Movies community! Thank you for sharing your comments, feedback and your stories.

As my gift to you, I want to give you the Introspection Process. In only a few minutes, these mind exercises will help you identify what is blocking you from moving forward. You will also get a copy of my 7 Morning Success Rituals PDF, which will help set you up for an amazing day, every day! 

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