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18 Ways To Infuse Stillness & Mindfulness Into Your Daily Life

18 Ways To Infuse Stillness & Mindfulness Into Your Daily Life

You can define stillness as the absence of movement or sound, and even further, the moments when you’re able to calm down and bring total awareness to the forefront.

The thing is, life can sometimes be a rollercoaster – busy schedules, stress from work, and even the need to stay connected to the virtual world can prevent us from being aware of those much-needed ‘still’ moments. So it can be hard to be fully mindful of the times when we could use a little calm in an often chaotic world.

So when’s the last time you can honestly say that you were able to slow down and be still?

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Well, if you can’t remember or if you’re simply craving a little peace of mind in life right now, I’m sharing some ways you can infuse stillness and mindfulness into your daily life starting now!

These are the kind of healthy habits that not only calm and quiet the physical body but the mind too, which is just as important.

1. Take your time

Perhaps much easier said than done but with a little practice and patience, getting in the habit of taking your time, or rather making everything you do that much more intentional and mindful, is the first step in mastering stillness.

2. Prioritize your day

Take some time first thing in the morning to make a quick checklist of your intentions and priorities for the day – you’ll be that much more likely to check them off your list!

3. Allow yourself to think and reflect (in silence)

With all the chatter and noise that happens around us, it’s important to find quiet time each day to allow yourself to think without any outside distractions.

4. Mind your environmental distractions

Maybe it’s turning off the TV or silencing phone notifications, eliminating any distractions that can interrupt your ability to be present is a great way to surrender to stillness.

5. Put your phone away for a few hours

Smartphones just may be the #1 unofficial source of distraction when it comes to mindfulness and stillness, so physically removing it from your environment can help to keep the mind and body focused on the present.

6. Journal

There’s something about physically writing your thoughts down in a journal that allows you to be fully present and aware of how your thoughts will come out on paper, so you could say you have no choice but to practice stillness during this time of reflection.

7. Practice mindful movement

Things like yoga, breathwork, and the Chinese martial art of Tai Chi all welcome the kind of mindful movements that allow you to be fully aware and aligned with the mind-body connection.

8.  Meditate

Meditation is an ancient practice that has numerous benefits to overall wellbeing, and listening to guided meditation is a great place to begin if you need a little help learning how to quiet the mind and allow yourself to just BE!

9. Take a mindful shower

Surrendering to what all of your senses experience while cleansing your body is an incredible way to practice stillness, manage stress, and prevent future overwhelm.

10. Take regular stretch breaks

Stretching works wonders on releasing tension from the body and provides instant relief to keep you calm and centered.

11. Talk to a friend or loved one

Simply hearing the sound of someone’s voice who you deeply care about helps to increase oxytocin in the body, providing much more long-lasting feelings of love and trust in relationships.

12. Perform a random act of kindness

Taking a moment to be kind is one of the most mindful things you can do. This simple task will not only lift someone else’s spirits but can almost guarantee you’ll feel really good as well.

13. Listen to music

Instead of listening to the thousands of thoughts that cross our minds all day, listening to music is a great stillness practice to nourish the spirit and keep your vibrational frequency elevated.

14. Engage in physical activities that replenish you

Ever heard of runner’s high? Well, when you engage in physical activity you release feel-good endorphins in the body, which is a great way to release any pain or tension that’s preventing your body from being still and calm.

15. Formulate rituals

Whether it’s a morning workout, having a soothing cup of tea, or something you enjoy doing right before bedtime, sticking to your rituals is a great way to practice being intentional and mindful.

16. Question yourself

If you’re feeling off or unsettled, it’s important to ask yourself about what’s not working to get the juices flowing on what change may be necessary to keep life on the up and up.

17. Take a deep breath

Or take a few, as breathing deeply sends ample oxygen to the brain, providing you with the clarity and focus you need to see things much more clearly.

18. Sleep well

When we sleep is when we are showing the most amount of kindness to our bodies, as we can reset, repair, and reinvigorate ourselves from the inside out.

So as you can see, stillness and mindfulness are something that you can insert right into your daily routine. And with enough patience and practice, you will soon find yourself living life with that much more passion and intention. So it’s important to be mindful of any internal blocks that could be keeping you stuck right now.

But if you’re ready to clear those blocks, you can join me and my dear friend Mary Morrissey on a free online workshop that will open your eyes to what’s really holding you back. You can register right here and begin your journey towards the healthiest, most rewarding life ahead. I hope to see you there!


Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

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