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Episode # 593   Brandee Lynn - The Healing Powers of Ayahuasca

About The Episode:

Have you ever heard about the miraculous healing power of Ayahuasca? Or perhaps even tried it yourself? In this special episode of the Inspiration Show, I interview my friend Brandee Lynn, who reveals the truth about Ayahuascas healing properties and the many miracles she’s witnessed at her retreat center: from fatal diseases being cured, to life purposes being found! If you’re open to learning more about this unique healing technique, then you’ll love this eye-opening episode.

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Episode # 593 Brandee Lynn - The Healing Powers of Ayahuasca

NL: Hi everyone. My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. Today on the show, I have a very special guest who’s going to be talking to us about a subject that keeps coming up over and over again recently, lately in my circles and that’s about plant medicine. So before we get into our discussion today, I just want to remind you that after the show’s over, don’t forget to click the link below this video so that you can download the free ebook version of my bestselling book Never In Your Wildest Dreams. So now, let me introduce my special guest Brandee Lee, how are you? Brandee Lynn, sorry, how are you darling? (laughter)

BL: All good, so happy to be here with you.

NL: Now, Brandee and I met several months ago now at a Mastermind and she is one of the founders of Rythmia which is a life advancement center down in Costa Rica of which I will be down there with Brandee in April and we’re going to tell you a little bit more about that later. But before we do that, Brandee, can you talk a little bit about you know, your background and how you got in to starting Rythmia.

BL: Yeah, I actually used to own a marketing and branding company. I never thought in a million years that I would ever be working with Ayahuasca, actually my mom is a meth addict so to this day, she struggles with that, so for me I didn’t even smoke pot, nothing. When this showed up in my life, I was kind of running from it. On the side of my marketing and branding company, I was actually working with men transitioning from prison and created a life transformation program and I really was excited to create something that would go beyond the mind, you know. I had been doing all these life transformation programs, landmark forum, reading hundreds of books to clean up the hot mess that I was and I still am (laughter) but, you know, when I was going through the mind, there were patterns that I just could not shift. Years would go by and that same pattern would keep coming up and so when I started finding quantum healing modalities like the work that you’re doing, with hypnotherapy and you know, ways to heal myself because I wasn’t accessing the four bodies. You know, you have your mind, body, spirit, and emotional body so if you’re only addressing, you know, part of it then that’s still going to keep coming up. So back in 2012, I had a falling out with my business partner and it was one of the greatest blessings that ever happened, I said to spirit “Okay, I’m ready, use me, what am I doing here?” And I just started calling it in, you know, I had this whole vision of creating, I wanted to create a center in Costa Rica, I had never been there before but I knew that’s what I was doing. These Shamans contacted me from Costa Rica (laughter), this is when the synchronicity started kicking in and they asked me to come out there, I checked it out, I saw that they were having this miraculous things happen with ayahuasca, I’d never heard of ayahuasca before and I was still kind of like “Hmm, this looks like a drug” but I saw what, you know, they were healing diseases and curable diseases, depression, you know, people who had relationship problems and you know, so I said “Okay, I’ll partner with you guys. You guys could do this cool drug over here that’s healing people and I will go and create my center on this part of the property” and I go back home and then almost every week I start getting invited to do medicine and you know, like I’d have my friends from Burning Man telling me about it, I’m like “Nah, I’m good”. And it took a 73 year-old-woman, Jennifer Butler, to invite me to do a ceremony, visioning for her company and that ceremony completely changed my life. It broke down the pattern that I had with men in such a specific way and helped me to like, see exactly what I was doing and received an energetic healing and then it showed me this vision of this, what I called the Sleeping Giants project, you know, how to, I could make an impact in the world and you know, help to solve some of the problems that were facing, I heard wake up the giants and it said this whole vision is manifesting and you’re being guided. So after this ceremony, two weeks later, Gerard, who became my business partner and later husband, he had, just had a break, like a huge breakthrough in his life with Iboga in Costa Rica. It broke him from, you know, a lifetime of addiction, he had like sold his company for $90 million dollars, had all the women, all the cars, all the houses, the American Dream and he was a big huge mess and going through rehabs, it couldn’t solve his problem. This plant medicine completely broke his addiction in one night and he was shown a vision to create a center. So we both had these vision of creating a center, I actually already had a center that I was partnered with and hadn’t even tried ayahuasca yet, and we went to Costa Rica, partnered with Michael Beckwith and created Rythmia. So that’s how it happened.

