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Episode # 504   Wendie Colter - How to Use Medical Intuition For Healing

About The Episode:

Can you imagine having the ability to “see” an illness by simply focusing your thoughts on it? Every trauma (whether emotional, physical, mental or spiritual) carries a life experience. When you become aware of this trauma, you can then look inward for the answers that bring healing. On today’s fascinating episode of The Inspiration Show, Master Healer and Medical Intuitive Wendie Colter reveals how to heal from a chronic illness, pain or disease, and even clear your Chakras by harnessing the phenomenon known as Medical Intuition. If you or a loved one is struggling with any form of illness, or if you've been told to "just live with it", today's episode may just give you the healing breakthrough you need.

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Episode # 504 Wendie Colter - How to Use Medical Intuition For Healing

NL: Hi everyone! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Today in the show I actually have a woman who is a medical intuitive. She’s also a clairvoyant and she’s a master healer. So I’m really looking forward to getting into our conversation today because I don’t exactly know what all those things are. But before we do that, I just want to remind you that if you are watching this show live on Facebook or if you’re watching it later on our YouTube channel, don’t forget to click the link below this video to take the 30 second quiz so we can figure out what’s holding you back from success, so we can help you clear so you can go on what enough went to an amazing life. So, please, help me introduce my special guest today, Wendy Colter. How are you, Wendy?

WC: I am great. How are you doing, Natalie?

NL: I’m fantastic! So, you’re a medical intuitive, a clairvoyant and a master healer. First of all, how did you discover you could do all of that? And, let’s explain what that actually is.

WC: Sure! Well, that’s a few things, so I’ll go through one of them. A master healer is-I have a modality that I’ve developed and I’ve studied many, many modalities and that’s called bio-field balance energy healing and it’s a way to use Universal Energy to clean and clear blockages in the body. Now, I’ve been doing energy healing for a very long time- almost 20 years- studying different modalities and developing my own, etc.

WC: Clairvoyance.... Now what did you ask me for?  A medical intuitive...

NL: Medical intuitive. Yes, so that I’m really interested in.

WC: Yes...

NL: So what is it?

WC: I also studied psychic development. I studied it over a number of years and I also taught it at the school I studied at for many years. So I’m very well versed in the art of clairvoyance and psychic ability, what that means. What I noticed was, after teaching for many years, I noticed that there was a missing piece in healthcare, particularly with energy healers certainly in the Western medicine allopathic field, and that was the synthesis of clairvoyance- or the ability to use your intuition to get information deliberately- and energy work. So in this field of healthcare, I noticed a real lack of connection when it came to the underlying causes of illnesses and imbalances having just to do with people’s physical and energetic bodies. People can heal and there are great healers out there, but what can happen is that clients or patients can come right back with the same issue week after week and actually not affect a deeper healing process.

WC: Medical intuition is the synthesis of both of those in that you use these meta sensory senses, meaning beyond our normal senses, as a method to get to the root cause of why someone is not healing, or why an issue happened in the first place, or why there’s a chronic pattern in someone’s life. Now, that can go very deep.

NL: Well, I was about to say, what you are doing and talking about is not just looking at the symptoms, but you’re looking at the core reason as to why this is showing up.

WC: That’s it in a nutshell and I’ll tell you what else. It’s not just the physical symptoms, although as a medical intuitive that’s the synthesis. You have to know the anatomy; you have to know how the body functions, what these different systems do. But, you also have to be able to see. It’s a bit like being an MRI, except in real time. I can look in the body and see the functioning of what’s going on and then look at where this thing started, either physically, mentally, emotionally even spiritually.... What the lesson is here for people. So it’s this really- I keep using my hands- it’s a really holistic view of energy, and the body, and why things happen and how we can move through them.

WC: The stories that I hear from my client’s feedback from my clients certainly and my students experience is pretty phenomenal in terms of people being able to find that permission in their own energy to really release stuff. So it really helps energy healers and it also helps Western medicine- people from that side, as well as the alternative field- get deeper healing outcomes for their clients and patients. It’s pretty phenomenal.

