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Episode # 165   Vasavi Kumar Keepin' It Real

About The Episode:

Today, on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with returning guest, Vasavi Kumar to discuss some of the incredible work she is doing with women through her training course, S.O.U.R.C.E. Of Your Success. Vasavi explains how she has created a transformative coaching program based off of the hardships and lessons learned throughout her own life. Vasavi Kumar has taken the challenges she has overcome to create a 24 module course that encourages women to achieve their goals. S.O.U.R.C.E of Your Success aims to set women free from societal conformity and pressure from friends & peers.

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Episode # 165 Vasavi Kumar Keepin' It Real

Natalie: Today on the show, I'm speaking with Vasavi Kumar. And she told me about the amazing work that she's doing with women specially if you're in the point of your life where you've become a mother, you've been a wife, you've been in all these different roles and now you're wondering what's next for you so stay tuned to find out.

Natalie: Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. And today I have another special guest back with me from another show, Vasavi Kumar. How are you, Vasavi?

Vasavi: I'm good, Natalie. Thanks for having me back on.

Natalie: Lovely new bangs and haircut that you're sporting there, it's just fabulous.

Vasavi: I just literally just got them done so I'm just getting used to them.

Natalie: Yeah, they look great. You know, like what I've said Vasavi has been on the show several times and let's just do a quick review with your story and where you are now in case people haven't seen you on the previous shows.

Vasavi: Sure. So, you know I've been a coach for a few years now. What I'm most passionate about is setting people free. I think that it's our past that keeps us, no, I don't think it's our past, it is our past that is keeping us trapped from truly living in the present, taking action in to the future and creating a life that we want. So you know, I became a coach because I was trapped in my life, so before, I always knew I wanted to help people but before I could do that, I had to set myself free. Set myself free of my mind, my thoughts, my beliefs, and my past. So you know, I work with people in different ways one on one, virtually. I'm on my mind with training programs, I have a book. Whatever way that I can serve people. That's what I am committed to doing. So that's my website.

Natalie: Right. Okay, so what led you on this path? Like what got you started of this freedom and transformational path that you've been on.

Vasavi: So as you see, Natalie. Since I was a young kid, I've always been curious about what's real and what's not real. And as what we see around us, real or unreal. I would say as a young kid I was very curious, very inquisitive, I was the person that if someone said no I always ask why because no wasn't a good enough answer, impossible was not in my vocabulary at all. And I think it really started on my own journey of just wanting to know more, I wouldn't settle for anything less. So, with that when you're on a pursuit of just finding out more and who you really are, lots happen along the way. And I think that, you know, I've had many breakdowns. I said this last time I fell flat on my face many times, I often share that with people. I am where I am now because of the things that I've gone through in my life. I don't regret anything that's ever happened, and I actually think that it has primed me to be right where I am and to help people truly be set free in their life.

Natalie: Yeah, right. Cause you know, when I'm talking to you now, I've just been reading a book called "Dying to be Me". Have you read that book yet?

Vasavi: It's actually on my bookshelf right now, my father sent it to me, I have not read it yet but I heard it was amazing.

Natalie: Yes. So Anita Muranji, basically her need of experience. A blind guy came across the store and said contact her soonest. You have to contact these woman, get her to write this story, and she basically had cancer, she had hidden beneath experience. And when she was asked why she contracted cancer in the first place, the answer for her was fear. Because she always felt like she had to fall into some doctrine of what her father wanted or what society wanted or what was expected of her. And so, I supposed this is kind of what you're talking about, how those kind of things limit us in our life living forward because we feel like we should be doing something, we have to follow some kind of doctrine.

Vasavi: Absolutely, we talked about a little bit about the last inspirational show what the biggest trap that you could be, that most the society listen is conforming to how we think we ought to be, the things that we need to say, and besides that, that's just on a macro level, on an everyday level. People are trapped inside in their own mind but fear just show out, the judgment, the limiting beliefs, we have a trap outside of us, the over arching trap, and then we have the most powerful trap which is the trap of our mind. And so it is truly so empowering when you can see that your mind is not real. That it is a function of your past and that's it . And there are ways that you can get past it, absolutely.

Natalie: Cause I know you've been working pretty hard on a new project called source of your success, so what's your primary aim with this new project of yours?

Vasavi: First of all, the women that have already joined are amazing because they've chosen to say yes to themselves. Truly like when you invest on a financial level, on an emotional, among spiritual level, what you're actually doing is allowing yourself to be willing to take the first step in truly being free just by saying yes to yourself. The reason why I created source, and let me first give you a little background about how I created source. There's about 24 modules, this is really how I did it Natalie, I looked at every single heart break, every breakdown. Every challenge in my life and I said what was the lesson that needed to be learned. Was it forgiveness, was it healthy communication, was it integrity, was it working out, was it self-care, was it love, was it acceptance, was it vulnerability, and I basically looked at everything, and I created them into modules so we're gonna be talking about everything from forgiveness to vulnerability to taking action. Most people call on to me because they wanna know how do you stay in consistent action. So this program is a beautiful blend, all kinds of training but it is absolutely for the person that has been stuck and stagnant because of their mind. The only thing stopping people from taking action is their mind. That's it, that's my philosophy, that's my belief. But that's what really this program is about, it's about the community, it's about being around like-minded women, it's about being held accountable to what you say you're gonna do. You want to be successful? Do what you say you're gonna do. Period. And if you can't clean it up. Get it handled, whatever. Third thing is actually being in action, no action, no results. Period. So that's what this program is really about.

