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Episode # 110   Viki Winterton

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell speaks with award-winnng and bestselling author, Viki Winterton. An inspiring woman, Viki does more than live a life of passion, she has been intrumental in sharing a powerful message. Originally a model, her life took an unexpected turn to a new purpose, which caused her to begin her own magazine business, giving her the chance to work with big household names. She believes that becomming an author set up an incredible positive momentum in her life, and she is dedicated to showing others how to gain that power in their own lives.

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Episode # 110 Viki Winterton

Natalie: Today on the show, I'm speaking with an award-winning author and best-selling publisher; Viki Winterton. And she explains to us and shares whole passion about helping people be able to get their message out to the world. So please enjoy.

Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Today I have with me the amazing Viki Winterton. Now Vicky's an award-winning author and an international best-selling publisher. So welcome to the show Vicky, how are you today?

Viki: Oh, great, and Natalie it's so great to be here with you thank you so much for having me.

Natalie: We are actually scheduled to do this a little bit earlier but you were in a storm, or is it a hurricane? What would you classify that in Mexico?

Viki: Actually it was 2 hurricanes back to back over that week and a half. So we've left lot of activity down here but finally the weather is settled down and technology is working. So again it's just great to be here today.

Natalie: Wonderful, wonderful. I'm glad that you are here with us today. So, the reason I have you on the show is because, you had not just half lived a life for passion and then inspiring person, but you were very instrumental in helping people like myself and other people who have amazing message to get out there through books and collaborations. So, can you maybe just tell a little bit about your background and who you are, then I'm gonna get into why, you know how you discovered this passion of yours. So let's start with who you are and your passion first.

Viki: Absolutely, well I started out seems like years ago modeling. I was working for an Ad agency that eventually recruited me little by little over to working full-time ad agency work. And through this great introduction to a very influential man, he introduced me to a few other people including a gentleman who turned out to be my partner at a newly founded ad agency. And we quickly went to 8 figures, after 3 years we have really have some amazing clients so we worked hard. And as a result to that, the next 25 years of my life started with consulting arrangements that were made by some of my previous clients. I had a feat for advertising, so they basically recruited me and they were fortuned with 100 companies to come in and do process for re-engineering and some really great work with teams and executives. So that took me all over the world and I had a wonderful crew for 25 years, as a result, I have this great introduction unusually to someone who have really a lot of influence. So it's what really taught me what hanging with great company would do for you, because it just created a phenomenal career for me.

Natalie: Excellent. So you have your own company now. So what are you doing now?

Viki: Well basically, I thought about 5 years ago that it would be great to get back to coaching community. So I started and outwork for coaches and soon it became a very definite realization that our purpose within this community and other community is we found that entrepreneurs and operators would be joining people who had household names. So we had access to people of tremendous influence and bring people off to rise together in different venues with them. And that included broadcast that resulted in 2 really well-respected magazines, award winning magazines, and now in the last year, that has evolved into a series of books, and I would have to say that beyond my wildest dreams, understanding the world of influence... because of my background, books are the most incredible place for that kind of influence that can really have an impact on anyone's career or you know just a momentum that it takes on phenomenal. So we've been on a lot of that now.

Natalie: Excellent. So when did you recognize that this was your passion? When you do... was there an event that made you connect with this?

Viki: You know I think that because I did a lot of corporate work and I did advertising, and actually, what I... it seemed time would spread out to me and try to cut down on the real essence of what I knew my purpose was, by asking myself; what's the essence of your purpose? It was basically and still is to be a catalyst to bring people together, people that have things that people need with those people who need those things. And, you know that was the realization that everything really blended and was absolutely on target for that mission and that purpose of my life. It is for now doing magazines and the books, doing interviews, with and collaborating with people who are again really are well-known and considered world leaders and household names, with those people that have a really great message and I believe we all have a great message to tell.

Natalie: Yes.

Viki: You combine those 2 factors together, it gives those people on the rise, and their message so much impact, so much credibility, it's like media and it's really mind-boggling to me, how effective and tremendously empowering it to be on every level for those involved.

