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Episode # 1   Welcome to the Inspiration Show

About The Episode:

Law of Attraction expert Natalie Ledwell introduces the first ever episode of The Inspiration Show. In it, she share's what you can expect this season and how the show came about.

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Episode # 1 Welcome to the Inspiration Show

Natalie: Hi, it's Natalie here and I would like to welcome you to the first ever episode of the inspiration show. Welcome. Now because it's a first show what I want to do today is just explain the concept of the show, what can you expect, how it came about which is actually a very interesting series of events which is very perfectly demonstrated on how law of attraction work now it all began when we explore a mind movies community. In research for the book I'm writing at the moment. I'm gonna share some experiences in running a lot of book in this show but we have about 15hundreds responses came back and there are so many request from people to have free information and the thing is a lot of people is still doing a tough at the moment and they can't afford of the programs or anything around there they wanted some great information but they wanted to be free and the other thing that came in the survey was a lot of confusion and frustration about the law of attraction it seems there are a lot of information out there a lot of people getting expose to different types of information but they don't easy or follow procedure or a system that you can put into place that you can be able to apply the law of attraction. So people get a lot of confusion or everything through very unclear. Now because of that, the book that I'm writing is addressing on how you can apply on a procedure and easy to implement steps to be able to get the law of attraction work for you. So let's just start with the free content. So how do I, how do I get free content to a mind movies community. We don't go sending all emails at a time. I wanted to focus on how to deliver a free information, plain and simple I don't want it to be intrusive as in on many emails coming in the inbox. I wanna say it about, write the information for you and you can refer the information that I want it. now I got this on my mind, how am I gonna do this. This is the goal, this is the goal I want to achieve. Now later at that I'm watching the tv with my husband and we watch the movie Julie and Julia. It's a movie of Mary Strips she plays the Julia Childs there is a goal that is cooking the recipes one recipes each day from the Julia Childs cook book and she's blogging about it now, I know mind movies is on the internet but I never could understand the influence of blogging then I went to bed that night after watching the tv and that day I actually downloaded five days on my iPad and I only research about the books I wanted to. Now one of the books I downloaded I called The Crushes now is the time in crashing your passion and by the gentleman by the name of Gary Vienachuck. You may know Gary from his on last library tv. A very interesting character, I thought his book is about following your passion which is something I wanted to address the book well it's kind of like that but not exactly and basically what the book is all about is to get blogging sound like oh universe I understand now, I can see, I trying to get this free information and you can see on how you can do it. I can do it on a blogging format and video, in a format I would like to use. So I'm focused on my end results and I'm aware of my universe and I'm excited and the resources I need to be able to achieve it. So of course I'm so excited out of my brain and I just can't I can do this and I'm so excited about this. So, basically that night I went to sleep and on the next morning I woke up and started to make the show and the thing is once I have this idea the next is to take action and there are 2 different types of action there's an action that you take that the momentum is going and you go to the direction of your goal and then there's inspired action and inspired action is when you connect to a little bit higher have a download of some kind to in order to figure it out what right action is for me to take now there is one exercise that I actually do every morning and it's when I first wake up the first 10 minutes of my morning , I keep my, this is when I'm waking up and I keep my eyes closed but I ask myself questions and the question are the: what can I do to move closer to my goals, a challenge from the day before, what is the solution to this challenge of course this morning I'm thinking all about the show the new tv blog that I'm doing. And the reason and I ask him a question what is the show gonna look like, how am I gonna present this, and the reason that there's something like this first 10 minutes works so effectively for you is because your still affect with brain wave activity, brain wave activity is when your very receptive in this mode and before going to sleep and else on waking up and now I've actually spoke to quite a few people that have their ideas when they come to the shower, once they get up, go to the shower they're still waking up and they're still in that brainwave activity, and they get a little bit of ideas coming from and downloads is in the shower. As I'm laying there I am completely blocking up the show, I'm thinking all the ideas and segments that I have actually the story of the journey of writing my book. You know this is the first time that I've written a book and it's a monumental undertaking, but I would love you to be part of the purpose. So I'm gonna asking you questions and gonna share you information that I'm writing about so that you could be part of that and I would love your feedback including with the book as well. And also thinking about answering the questions about the law of attraction and also interviewing what I call passion peeps and this are people that live a life of passion some of them are well known and some of them are not so well known but they're all people of inspiration and what I'm doing is asking the same 5 questions and these 5 questions are the one that I got from the survey that we did with the mind movies community and I'm also talking with everyday people that has success with the law of attraction doing different books with you and the books that I'm reading, different success tips and different groups challenges when we work on together, so there might be something where we want to incorporate a success habits we do it as a group together and we share our experiences as we group together to be able to that, so we'll helping each other so I'm blaming in and some of the ideas are butting in and you know just out of my brain excited then another thing I want to stress here as well is when your striving for a goal it's really important that get a download or hear a voice or hear an idea that you trust your intuition because most of the time if you can listen and trust your intuition youre gonna make the right decision, now what is this telling me because I'm trying to think what is name of the show and the word that is coming to me is the word inspiration and unlike keep telling to myself that no, no, no, no way that I'm gonna able to break and a word inspiration, and I'm like and trying to pushing it on my mind and try pushing else and kept coming back, kept coming back, like okay can't ignore it any longer, so I get up and sitting in front of the computer and I was able to actually able to register the and the which is unbelievable, I mean can you believe it, it was a sign but actually can't think I can believe it because I know very well when you focus on what you want and you stop on the end result you become aware of the opportunities and the ideas in a way to help you achieve that, you take some kind of action and try to take it and time out to really think about what is the next step I take, listen your inner voice and you can achieve anything that you want here's a perfect example. Here's can you expect from the show. There's gonna be 2 or 3 short new videos every week and they'll gonna short and one time they'll watch and sit down. So, I'm gonna doing my best to answer the question and share so much that I can and make sure that this videos are the best informative videos that you've ever seen and free and you'll be able to come and have a look at them every time you want but I have a little favour to ask, what I would like to ask to you as you are watching the videos and your going the processes here please leave any questions, leave any comments, ask, get involved with the group projects that we do, share this page with a friend, like the facebook page and just share all your successes and experiences as much as you can. So, everyone can feed to that as well and inspire others to be successful as well. So, my next videos which will be coming in the next few days is actually sharing the process in me making my mind movie for my goals and running the book and actually it's gonna be a recording mind movie computer screen and to be able to see how quickly for me to be able to put this together but not just put my mind movie together, I'll be sharing tips on how you can effectively use your affirmations and the photos together for optimal results and to really make a successful and powerful mind movie. So thank you for joining me today, my sign off for the show is to live large, choose courageously and love without limits, thank for joining me and I'll see you soon.

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