NL: Right. So let’s talk a little bit about Rythmia because I’m excited to be down there in April and it’s not just a place that you go and do plant medicine like you know, there is a whole process that you go through. So tell us a little bit about the journey or the transformation that people get to experience when they go to Rythmia.

BL: Yeah. So this was, when we started working with the plant medicine we were doing it on the floors of people’s houses in Los Angeles and we thought “Okay, we’ve got to do this in a better way” so the whole idea was to create a program where people could really understand what the plant medicine is, how to navigate your experience and how to integrate that in to your life. So we’ve built a really amazing program around it, you know, we have a life visioning course by Michael Beckwith. We have, you know, you work everyday with the Shamans and your group to understand your experience. And then we have, you know, the whole trip is all inclusive so it’s like massages, mud baths, hydrotherapy, colon cleanses, yoga twice a day, organic food, so once you get there you don’t have to worry about anything. That’s really what we created and it’s been amazing. 97% of the people that go through our program are having a life changing miracle occur that they self report before they leave. So it’s really, it’s really amazing.

NL: Yep. And so when I come down, I’m actually going to be doing like a workshop with using Mind Movies but also understanding where a lot of our programming is coming from and when you couple that with the Rev’s, you know, life visioning program, it’s going to be astronomical then of course, the insights that you get and when you go there, you don’t have to do plant medicine, right?

BL: No. We also have transformational breath work. So you’re using your breath as the medicine. These are all ways of accessing the altered states of consciousness just like, you know, the work that you’re doing. So it’s all complimentary. Yeah.

NL: Yeah and the reason I love having this conversation because, especially the circles that I move in, I mean, I’m the same as you. I’ve had people for years going “Come and do plant medicine” and I’m like “Nah, I don’t feel like doing that”. (laughter) I’ve partied back in my day, I’m leaving that behind. (laughter) But this is something completely different.

BL: Completely.

NL: This is not something that you party with. This is and it’s not just, you know, take drugs and pass out.

BL: No.

NL: You know, describe a little bit what the ceremony is like.

BL: Yeah, well you know, one of the things that helped me to make the decision to do the plant medicine was when I asked the same question to the Shaman, “What is this?” and she explained to me the difference between a drug and plant medicine. A drug is something that you’re taking to escape yourself and the medicine is the complete opposite. Like if you’re trying to have a good time and party, do not try ayahuasca because you’re going to go right to the issue that you’re dealing with, what’s holding you back from your highest potential, and you’re going to do the complete opposite. You know, it’s a healing plant that’s been used for thousands of years all over the world by the indigenous tribes for healing and awakening to your higher potential.

NL: Right. And so when the Shamans approached you and you were getting this message about healing the giants, like what is, what was their purpose? Or what is their hope to be able to create through medicine and the ceremonies?

BL: Uh huh, so the Shamans are there to hold the space, to create a container where, you know, they really, they’ve gone through training. Our grandfather is 110 years old in the jungle of Colombia, one of the oldest Shamans in the world and he still trains our facilitators and his grandson comes to Rythmia, so you know, it’s really important that you have guides like these that understand this medicine. You know, the grandfather says, after 50 years of studying, he just started to learn about the medicine. So (laughter), so I know like in Los Angeles, now, everybody’s calling themselves a Shaman but it’s really important that you have people that have been trained properly, that understand energies, that understand what is happening in this experience and can really guide you and facilitate you, you know, like if you’re coming up against a difficult time, they could come and move the energy and make it a lot easier. You know, you will, some people purge, there’s all different ways that we release energy. And yeah, so it’s really important that you have people that can help you to move through these different situations that could be really difficult on your own.

NL: Absolutely. So what are some of the transformations that you’ve seen people have as a result of doing plant medicine?

BL: Oh man. I’ve seen things, miracles as extreme as like a blind person walking out and being able to see again. A person with a disease, healed, an incurable disease, healed. To a person who was looking for you know, life purpose or to heal relationships, to heal health issues, whatever it is, this plant is so intelligent and it’s able to navigate all of your four bodies to you know, basically work on whatever it is the highest priority to help you to reach your highest potential.

