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4 Days of Matrix Mastery Day 4: A Remarkable Neuroscientific Technique To Attract Your Perfect Partner Into Your Life (By Just Being Yourself)

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NOTE: This blog post series is intended for Mind Movies Matrix students. If you don't yet have access to Mind Movies Matrix - one of the most powerful personal growth technologies we've ever created - go here to find out more.

Here we are at the fourth and final day of 4 Days of Matrix Mastery.

A quick recap of what's happened so far:

4 Days of Matrix Mastery is my mini project with Mind Movies Matrix co-founder Morry Zelcovitch, to help you get better and faster results in the 4 areas of life covered in your Mind Movies Matrix package:

1. Wealth ~ (here you'll find tips for your Money Matrix)
2. Relationships ~ (here you'll find tips for your Relationships Matrix)
3. Body Weight ~ (here you'll find tips for your Weight Loss Matrix)
4. Romance ~ (here you'll find tips for your Perfect Partner Matrix)

For our final day, let's take a deep dive into your love life - or more specifically, how to attract the perfect partner into your life.

(And, how to be the perfect partner to your perfect partner.)


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Many people have a rough idea of what they want in a partner.

Some people have a very specific outline of their perfect partner.

A few people think about what it would take to acquire and please their perfect partner.

And yet most people aren't doing enough to define their perfect partner, attract their perfect partner, or be the kind of person their perfect partner would be happy with.

Morry has shared with me a simple yet powerful 'neuroscientific process' to help you solve this challenge - and it simply involves reconnecting with what you really want, and who you really are.

Here it is in Morry's own words:

The biggest key to attracting your perfect partner is for you to become the person that you want to be.

You probably have an idea of what a perfect relationship looks like, how you want to treat your partner, and how they should treat you.

Sometimes though, we think we know what we want and it turns out we are wrong.

Here are some steps to help you have the best chance at achieving your goal of finding your perfect partner (who by the way, needs you to be the perfect partner for them too, since it takes two to tango after all).

Make sure you write down exactly what you want.

Make a list of at least 30 character traits that you are looking for, the more the better (I have seen some lists of over 100 items long and it seems that the more you have, the better your chances - so don’t be lazy).

Please remember that when you write something down (yes, write - do not type or text it on your phone/tablet), you actually create a memory pathway in your brain, and these new pathways can be the building blocks that lead you to your perfect match.

Make sure that your list includes not just “deal breakers” (things you absolutely need), but also some items that you deem “negotiable” as well as everything in between.

An example of a ‘deal breaker’ might be if you want children, then it would not be a good idea to plan a future with someone who does not.

Once you feel your list is complete, then you need to take action. This means you will send it out for “processing.”

Write it up on some nice paper and tape a copy to your mirror so you see it first thing every morning and before you sleep at night.

Place a copy in an envelope and mail it to yourself.

Put another copy somewhere else for safekeeping, and yet another one folded up nicely in your wallet or purse.

When you happen to come across it, pull it out and read it.

The next step is for you to create a storyboard with the perfect partner theme.

Use your list as a guide, including details like what you want them to look like, what your dates will look like, what you will talk about, where you will go, everything you will do together, even how you both will dress.

Once you've created this storyboard, dedicate 15-20 minutes a day to examine and visualize it.

Literally see your perfect partner showing up in your life!

The next step is for you to become the type of person that will actually attract your ideal partner.

As an example, if you want someone who is fit, get fit yourself. But remember: do it for yourself.

It’s not reasonable for you to expect to attract someone with the key qualities you desire if you can’t offer those qualities in return.

Strive to be your best in all areas of your life. Examine all of what you have to offer. Allow yourself to grow and change. Don’t make the mistake of waiting for change to happen, initiate it.

Nothing changes if we do the same things the same way, so change it up, let yourself be and become inspired.

Don’t wait for your perfect partner to be happy, in the end nobody but you is responsible for your happiness. If you make your happiness dependant upon someone else then you will never really be happy.

Giving the happy “vibe” is one of the best ways for two people to meet. Every successful relationship I know of started this way. The bottom line is that “happiness” is perhaps the most attractive trait there is.

Have you ever come across someone who was the “life of the party”? Have you noticed that everyone just wanted to be around them? Even if you are not outgoing, simply being “happy” can be enough to make you approachable and plant the seeds for your successful relationship.

Always be grateful!

One of the best ways to get happy is to have an attitude of gratitude.

When you show gratitude and appreciation, you can naturally attract more reasons to be grateful, happy and appreciative into your life.

Always look for good things in yourself and your appearance, I have never come across someone smiling who doesn’t look great!

Dress to impress.

This is important because when you look good, you will feel good about yourself as well. You will give your self-confidence and self-esteem a huge boost.

Do things outside of your comfort zone.

This will increase your chances of meeting your ideal partner. If you always do the same things, how can you expect a different result? You are much more likely to meet someone new if you change your routine.

And of course, remember to keep using your Matrix Mind Movies!

Your Matrix Mind Movies are designed to give you the self-confidence, empathy, empowerment and positivity you need to attract your perfect partner into your life.

Use them for 6 minutes a day alongside the above tips - and don't be surprised when your perfect partner waltzes into your life sooner than you expected :-)

I hope you've enjoyed 4 Days of Matrix Mastery.

We've got a lot more training and tools coming your way in the next few weeks and months - so keep an eye on your email inbox.

And for now - please share your favorite tip for a more sizzling love life in the comments section below.

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