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Episode # 13   What is a Limiting Belief?

About The Episode:

Law of Attraction expert Natalie Ledwell explains limiting beliefs in this episode. Many people are unaware that these beliefs or programs even exist. This episode is packed with great content so we encourage you to revisit, pause and absorb the information as necessary.

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Episode # 13 What is a Limiting Belief?

Natalie: hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. Now today I'm addressing my information to the third chapter of my book and it's all about limiting beliefs. So far from the book in a place we figure it out who we are, what we stand for and what we'd love to do and written up affirmations. So, if you made it from this thing before but something is holding you from and this video is for you. So, what is a limiting belief? What is its internal and incredibly incorrect belief that you have about certain situations? Now you're holding this beliefs to be your truth so much they'll sabotage your success the crazy thing is that most times you can't believe that this beliefs or programs, even exist. More than likely you're absorbing your subconscious mind in around you, when you're very, very young age. Now our subconscious mind is the database of all our perceptions that can be part of their behavior through repetition. Now the subconscious mind is running 95% of your time, now data-wise the subconscious can handle a 40 million bits of data per second but a conscious mind can only handle 40 bits of data per second. Now I've heard examples from people who have been a traumatic situations like a car accident when you ask them details about the accident they find them very difficult to recall any specifics because they we're through shock, or stress or whatever, put that same person under hypnosis and then they can recall the most amazing details the subconscious mind is absorbing it all in. now, even the subconscious mind is running the show most of the time. Sometime, some of that programming actually does serve us. Like for an example is driving a car now initially this is a conscious activity. Now your sitting there and your gotta get back with the steering wheel and the change shift and the mirrors and the car and everything that is going around you and the paddles it's all happening but have you ever recently be driving the car and you get the set of traffic lights you realize that you've about 10 to 15 minutes and you have no recollection on how actually did you got there because the subconscious mind is taking over in driving the car. See, through repetition of driving, driving, driving all the time that is programmed in the subconscious mind. You know another example is this walking like little babies they're trying to walk and get up in there but as an adult we just have a fort that I wanna walk, and then through the subconscious mind and the programming is walking without thinking without it. The thing is most that is deep in programming is most time so deep, we don't even know it's there comes with childhood, actually it starts when we're still in the womb, because each of our motions have a make up to our body, even tears of joy and tears of sorrow even have different chemical makeup, so now if the mother is feeling anxious or stress the chemical chemistry or stress crosses to the placenta to the child, the same apply with joy or happiness with any other emotions, now the fetus is also perspective in the environmental around it s well, like for example, a baby's father speaks regularly to the baby through the stomach, once the baby is born, then the father speaks, the baby will recognize the father as long as he does that, so that's how perspective we are as a fetus, now we get to the ages between zero and 2, and children in this bracket are predominately are brain wave activity, I would like to call this sponge mode, he would pick up programming by absorbing the behavior of the people around us, so people like our parents and our siblings and like our teachers. So we learn the behavior be he won't get response to it, like for example, like a small child and we could our mother screams, when she sees her spider and then screams out and she's heading through the news paper and then you just absorb that and so okay, and go to yourself and that's how we respond when we need to respond, and then through repetition that becomes your behavior, it's like we absorb without judgement but then we adopt this hobbits and then through repetition they become part to unknown behavior, now we go forward to children in the ages 2 to 6, now in this stage will theta brain wave activity this is what we call the imaginative stage and in adults like I've mention before this is, we normally in the force just like in waking up and to going to sleep, so when kids are in this age, let's have them having a tea party, we're having a tea party and they've got tea and they've got biscuits and everything, and when they run into a broom and they say it's a horse, it is a horse because it was a imaginative stage. Now, what this means as a child when in this level, of age bracket, they're in a super state of learning, and the first 6 years of his life, this is particularly true, now not particularly in conscious state, it's simply a state where children are downloading everything that they hear and they smell and they see and then develop programs and install it in their subconscious mind is very young age, and then explains why, when you're a child and you're mom says to you, it's okay darling looks aren't everything and we can have issues with self image, if you could heard your files and your mind doesn't go on freak, rich people are criminals, rich people are bad and I'm sure we've all had things like that, that's if you heard these things I'm sure you have issues in money, maybe you're in a stall once and you wanted to make scene and your mother, and your mother got cranky with you and said, don't do that, you don't deserve it. you have no filter, you just absorb that programming and just in terms what do you think I don't deserve, now the subconscious mind is like the CD player play on repeat and on write, once this program consistently once you rewrite them, now there's nothing in there to judge what is right or wrong, how good or bad to you, they were just, put them to the time to your life where you can't respond to them, observe behavior and file the meaning so every time a particular crisis is going and that particular program to subconscious play and the program back again and it's like a self operating mechanism when your program is in, it just keep going over and over so how do you know if you have a limiting belief, well I suppose when you look back in reassess like the past times when you were striving for a specific goal you know how do you sabotage your things in the past, can you identify regular negative responses to specific situations or maybe your in a situation where a particular situation pushes your button and more for you, you get an emotional charge over it, you know it's a strong irrational programming in your life, well that could just be programming that you pick up in early years well if you could identify any of this things is said, it's more than likely if you do some internal beliefs that need to be release and that's what we gonna do on the next video. So until then, I hope you enjoy the content of our video today, I want you to live large, choose courageously and love without limits, I'll see you soon.

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