NL: And more permanent ones by the sounds of things...

WC: Say that again...

NL: More permanent solutions by the sounds of it.

WC: Well, yes! That’s the whole point, if you want people to really turn that corner for themselves.

NL: Yeah, so did you always have this ability?

WC: Well, I think I was that psychic kid who was talking to dead ancestors when I was a little one, but I didn’t really recognize it in myself until much later in life. I have a memory of- I was clairaudient from a very young age, meaning I got information through hearing- not hearing voices or none of that, but just hearing... Actually, I heard music and I have a funny story. When I was a really little kid, I asked my mother when were driving in the car, I asked her to turn the radio on because there was a song that I liked that was playing. And she turned it on, didn’t think anything of it. I didn’t think about that until much later. The song that came on was exactly what I was singing in my head. There would have been no way for me to know that and that kind of happened throughout my life, as well as other things.

NL: That’s the thing. I’ve actually spoken to other people who have also been born with certain gifts and abilities and they go, “Well that was just normal for me, so I didn’t think anything was weird. Until they got to maybe teenage years and we’re now like, “Okay, maybe it’s a bit weird, a little bit” and then they step back into it. Like an incident happens where they step it back into it. So...

WC: Here’s the thing I want to say about that, Natalie. Everybody is born with this. Humans are hardwired for intuition and we call it a “gut feeling”, or “mother’s intuition”, or “woman’s intuition”, or whatever you want to call it- “our hunch”. Everybody has this skill, but we don’t live in  a society that really understands it, or knows how to develop it. So if you’re going to develop your intuition, it’s best to do it with a good teacher, someone who can really guide you and help you learn how to do this because it’s a very methodical skill.

NL: Yeah. So you work with people to help them hone these skills so they can also become intuitive in the medical field?

WC: I work with healthcare professionals. So it’s really everything from certainly energy workers, Reiki people, people who already work with energy... All the way to medical doctors and nurses take the course, psychologists, social workers. It’s just amazing how many- it’s a very diverse group, which is fabulous you know because I love that everybody gets to learn from each other, in terms of what they do and how they would integrate this into their work.

NL: Yeah. I can imagine it would be something incredibly valuable if you’re doing some kind of healing modality, or if you’re doctor, because especially if you’re a doctor or a nurse. You’re talking about a very highly stressful situation, especially if they’re working in the ER or somewhere like that. How do you tap into your intuition when you’re in like a high- stress situation?

WC: Well, a good deal of what I teach I call “energy hygiene”. Knowing how to use your own energy for your 100 percent effectiveness and very often I hear stories, and generally speaking this is what people come back to me with when they first hear about this, is at the end of their day when they’ve been a massage therapist, or a nurse, or something like that, they’re exhausted.  They are just wiped out and a big part of that wipe out, not just the physical aspect of it, is the energetic aspect of it. If you’re not cleaning out and replenishing your own energy constantly, your energy is going to be tossed. I mean, you are going to be flat lining energetically speaking. So a big part of the training is just teaching people how to ground, and clean, and protect, and modulate their own energy processes so that they are open to being able to use their intuition more effectively.

NL: Yeah. So, what does that look like because I think I could I could use some of that myself?

WC: I understand; we all could. Well, on my website I have a series of lectures and - actually they’re guided meditations they’re not lectures- where people can listen down and see how to ground your energy, how to protect your energy, how to release stuff so that you’re not always carrying things around energetically, and how to connect with your guidance. I've created about four or five and I add to it every so often. Guided meditations to really help everyone learn how to use their own energy at their highest effectiveness. And I teach more practitioner level skills in the program, but this is really for everyone to just give it a try.

NL: I think anyone would be able to benefit from that.

WC: Everyone can benefit from this.