Natalie: Yeah, I mean that like you've said, I think everyone has message and I'm sure that there are people that are watching this video that have a message, an inspiring story that is something that they can share. You know, why doesn't everyone get a book published, what do you think that is?

Viki: Well, I know for myself I was approached when I first started the network. And it just came out of the work that I was doing with more to 100 companies. I was approached to do a book, and now it just seems so complicated, you know you have to think about what are you gonna write, and write it and you got to have that compelling title, when some title, then you have to go through not only the process writing the book but inclining people that added it and then finding an agent and a publisher and then once the book is out after all the work, you have to actually promote the book. And as huge, and there are so many choices out there now which are really a good thing in the publishing world, by the same token. They are also very confusing and it's really a lot to learn, if that's not your forte, if that's not how you spend your time. So I know for me it was really discouraging and I think for a lot of people they just at it like it's too complicated, it's too much and seems so much even if they really have a burning desire to do it, they may put it off because of so many other things they are doing in their lives.

Natalie: Right. So I mean, I know there's this step by step formula that you know people can follow that actually gets them to you know, to become a best-seller, now because let's face it, if you gonna on to the process of getting a book, you really want to have that credibility. So you do have this step by step process right?

Viki: Yeah, I definitely do. We actually discovered a lot of the process through our magazine which has now covered 20 and a half years now. And we've interviewed over 700 people those on the rise and some really amazing people that are known all over the world for their expertise. And so with that, having that process in place, I realized that, really there are a few steps that we really wanted to make simple for the persons that were participating on our books and then we would do the rest of the work on the back end. So simply, what we do is we created a compilation books which create a number of different chapters and were thrilled because Natalie, you are gonna be on our next book.

Natalie: Yes, yes!

Viki: It would captivate people from all over the world. Many times over best-selling authors, and so were taking these chapters and doing interviews, and from those interviews form the story of your life and your mission. And it would really give people the ability to be moved by what you are sharing in the way of your story. I believe everyone has not only to write, but the responsibility to share their story in their word. It is like one of the greatest things you can live in this legacy, because books are always gonna be there. Protecting this books with these kind of experts, you know they were always gonna be there for people to refer to. So we did, we need to do it on collaborative manner, and basically grab some synergy format and people come in that are co-authors for the book, and they are interviewed. And we pretty much take it from the air, we have a full-time publicist, a PR team that go ahead and create the book and work their magic in order to meet really and really drive it up on the rankings of the book-selling list. But before that we actually create a cover that contains the picture of the expert along with the other experts that are in the book the main experts in the book. They can get copies of the book, they can order additional copies if they like, but they don't really have to. Again, we want to make it really flexible so that people could get an e-book and productize that as supposed to productizing the actual soft copy of the book if they chose to do that. So we have set up in a formula where they could get anything they need by just coming in and by registering and having the interview. And they're showcase with these amazing experts and we do all the run-outs to really get the book after the world. And our first book that won bronze of work from England for literary excellence, the 2nd book that was released in January with Marshall Goldsmith and Kim Blanchard and a number of different authors. There were 47 authors that went best-seller in like 48 hours, so that is so incredible to be able to contribute in a way where people really have that on their resume and use that for the world. It's just a wonderful, wonderful thing to be able to do and contribute to the world.

Natalie: so now that we, like you've said get involved in one of the latest books that you are releasing, so do you have these projects on going? Are you looking for more people?

Viki: Yes we are, we still have a few call author-ships positions available in the book that you are going to be in. ready to captivate with the chapter. We will be coming out with some books next year and I also wanted to mention a book that is very dear to my heart. I was approached by some women's groups about doing a book, that really helped women who were in the process of being abused, receive hope in their lives. So were doing a book called; Wounded, Survived, Thrived that will be released on November. And that book is basically a hundred and one women's stories about how they came from torment to triumph of any kind. And we have people in there, and we have women who are telling stories about corporate abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, all sorts of things that have come up in their life that they've been able to overcome to give those struggling with the hopes. So, we also do special interest books of that nature and help people publish their own books as well.

