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Dealing With Negative Thoughts & Emotions In A Healthy Way

Dealing With Negative Thoughts & Emotions In A Healthy Way


I have a question for you. Do you think you can think positively ALL of the time?

Well, wishful thinking may make us WANT to have positive thoughts all of the time, but the reality is that it’s nearly impossible.

You see, negative emotions or negative thoughts can (and probably do) bubble up to the surface in your life from time to time. Naturally, life has lots of ups and downs, so it’s almost expected that our thoughts will sometimes be negative and sometimes be positive.

When it comes to managing emotions and coping with our feelings, it’s important to acknowledge them head-on. So if you are dealing with negative feelings specifically, it’s crucial you are acknowledging them and working through them instead of simply burying them.

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Here’s why –

Being positive is important. It’s important in keeping your energetic frequency elevated to help welcome more love, bliss, and all the things that make you happy in life.

So, of course, you want to be mindful of your positive thoughts to make sure you aren’t spiraling over the slightest inconveniences or annoyances life throws at us. But beating yourself up for having negative thoughts, especially while recovering from an unfortunate or painful life event, can be detrimental.

No matter how much anger, frustration, disappointment, shame, or even grief you are experiencing, you must remember that you are human. And your human emotions are completely valid.

Suppressing negative emotions is a coping mechanism that we often subconsciously use to keep us safe and as far away as possible from dealing with uncomfortable subjects.

But even if it feels uncomfortable, finding ways to positively acknowledge negative thoughts is necessary for you to process them and move forward in a healthy way.

Here’s how –

Replace them

Remember, negative thoughts are going to happen, so it’s a good idea to have a plan in place for when they pop up to help you find the silver lining in the situation. When you find yourself in a negative thought loop, it’s important to first acknowledge your thoughts or feelings and then make the conscious effort to replace them with statements that are more hopeful or centered around gratitude.

You want to replace your negative thoughts with thoughts that express how you want to change or what you want to be different moving forward. This may be by choosing a positive action for how you will grow from a certain situation or what you want in the future.

Remember, simply avoiding the negative thought won’t help you in the long run, so it’s a good idea to first acknowledge it and then replace it with something empowering to get you through the situation.

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.”
– Henry Ford


Practice positive affirmations

Positively affirming the thoughts you do want to feel is an incredible way to cancel out the negative thoughts that creep in. Not only do positive affirmations put you in a higher vibration, but reciting them daily can have the power to create more sustained, long-lasting thoughts of positivity.

Start your day each morning with positive affirmations to really nurture your subconscious mind so that your conscious mind and outward behaviors mirror your internal growth.

Make time for your negative thoughts

More of an unconventional strategy is actually making time for your negative thoughts. Whether you need to write about what you’re experiencing, talk about it out loud, or even cry, allow yourself a set amount of time to ruminate in those thoughts. But, in order to gain control of those negative thoughts, the key is to set a time limit!

Allow yourself a few minutes each day to have these negative thoughts, but that it’s it! You don’t want to linger in these low-frequency emotions for long.

So use this time as your outlet. And the more often you allow yourself this set time for your negative thoughts, the more likely it is for that set amount of time to decrease going forward.

Get physical

While it may be hard to always feel mentally strong in processing negative thoughts and emotions, physical activity lends itself as an incredible way to managing negativity. Everything from calming meditation, breathwork, or yoga to strenuous weight lifting or running, you’re allowing yourself to physically disrupt the negative thought patterns running through your mind.

Physical activity of any kind is a natural negative thought reducer because of the endorphins that are produced inside the body, basically signaling to the brain to relieve stress and pain. So tending to your physical health not only nurtures the body itself but also helps heal and lessen the effects negative thinking has on the body as well.

As you can see, the goal here is not to avoid our negative thoughts because they are bound to happen. The goal is to know how to handle them productively when they arise. When you can expose your negative thoughts for what they are, you’ll find yourself having a much easier time coping with them.

And getting underneath those negative thoughts and revealing the subconscious programming keeping you from experiencing a fully rewarding, positively charged life is just as important. And this eye-opening mind exercise exposing those blocks can do exactly that – it’s my personal introspection technique and success rituals I use to keep my mind free from negativity and doubt. So if you, too, are ready to break from the things keeping you stressed and lurking in negativity, get your FREE access here to see for yourself!



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