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Episode # 445   Zen DeBrucke - How To Tap Into Your Inner Guidance System

About The Episode:

Today on the Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with Master Intuitive coach, stress expert and creator of the Internal Guidance System (IGS), Zen DeBrucke. Zen joins Natalie to discuss her revolutionary method that teaches individuals how to tap into and follow their inner guidance. During the show she explains that our bodies respond to what we’re thinking and it has incredible wisdom. She also reveals that there are 3 areas that make up our Internal Guidance System: the throat area, the chest area and our rib cage. Every time our IGS shows up in any of these areas, for example, when we feel a lump in the throat area or when we feel pressure or tightening in the chest, it’s to indicate that we need to replace our thoughts, and it helps us by guiding us towards the truth and the best choices in life. Plus, Zen also shares an incredibly powerful exercise to tap into your IGS anytime, anywhere.

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