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Episode # 23   Your Daily Success Routine

About The Episode:

In Episode 23, Natalie discusses the topic she receives the most questions about: success. She'll share what you need to do on a daily basis to become successful. You'll learn great new tips and exercises in this episode.

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Episode # 23 Your Daily Success Routine

Natalie: Hi, I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. Now today, what we will be discussing is what your daily success retains should be. Now this is the information that I actually cover in chapter 5 of my book, and it also one of the most asked questions that I received by email, and it is also one of the reason it's one of the passion peeps questions because people... the question that I seem to get all the time is like, "Natalie please just tell me what I have to do? What do I need to do on a daily basis to be successful?" so, this show, I'm going to go through, "The Must HAVES" that you should have in your routine and then on the next show, what I'll do is actually help you to arrange these things to a do-able daily habits that will make sure that you will actually incorporate these into your day. The idea was to have these habits that on a regular basis so eventually, they will become an unconscious part of your everyday activity.

Now the top 5 things are which about every passion peeps has mentioned so far and which I think is very important to include on a daily routine; the first thing is GRATITUDE. Now it is the fastest way to turn your day around and to raise your vibration into a positive state. Now from previous videos, we know now how important it is to maintain our happiness levels. Now when I ask passion peeps another question, which is; "how can I stay positive when everything around me is negative?" their answer nearly always is GRATITUDE for all the things that you already have, because when you are consciously grateful for what you already have, you can create space for more things in your life and that more of that into your life.

The second thing is EXERCISE, now of course there are obvious health benefits to exercise under regular basis. You know, you reduce disease, you control your weight, and you sleep better. But specifically in relation to reaching your goals, exercise gives you energy, now when you have energy, you have motivation to attack your goals and just to go that extra mile to achieve them. Now when I'm feeling fit and energetic, I can actually fit more into my day. Now when I don't exercise regularly, I find... I have too much time during the day where I'm not using it productively. And I'm not getting some badge down in my hours as I possibly can. You know you find that you know, you get through a couple of hours in the morning and then you realized, "God what did I, what have I accomplished so far?" but I find it when I'm fit and healthy that it doesn't happen as often. Now exercise helps you to keep your mind sharp and alert, plus it improves your mood and happiness levels and all those happy endorphins running through your veins. So another great reason why you should always be including some kind of exercise and in the next video we will actually talk about what that actually means.

The third thing that you should be including in your day is EDUCATION. By consciously controlling the positive data that you constantly absorb, you not only educate yourself on how to create and achieve your wildest dreams, but because you're hearing, pretty much or very similar message from hundreds of different sources, you actually proof to yourself with that of the shadow to adopt that you can achieve your goals. Now the feedback that I have received about the show, is a perfect example of how just a little positive injection of positive information and education can actually help to make a big difference in your day. The things is, that you may have heard of information I shared before, but just be reminded on that day can actually spark and idea or an action that you might not have thought of about a challenge or a goal that you're working on for the moment. So when I talk about taking action into the direction of your goals, that actually may stop which is listening with some kind of positive message first thing in the day, whether it would be an audio recording, watching The Inspiration Show or reading a book.

The fourth thing that you should be including in your day is FOCUSING ON YOUR GOALS. Now this is super important and it is a very important ingredient of the Law of Attraction. Now as the Law of Attraction states, whatever you focus upon, can visualize yourself with the motion or being in position of those things, and beginning actually in the direction of those goals, you can actually attract anything that you want. So when you focus regularly and ask the universe; "What is my next step?" you will find that the ideas, the people, the opportunities and the results that you need would start appearing for you, because you keep focusing on what your aim result is. Now focusing on your goals actually kicks your reticular activating system into action so that you don't miss out all these universal gifts that are being thrown your way.

Now the fifth component that you should be including into a successful daily routine is your connection to source. Now this is super important if you want to activate creativity, if you want to know what your inspired action should be, and to really build that belief that you are truly on the right path to your end result. Now when I talk about being connected to source, it can be prayer, through your connection with God, and the different things that you could do to connect to the universe, to the source or whatever that name is for you. Now if you begin with just these 5 components in your daily routine, you will massive improvements in the results that you will get. Now my next video on this topic will actually be, "How to Create Specific Habits of these Things." How to implement them on your daily routine so they become an unconscious part of your everyday? So I hope these information has helped you, and then remember to share your experiences and your thoughts in the comment box below and if you haven't done so already, make sure you enter your email above so we can send you your 6 pre-made Mind Movies and keep you updated on all the shows that are coming up. So, in the mean-time, until the next video comes up, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. I'll see you soon.




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