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Episode # 50   Win the Race of Life

About The Episode:

Nadine Lajoie is a mother, speaker, skydiver, volleyball champion, accomplished business leader, musician and vocalist who has also earned more than 50 podium placements in male-dominated motorcycle racing competitions, including the Daytona in 2007. Natalie talks to her about her recent book called "Win the Race of Life," which is written from the heart and mind of experience.

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Episode # 50 Win the Race of Life

Natalie: Hi. I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. Now, we'll doing book preview with an amazing book and an author that I met just recently Nadine Lajoie. Hi, Nadine how are you?

Nadine: Hello Natalie. I'm excellent. Thank you very much.

Natalie: Thank you for joining us today. Now you are an anova, you are a seraphic coach, you also race motorcycles and you've just written a book, you are also a speaker, you're a woman with many traits. The recent book and the one we are gonna talking here today is the one called Win the Race of Life. So, Nadine can you tell people a little bit about your story which lead into why this book is so interesting to amend again.

Nadine: Thank you. The way that I started to write that book, the book is Win the Rave of Life because I always do analogy between the race track and the life because there is so many things that are really similar and I always live my life at 180m/hr which is the fastest that I went into a track. So, that is why I really think a good title for that and the big way for me is going over your fear like living your life on the edge, like always did I always did so many weird things in my life and racing for me is just quite new I just started in 2003 and I got my first bucket in 2001. So, I really help people to really accelerate their lives because if me I was able to realize so many dreams in my young age it's because I took action in the that's guising in your motorcycle.

Natalie: Exactly. So, I can see a few trophies in the background there when your racing motorcycles up. What races, what places you have been able to gain what you've been racing?

Nadine: My first racing in 2003. It was against women and we were 12 women and I did the last race in the season and I finish third. So, I've been excited, and adrenaline and I was a volleyball player before and I finished 9 Canadian championship and I broke my knee 5 times so I need to find someone else. So, the adrenaline being on the podium is will help me back into that place that need to be focus and after that in 2007 was my best year, I travelled the state by myself and I did a lot of different race track and I finish third in the race and beat 75 guys. I finished 9 international championships against guys and that year I also win a championship in a woman's class in Ontario. So, that was my best year ever.

Natalie: So you're still racing?

Nadine: Yes, I'm still racing and this year I would say that the last time in the year I was busy and the tour of the book and the show because I sing and I speak also during my show. Sometimes I just concern on speaking, engagement and now I have to do some compromise like life we need to do but probably on January we'll race in California again.

Natalie: That's great. So, we'll talking about some of the weird things. I think you mention it before that you have done a lot of weird things in your life. can you tell us what some of those things are?

Nadine: ahh, for sure. I did skydiving because I love that and I did that 4 times, and played volleyball in a 9 and championship was kinda weird because I am 5 foot 1 and somebody told when I was young he told me that I will never ever played volleyball on a high level and what he did is watch me. So, it's why, I think when you have a big why and really just cover why do you want to do that and even if you don't discover it you'll always do it and you're just taking action and never stop and never give up.

Natalie: I have believe in that even when I were a child my mother will always you know being you're burning the candle on the fence and it feels like yeah there are so many things doing in my life in a lifetime. So, the book Win the Race of Life what the book is about and why did you write it?

Nadine: The book is really a blend of adrenaline, passion with my trips and my motorcycle racing, my traveling 21 seats by myself, sleeping in the truck stop and parking lots and one more parking lots. So, that was suppose to be 4 months and it last for only 4 years I can travel between Canada and US. So, my parents wasn't really happy about that they said something will happen to you and I also want to bring some life lesson and learning to my left on my personal journey and my spiritual path. I started my spiritual path on 1999. So, for me that was quite new when I did that trip and it's really integrating to entertain me, entertainment stuff and the life lessen because when I to read. I didn't like a heavy reading, I like the alchemist of Paolo Quilo and the who is this fold fifer. A robbing shoreline please like nice story really easy to read and nice and profound into it what my notebook is about.

Natalie: it's much easy to remember, that was the way I run my book as well. Isn't that story because people to remember those lessons. So, who should be reading your book?

Nadine: My book is written mostly for women probably between 15 years old and 40 and 45. But finally I discovered that kids 10-11 years old they love it and 72 years old love it because the chick in the motorcycle is always excited for a men and for a woman it's inspiring is man and for kids they really like that and for kids the cover also is really done to be attract additional different people because it's fun, it's cool but sometimes that was really profound book even my ghost writer took more time because personal on myself during my eliminator itself a rise in the book. So, it's a funny story.

Natalie: so, excellent. So, what are the lesson the people have learn from reading your book?

Nadine: For sure never give up. That's one of my favorite 1 and the book is designed also around in the acronym in racing. So, that's recognizing your finish line at one corner at a time. So, really go step by step and I teach the process to, how to establish 18 goals for the next second semester. C is care about yourself, your family, your business, your health. I so it is for in power that is the words that establish and represent like go inside itself and discover our own power. And I have some of the size and even a motorcycle into the book. So, people can really go around the race track like with me what really is like inside of it that adrenaline be good. the N is for never give up and G for get it done.

Natalie: I like the whole addressing things one at a time. Because that's the thing a lot of time we'll set us a goal. When it's coming into at a new year to think about what are my goals in 2012. And then let's say you as addition with big massive goal like o my god right away from the beginning a lot of email and I'm sure that's what you have to do. Where do we even stop. That's just the bright star pieces intending the bigger things so I love that analogy.

Nadine: and also like reminding people that 80% of your next step will be done when you'll take action on the next one on the next one it's just like a mono cycle putting the wheel out together not just for me. but my bike and I don't know how many times oh my god it touch the ground once the wheel is running of that I'm fine.

Natalie: That's fantastic. Thank you so much for joining us today. So, where can we send people on how to purchased know more about you and you're amazing story.

Nadine: hey guys my main website is So, we're launching the book December 17. So, we really invite people to buy the book, the share on the December 17 you go to and you'll see motorcycles, racing videos or singing video. So, there is a lot things on my couple of website.

Natalie: A very busy woman even if we have to squeeze this little interview because you're off for 4 weeks correctly?

Nadine: yah. Full month I have 7 events in florida and the last be guesting in the last four weeks.

Natalie: So, guys just remember just that click the button on the side there and take it through find more about her and pushes the book on silent on 17 of Dec. so, thanks again Nadine. Everyone remember if you want the love and share this information in this video. Just click on the Facebook and Twitter share buttons above and if you haven't done so already make sure you put your email above there we'll send you the 6 pre made mind movies and we'll keep you waiting in the history. So, until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limit. We'll see you soon.

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