NL: Right.

BL: Yeah.

NL: I know. Well the reason I’m so excited because you know, I’m stepping in to this whole new arena of education, you know, with the children’s curriculum that (inaudible) and I’m starting to work and move in different circles and for me, like yes I’m happy, I’m excited to be down there and I’ll have a health week and be pampered and looked after. But to also get the insight, you know, on to how I need to show up differently and things I need to do next. So if there’s someone that’s actually watching the show right now and they go, Okay, I’ve been hearing about this ayahuasca thing for awhile, you know, what are the kind of things that they can expect if they were to come down to Rythmia?

BL: So, everybody has a completely different ceremony. In fact, each person can have a completely different ceremony depending on where they’re at in themselves, each time you show up. You can have an experience with where you have a nada, where nothing happens and actually that’s where everything happens because the medicine is so intelligent, it’s going back to the very beginning of your DNA, to the beginning of creation, and it’s clearing you, it’s clearing your past lives, it’s clearing all kinds of things that sometimes you don’t even mentally need to understand but just to trust that the medicine knows what it’s doing and it’s giving you exactly what you need so that’s one of the experiences. Or you may have a vision and visions could come through, you know, seeing something visually, hearing something, feeling something, it all depends on how you see naturally, usually it’s the way that you’ll see on the medicine or having direct knowing for example, you can just have a clear message come to you and you just know that it’s the truth. When you go in to the vibration of the plants, you’re raising your frequency and you’re in the frequency of nature and harmony so you’re able to actually hear your soul more clearly because we’re so disconnected from nature with all of the chaos and electronics and the food that we’re eating, all of the things that disconnect us from being connected to ourselves. This experience helps us to realign back with our soul so that we can actually hear again. (laughter) and we’ve been so disconnected from our child you know. So what’s beautiful about this medicine is it’s bringing us back to who we were before we had this break in our lives, you know, when we were whole and complete and I know this goes right along with what you’re doing, the work with hypnotherapy, it’s the same work, different modality but you know, we break apart from ourselves through fears and traumas and false beliefs and all of the things that have us create this separation from ourselves and so this is all about healing those stories and coming back home, back to that child and having fun and living our lives. Being present. That’s what this is all about.

NL: Yeah. So to say that it’s life changing is a bit of an understatement. And so I really want to invite everyone in our Mind Movies community, anyone that is open to coming to join us. I’m going to be down there the week of April 14th to the 20th. And so you can down, have the whole experience, like, you don’t have to do the plant medicine, you can if you want, but to have this whole, you know, the visioning process, the health, and then also have the live workshop with me, where any insights that you get from your experience then we can actually articulate in to that Mind Movie where that you can take away with you, that’ll keep you focused, that will keep you moving towards the things that you are wanting to achieve and the insights that you’ve had from the week with Rythmia. So where can we send people, Brandee, if we want to, if they want to register or if they want to find out more about Rythmia?

BL: Yeah. Just go to and you could call the 800 number, we have an amazing sales team that have all been through the Rythmia program and can answer any questions. We have a medical staff so we can check any type of prescriptions or any medical issues that may come up. So feel free to call in and we’ve got a great team to answer any questions.

NL: Yeah. And yeah, if you feel so inclined then we’ll have a banner here to the side. We’ll also have a link underneath the video as well and if you have any questions, you can also send them through to me and I can answer them as well. But I invite you to come and have an exceptionally life changing week. I don’t think I’m going to be the same person by the end of the week and I’m so looking forward to it. (laughter) so Brandee, thanks again for joining us today. It’s been such a pleasure.

BL: Thank you so much Natalie. I’m super excited about this. (laughter)

NL: So guys, I encourage you to share this video. Let’s get the word out there. You can do that by clicking the facebook and the twitter share buttons on this page. Don’t forget to click the banner to the side or the link underneath to go through to Brandee’s website, find out all about the Rythmia experience and to come down the week that I’m there and after all of that is over, don’t forget to click the link below that so you can download the free ebook version of my bestselling book Never In Your Wildest Dreams. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We’ll see you soon.

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