NL: So you must have some stories of some people that you worked with, or even like- especially with the medical profession. I mean, honestly they so need this right now. We’ve heard all the stories. The thing is, I have a friend of mine who used to be a doctor. He was so heavily medicated because- just to stay awake, to just be able to handle the workload and so forth. They’re so overworked. So, can you share some stories of people that you’ve worked with and breakthroughs that they’ve had?

 WC: Sure. Sure. I’ll tell you a really good story about a medical intuitive session with a client who- and this sort of gives a good outline of what this skill does, and how it can benefit people, and how people use it in their in their work life is really up to them. Everybody finds their own way to integrate it, but this is what I do. And, by the way, I don’t have a medical background. I don’t come from any of that, I come from the entertainment world, not from the medical world. However, energy medicine yes. I was doing that work, so this is an example of what might happen in a medical intuitive session. I had a client who had tendonitis and it had been recurring in her life, but this came out of the blue. She said, “What’s going on”? Now, before I did energy work on her, I wanted to give it a medical intuitive read. So I took a look at this and what I saw from that place of vision, visualizing it, I saw the inflamed tendon. I saw a couple of things about that just what was going on for her physically and I also saw scar on the bone underneath the tendon. So I started asking questions and this is how I do this and this is what this process is. I start asking questions of the physicality, of guidance to give me some information on this, and what it showed me was that the tendon area was not just inflamed, it was also full of grief and sorrow- heartbreak actually. As I looked into the bone, I saw an incident actually, an event in her life when she would then- this woman was in her forties- but she was in her twenties and was playing tennis. They showed me her playing tennis like I’m watching a little movie. She fell and she broke her wrist right at that spot. Now, when she was in the hospital - she was playing with her boyfriend - and when they went to the hospital to have her wrist taped up, he broke up with her right there and then. This was a little rough.

NL: Hmmm.

WC: There was a lot of grief and heartbreak right there in that bone break. So when I told her that, she said,  “Yes. I’m just going through a break up” and that’s why this thing flared up now. She didn’t put two and two together. There was no reason for her to do that. That grief and heartbreak incident from her twenties replayed itself in her present moment with her heartbreak. So there’s more, which is really interesting. Her wrist wasn’t done showing me things and what it showed me is – this rather dramatic- was a visual of her at age 5 with her hand up. This was her wrist, or her hand up, to protect herself and she looked like she was in a dark and closed space and she was protecting herself from a cane coming right down at that same place where that break was in her 20s. It was fear and sorrow and anger- and all that those heavy emotions- and what she told me was that her mother was not mentally stable and would lock her in a closet and beat her with a cane.

NL: Wow.

WC: So this is a dramatic image, right and a lot of drama, but what it did was it created a physical weakness in her wrist. There was probably some damage there that was never dealt with that reoccurred in her twenties and reoccurred as tendonitis in her forties, all from that original emotional impact, that original trauma and that was the trajectory of her current experience. Now, what she was able to do with this was she was able to process her emotions on a deeper level in regards to the heartbreak because she was really having a hard time in her present moment releasing the heartbreak of this break up. That allowed the tendonitis to - the tendons and the ligaments to heal and that allowed some of the energy that was caught in her wrist from early life and from her 20s to dissipate, to release. So this problem didn’t become chronic for the rest of her life. So that was a really important- you can see this drawing, connecting the dots between someone’s life experiences, that even if you have a conscious awareness of you may not put it together. But, her guidance and her body really showed me that whole line- things I would never have known about.

NL: Yeah. That’s amazing, isn’t it? Because I work a lot with people and we clear a lot of blocks and beliefs that we have and the ones that are the hardest to budge are the ones that have a really strong emotional attachment to them.

WC: Absolutely.

