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Episode # 8   What are your Core Values?

About The Episode:

In episode 8 Natalie will challenge you to find your core values. Establishing core values is an imperative step to identifying what goals you want to achieve. You and Natalie will do an exercise together that will help you form your core values.

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Episode # 8 What are your Core Values?

Natalie : Hi. I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show, now today what I wanna do is address the information in chapter 2 of my book. Now in chapter 1 we looked at incorporating things into your day to help you really feel good and help you to maintain a positive vibration. Now it's only now that we're in this positive vibration that we wanna start thinking about what it is that you really want, you know what you're passionate about? And where you want your life to head next? Now when we contemplate goals where in a positive vibration, remember our goals will be set from inspiration and not desperation.

Now the first step into flipping out what it is that you really want especially if you're one of these people that really find it difficult to figure out what that is, it's to identify who you are and what's important to you. You know what do you stand for? You know what standards do you hold for yourself? You know what really matters to you? Now I call this identifying your core values, you know understanding who you are is a very important step in identifying the goals that you want and which cause a really aligned in the deepest and strongest version of you and not worth you know family or friends or society dictates for you. You know how many stories have you heard of people who you know follow a certain career path? You know maybe they become a doctor or lawyer or dentist or anything because that's what their parents wanted for them or because that's what their parents did. Now they spend a crazy amount of time, time and money on a career and when they get there they realize this isn't what I wanted, this doesn't make me happy, this isn't exactly what I thought is going to be. Identifying your core values helps you to know where you stand and why you make certain decisions. You know think of it like taking that aptitude test you did at school, you know what your school career advice are going right, you know you fill out this test, you're good at this lists, you know you should be a fireman or you should be a doctor or you should be whatever.

Not identifying these before you actually sit down and trying to figure out what it is that you want and what your goals are, can explain why maybe past successes haven't been fulfilling. You know maybe you're one of these people that got to where you know maybe open up a business, or did something that you thought this is what I really want and got there you went "oh, you know what? This is not what I thought. It's not what I cracked up to be". So because it wasn't really aligned with deep down inside who you are and what's important to you. Now you know I love what I do know and I couldn't possibly think of doing anything else but if you were to ask me, is there anything else in my past that compares to what I'm doing now? If I really think about it, it would be back when I was in my 20s and I was working in a fitness industry, you know I would back then I was in this positive environment and I was helping people, you know I was challenged all the time, I was working with positive people, you know everyone in my industry was positive and they all came from the place of integrity. You know my soul was fulfilled and I thought great about myself. Now when I think about it, these are the core values in relation to my career and every single one of those things I'm experiencing now. And you know through the years after fitness, my husband Glenn and I got involved with a whole bunch of businesses and you know you do the adult thing. You look at a business and you go "Okay on its own merits, this is financially a good decision to do this because you know we can make a good profit from this.

But we kind of lost sight of what was really important to me deep down and we found ourselves at the end of it, working for survival, working to make money, working to keep our head above water. You know maybe you can relate to this as well. So okay, how do you find out or how do you figure out what your core values are? Well, I've made it easy for you, I actually created a little list here that you can go through. Now what I want you to do is actually put a tick next to anyone of these core values that actually resonates with you. Now this list may also trigger some other core values that I haven't got listed here, so I've add some little spaces at the bottom so you can write some extra ones in there as well.

Now another great way to use this list is to put a star next to the core values that you would like to have. You know maybe you're thinking of someone that you love and respect that has a certain characteristic or certain core value that you would like to adopt yourself. So make sure that you put a star next to those and we can write some affirmations so you can focus on those every day and help to adopt them for yourself.

Now you can download this by clicking on the banner over there, if you can click on that banner you can go through a page and you can download it from there. Now of course there is a catch. What I would love you to do is actually get your feedback on your process and your process as well when you went through this list. You know was it easy for you to identify your core values? How long did it take you? Did you do it very quickly or did it take you a little while? You know where there this core values that really stood out that you know you don't want or that you don't like, maybe this is a characteristic that you noticed either on yourself or with other people. Actually if you do come across some of these, what I like to do is put a cross next to them. Now this list would be very handy when we're looking for a future partner, whether a business partner or a romantic partner, you'll be aware that these are the traits that you want to avoid and we can create affirmations which are the opposite of that so you know if it's something that you don't like, we can focus on what it is that you do like instead. Just share any thoughts or experiences that you can think of that will help other people that are going through these exercise. So please share your comments and leave everything below on the comment box below. Now guys that's all for today. Now on the next video, now that we know what the core values are, we're going to identify what our passions are for second part of this equation. So bye for now and guys remember live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. See you soon.

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