Natalie: Yeah wonderful, the message and the work that you are doing Viki is just incredible. I also wanted to quickly touch on the event that you are holding on September. Can you tell us a little bit about what's happening at that cause I'm gonna be at that as well, I can't wait.

Viki: You're excited because you're coming with your fabulous husband. You've created a wonderful relationship and amazing things that you are cunning now dear. You are gonna be 2 of the tremendous experts that are gonna be there and we have over 30 experts that are going to be there over a 3-day period, it's gonna be held at a private mansion in the large castle in Hollywood. And we are really excited because the evening of the 2nd day of the event were also having the release of the book ready in captivate and number dazzling authors are gonna be there including my co-author and marshal leader and the list goes on and on but we'll going to be able to celebrate the book and the release of the book in grand style. People that have already been in books and have won awards and have become best-sellers will be receiving their official awards there. And then there will be a whole evening in magic afterwards by some of the best magicians in the world. And it's a private, private mansion so you can't get in without an interview and or an invitation and definitely extending mine today for all of the people that will be listening and viewers, invite friends of yours if you're into some extension and your fans are coming, so I am thrilled that you're gonna be there with us.

Natalie: Yeah, kind of actually I'm glad that I'll gonna be on the stage with you talking about some of the struggles and the things that we got through you know, it's not like we just appeared and wow everything's fantastic, it was quite a journey. So were looking for that show in that. So what are the dates again Viki?

Viki: It's September 19 to the 21st, and you've got to mind something Natalie that I guess really important and different about this event is that all of our experts stay for the whole entire time, and they actually greet for networking, and wisdom circles and master minding together with the experts so it not just that great peep people like yourself and Glenn, appear on stage and then you're gone, you're actually there for the whole time working with all of the people that have attended. Makes it very very special not just for authors but for everyone that attended.

Natalie: Yeah so I mean of course I would like to extend an invitation for everyone that's watching this video to join us. But specifically who is the person that could benefit by attending an event like this?

Viki: you know anyone who really is looking to improve their life will benefit. But particularly if you are an entrepreneur, coach, wider, someone who is really, really grab the elbows and get up close in person with some of the best in the business who have created great business, then be there. And you'll have the opportunity to access them in a very personal way that's not usually available at most events. So, I think those people who are really looking to improve their lives, but specially improve their business in order to improve their lives and enhance everything that's going on with them. They'll find great benefit in attending, plus it's going be awesome fun.

Natalie: Yeah awesome. And now I can't wait. And the Magic Castle is amazing, is it Beverly Hills or is it, what?

Viki: It's a fleet, it's actually in Hollywood. In the corner in the Hollywood Hills right down from the Hollywood ball and the mansion to its back to 1913, and its elegant and wonderful, and it's really dressy. Awesome cake in general, the best in the business.

Natalie: Yeah I think I have been there once before, and again you have to go with a member, you have to wear tights, that whole thing and it's just a magic show everywhere. That should have a room upstairs in the castle that houses every magic trick on the planet. But you have to be member to able to have access to that room. So it's very cool. So Vicky, where can we send people if they wanna found out more about that?

Viki: They can go to and there will be information there not only about the event, but also about the book and being able to access the book and the opportunities available for ready in captivate.

Natalie: Wonderful. And remember if you click on that banner to the side, you go can go straight to that website. And find out some of the information. So thanks again for joining me Viki.

Viki: My pleasure. It's always wonderful to spend time with you and thank everyone who is watching for the graciousness of extending your time as well.

Natalie: Wonderful. Now remember guys, please I encourage you to share this video and the information in it by clicking the Facebook and twitter share buttons above. And if you haven't done so already, make sure that you put your email on the box above there cause we'll send you 6 pre-made Mind Movies and we'll keep you up to date with all the upcoming shows. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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