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Episode # 33   You Don't Need to Know How

About The Episode:

Episode 33 is jam-packed with content from LOA expert Natalie Ledwell. She talks about taking action, and how any action is the right action. She shares her personal experience with her husband Glen about getting involved with Mind Movies. Action is a very important step of the Law Of Attraction, so take action and watch this episode!

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Episode # 33 You Don't Need to Know How

Natalie : Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Now I often receive a massive lot of people asking me what action Nation take towards their goals especially they have no idea how they guarantee their goal. You know it is actually the most important part, step in the law of attraction and people are really confused about what should they be doing next. Now this is why chapter 6 in my book is all about action. Now, the first thing you need to know is that you don't need to know how you will reach your goal. My friend Bob Proctor has his awesome saying that says 'if you know how you reach your goal, the goal isn't big enough'. Now this was my missing ingredient, and this is the epiphany that I have when I watched the movie The Secret. It got us from working, no forfeiting from businesses, and working really hard to actually living the life we had now. You see in 2006, a friend of ours by the name of Jeff rang up my husband and I and said 'look, you know I've got this amazing business opportunity, I'd love for you to look at it' which was really interesting because at that time we already had four businesses that we were running. And I'm like 'really? Another one? Wow! Why not? Let's have a look.' And I remember going to this business meeting, it was for network marketing business. Now Glenn and I had never seen this type of business structure before and with they talk about reoccurring income, and being in a believe during this time, and all the businesses that we have up to that point were traditional start-up businesses. You know we had to turn up to work to be able to create and income. So we looked at that business and went 'Wow! This is amazing', it was like heads was pulled out up of the sand. So we sat down as we do, we join that business and write out our affirmations from what we wanted from that business. So we talked about things, you know, being able to help people all around the world, you know being able to sell product that we really thought great about, you know being able to make a difference, obviously with great income, you know being able to travel the world. And one of the things that they actually said at this meeting was you know I could work from the beach on a laptop if I wanted to. So that was one of my affirmations as well, I get to work on the beach with a laptop if I want to. And when we looked at that business, we thought that that network marketing business was going to be the vehicle that get us there, and it wasn't until Ryan approached Glenn and I with his idea of being able to put instruction for people to be able to create their own mind movies that we actually got involved in you know mind affirmations, you know now, we sell product that we feel great about, helping people all around the world. You know we get to work on a beach with a laptop if we want to, and we get to travel, and we get to do all of those things. And the thing is if we hadn't have taken action in that direction, we would never recognize the opportunity that mind movies was. You see any action is the right action. Now the network marketing business was not the solution for us but if we had taken action towards building that business, we would never had been exposed to the business model and we could completely missed that on sending the opportunity of mind movies was. That time wasn't lost, and recognizing everything that you do or focusing on your goal moving you closer, it guarantees that you'll always hit the mark. So even though you might go down to one direction it doesn't turn out to be that's the solution, whatever you're doing on that direction is helping you get towards where you need to be. So back to the original question, what action should you take? Well start some research, you know get on to Google, try to find out some more information about the goal, the business, or whatever it is that you're trying to achieve. You know listen to books, you know fins someone who's done this before you, enroll in a class, you know Google information about this, you know there are many many different products and information online that will help you achieve the goal that you're looking for. Now join a forum, do anything that will move you closely to your goal because remember that once you're focused on that and you visualize something your possession and you're doing some kind of direction, action in that direction, the universe will step in, and give you the opportunities, and the people, and the ideas and the results that you need to be able to complete the job. So I hope you enjoy this episode, please leave any comments or questions below, and if you found this information useful, I encourage you to share this by clicking the Facebook and Twitter share buttons above. Also remember if you hadn't done so already, make sure you put your email on the box above, we'll send you six pre-made mind movies and we'll keep you updated on the shows that are coming up. So guys thanks again for joining me. And remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. I'll see you soon.

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