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Episode # 19   Your Perception is Your Reality

About The Episode:

In episode 19 Natalie Ledwell talks about your perception and how if effects the way we act and think. She gives concrete examples of how we can begin to transform our perception for the better. She'll help you raise your positive vibration and the way you see the world.

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Episode # 19 Your Perception is Your Reality

Natalie : Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Now today, we're talking about perception, now your perception is your reality and you and you create your own reality. Now our perspectivist influence from our internal programming and from past experiences, you know do you remember what it was like when you first got together with your partner? Now I remember right back in the beginning there were many times with Glenn and myself, in the beginning of our relationship where our actions about perceptions were so different that we thought the other one was crazy by having these perceptions, you know we're thinking "how could you be so wrong about this?" But then you realize you know with me my background, I actually raised in a country, I was one of 8 children, now we didn't have an abundance of money but I did feel that I have a great childhood. Glenn on the other hand, he grew up in the city, he had 1 brother, and although they weren't mega rich, he was thought for a very young age the value of money and lived that much more comfortable lifestyle, than my family and I did.

So these difference really what conditions us to see things from completely different perspective. Now I'm not talking about right or wrong, they were just different, and when you understand the different backgrounds that became from it really helped to explain all of that. Now this makes me think of that saying you know that resized to every story, I mean how many times have you been caught up in a drama of a couple or couple of friends that are quarreling? You can see both sides but their perspective is so different that's what I'm talking about he you know there are a billion different ways to see a situation. How you choose to see it is your choice. So let's just an example, let's say that you observed a car speeding through a car park, this car then comes abruptly to stop and parks in a disabled parking space and the driver gets out and the driver's clearly able and he's not handicapped and he walks quickly into a store. Now think of that scenario, what are your initial thoughts when you think about that? You know do you think "how rude"? Like you know he's clearly not handicapped why is he parking on that spot? You know how dangerous he seems speeding through the car park like that? You know maybe I should double mean to the parking cops or that will teach him, you know. These are all reactionary thoughts to this situation that you've just observed but like I've said there are million different ways to see that situation. What if you've learned that his son was in the back seat of the car suffering from an asthma attack and he was rushing through the drugstore to get medication for him? You know maybe his mother had a fall in the shopping center and he was rushing in to help her and to give her aid, you know maybe his daughter is living on the other side of the country and she got mugged and he had to race to the bank in time to be able to wire her some money so she can buy some food. Now I could go on and on about all the different scenarios, but you get the picture, there are a million different ways and a million different perceptions and reasons behind someone acts a certain way.

Okay let's entertain the fault that maybe this person was inconsiderate, maybe he was selfish, maybe they just want to get a close car park to the shopping center. The point is you don't know this person, so when this person crosses your path and you don't know them and what happens as a consequence of this situation has no effect on you, why not choose to see this in a much more positive and different way. You choose the story and explanation behind this behavior. Choose to think that people are good and this is the reality that you live and that you choose. You know even if that isn't the truth, who cares? It now becomes your truth. You know by getting upset about this inconsiderate person that's parked in the handicapped spot holding all that negative energy inside of you is only hurting you. You know it's not even affecting this person, he goes along in his merry way not even being affected by your thoughts, your perceptions. So you can see how you know your choice can actually looked to change your vibration and change the way that you see the world.

Now last week, I actually had the amerced pleasure of hearing the legendary Don Miguel Ruiz speak. Now Don Miguel is the author of many books including the famous The Four Agreements, and after a transcended near death experience he has spent many years educating and raising the awareness of thousands of people around the world and he raises there when is to live a life of freedom, true happiness, and love. Now what really moved me about his talk, was how he described the way he taught his children about how to perceive life. Now this is an excellent example of choosing a perception that serves you and still a positive change in your life. Now he was saying how he taught his children to view life as a game and that they are the game master. So think about it, just think about life is a game and you are the gamer, so you're in control. I love this concept. Just think about it. When you perceived life as being a game, you can't take yourself too seriously, it's just a game. You know your perception of difficult situations in your life are easier to solve because it's just a game. If you don't like the game, if you don't like the game you play now just change it. Now let's say that you're not happy with your current job or your finances or your relationship or your health, all you need to do is change the game. You know you decide that okay, I don't want to play this game anymore. Think about what kind of game do you wanna play? Think about what that game looks like, think about what you're gonna do, write about it, write a description about your new game, create affirmations or mind movie for it and start playing this new game. Did you love it? Can you see how this perspective on life takes the emotion, takes the drama, takes the gray areas out of life and out of the situations that we looked at? You know put some situations we get so smarter and involved with. Being able to view life as a game gives us the opportunity to step back and be an emotion to give emotionally unattached so that we could like at the situation from a different view. So next time you find yourself in a really stressed or upsets situation with anything, try this idea so that you could detach emotionally from that situation and have a clearer perspective on how to change you for the better. Well I hope today's topic will have you looking at things from a different angle, and I hopefully that will encourage you to take come in the blog. So remember please share your experiences below and if you haven't already, make sure that you enter your e-mail on the top there, receive your six pre made mind movies and we'll keep you updated on all the upcoming shows. So guys thank you again so much for joining me, and remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. I'll see you soon.

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