NL: Yeah. I was talking to a friend of mine who actually owns Neuro Hacker Collective and was geeking out with the science things and he was asking me about my dreams. I said, “ Well, I had really bad dreams the other night because I went to this stupid movie called Get Out and it was like horror and I don’t know why I went”. But I went with a friend and, of course, I was having the weirdest, most awful dreams. He goes, “The reason you do that is because when you feel those emotions that are brought up on the movie”- and I’m assuming, like with this, any unprocessed emotions that come up as an adult- “your brain goes back and remembers when it happened”- those emotions came up as a child. So this is when you’re in your dreams, but I’m sure this is how this manifests in the body as well. So, is it always something physical like that and – Sorry, answer that first. I’ve got a billion questions. Answer that one first.

WC: No. The great thing about medical intuition, which is just a way to use intuition, is that you can see everything, not just the physical. The emotional, the mental, the spiritual and - actually a big part of the program isn’t just the body, but it’s also the chakra system, the aura. Basically our energy anatomy, as well as our physical anatomy, but we do hold these things. One of the main tenets, which your friend really outlined perfectly, one of the main tenets of energy medicine is that every physical imbalance has some sort of root, but it doesn’t always have to be a physical trauma, it can be an emotional impact as well. And, I got to tell you Natalie, some of it seems very innocuous as adults when we think back on our childhood, but as a child is quite impactful and that does create this sort of trajectory into the future, which is just amazing to look at. Again, I really do believe this is one of the reasons why people sometimes have a lot of trouble actually moving through things, healing. So I get psychologists in the program too and that’s their job was to help people process emotions, but there’s often a very missing- the missing piece is the energetic component.

NL: Yeah, absolutely. You think about it and- I heard a report the other day that nearly 80% of adults suffer some form of PTSD. So if you’ve gone through a bad break up, if you’ve been in a car accident, if you had any kind of traumatic experience, then you have some kind of form of that. Depending on how healthy our system is as to how much we can release them, or how much that sticks around. So the other question I have for you is... So you don’t just work with people to help them figure out what the root cause is, but you help them to help the patient to be able to release that as well?

WC: Well, that becomes the energy medicine part.

NL: Right.

WC: Well with my modality- and everyone comes in with a different modality- I get reiki masters who are brilliant healing with touch, quantum, you name it. There are a zillion beautiful energy modalities, plus naturopaths have their methods and doctors have their methods and you name it. Everyone has- acupuncturist come and they know where to put the pins to help release things. So the releasing part comes next, but what the first process is - and I stress this to students because it’s really important- awareness is the first step in any kind of healing. That’s really it. So the job of the medical intuitive, as opposed to the healer, is to bring the stuff to conscious awareness and from that point then it’s about what kind of recommendations would be good to help clear this. One of the fascinating things is even with my modality, which I love it, may not be ultimately the best option for the client.

NL: Yeah.

WC: So, I can look and see what other modalities would work with this drug, work this and that. Now, I can’t diagnose, but I can look and see what happens in someone’s energy.

NL: Yeah. Absolutely. This has been such a great conversation and I could talk to you forever, but I think we should stop. But, if people want to reach out to you, or connect with you, and definitely be able to do the meditations that you have, where can we send them to that?

WC: Send them to my website That’s three words all in one- On the right side of the screen, you’ll see a bar that says, “click here for the guided meditations” and there’s a bunch in there, a whole bunch, not just the energy essentials so have fun with those.

NL: Yeah. Wonderful! Well thanks again, Wendy. It’s been such a pleasure talking to you today.

WC: Thank you so much, Natalie. It’s been my pleasure.

NL: Great. So, guys, don’t forget to click on the link so you can go through Wendy’s website, so you can get your hands on those meditations because it sounds fantastic. I’m going be going there after the show as well. Now, don’t forget that if you’re watching this on Facebook live, or if you’re watching this later on our YouTube channel, make sure you click the link underneath to take our 30 second quiz to figure out what’s holding you back from success. If you’re watching this on, make sure you leave your emails so we can send you the Manifesting with the Masters video equals for free. So, until next time... Remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We’ll see you soon.

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