Natalie: So you're creating an amazing environment and trying to help women alter through mistakes that they have made or to learn from your mistakes that they have to make from themselves.

Vasavi: Absolutely, the main, or I really wanna get across with source, and I'll be working with this women intimately, is left shift, even the smallest shift in perspective can set you free. Lot of people they look at their fear or they look at their past and they think "Oh My God, I'm bad" or I'm wrong or he wronged me, or they're bad I'm good. All these conversations but it's just about that slight shift just a little tiny shift can change everything and doors will open up, that's what this program is about.

Natalie: So all of your experience in the past actually tights your perspective, you know, if your truth in your mind is I'll never be seen or I'll never be rich or I'll never been in an amazing relationship cause I don't deserve it, then that change the way you look at those things moving forward. So you know, if you're able to uphold back the barrier and let you see it from a different perspective because we got stuck in our little bubbles where we think the same way all the time, being able to step out of it is cool. Before we've been talking you've talked about being fallen down, being lost and confused. Describe a little bit more about it for us, what you've listen to, you've learned from those situations.

Vasavi: When I think about being lost and confused when it ultimately boiled down to, because I had no idea who I was, there was that core strength inside of me, that by the way, we all have that kind of strength inside of us. We all have that courage, there is no difference between me, you, anyone watching this. The difference though was during that period of my life, I truly was lost. I lost my sense of who I really was. I was confused and really, who am I. Is this right, is this wrong. And all of a sudden, I lost everything. I lost my higher consciousness. I lost the ability to really listen and tune in. So obviously, if you're gonna say something to me. I'll say oh yes, and she must be right. Or I would take my cues out there as supposed to in here. So I truly was lost and confused you know. I was looking for God or my higher self in all the wrong places. Do drugs, do sex, through work, through alcohol, you name it. You know always trying to find and search. Maybe if I hook up with this guy, maybe I'll find love there, or maybe if I work or maybe if I get just one more Masters, then maybe I'll be better off all by myself. Extremely, I'd be very good on paper, but when I looked back, all the things that I was driven to get, it was all a means to find who I was and fill that void, the sense of who am I. So if I'll get an ID, I'll get an education and I'll feel better about myself. Or maybe if I'll get this job, I'll feel better about myself. None of it ever helped, it never helped. So that's what it is like to be lost and confused at that time.

Natalie: Yeah, you know going back again to Anita Muranji's example, which what she said; she realized that every time she was doing something that was out of the line of what she really thought was right. She's not fulfilling her life purpose. Because our purpose is to, well I believe that our purpose is to be, is to remember who we are, to be the best human being that we can be, like with the spiritual beings having this human experience, and really when you pull back all the lines, and everything, it all just come back to love and acting from a place of love. So moving to our relationship with life, which I'm sure that's what you do with Source in helping women to deal with, that's amazing. We talked a little bit about spirituality here today. How important do you think that is we actually connect to Source and have that spiritual connection?

Vasavi: It's the most important thing; it's the foundation for everything that in fact that S in Source stands for Spirit connection. Without any sort of connection, this is not about religion, at all. This is all you connect into something higher than yourself, bigger than yourself. Because guess what, the world does not stop and end with me. Right? It's about stopping being self obsessed, and obsessed with my thoughts, my feelings and let's see bigger and realize that there is something bigger than me. You can call a god, universe, spirit, or find something. Or find something that you can connect to on a much, grander scale. It keeps you humble, it keeps you hungry. You realize that you don't need to try as hard, it allows you to trust and surrender. For me, it is daily prayer. I was raised in a Hindu faith but for me it's about having those conversations every day, and honestly, when it boils down to, Natalie. There is no God out there, God is not hanging out in the church, God is not hanging out in a temple. God is right here, God is everything, God is not in everything, He is everything. So if that's the case I don't need to turn any further than myself. Did you get what I'm saying? The whole that, with source of your success. I am the source of my success. I am. Period. You are the source of your success. You are that spirit that you're seeking, you are that oh my god I need help. I guess it's fair to say that it is the most important, it is absolutely crucial, critical to all of your success.

Natalie: Wonderful. So you said, you're working with some women at the moment. Have we got any success stories here or this is just early gaze for your project?

Vasavi: So, source. This is the first time around, that we're launching this. Most of my clients before this were all one on one. Honestly, every single client that's ever come to me, I mean their testimonials, basically start and end the same. When I came to you I had no idea who you were, who I was. When I left, I've now return back to home. I'll never forget one my clients, ends up, she says, she goes "I finally returned back to home", I remember who I am. See this is not about finding out who you are, you may have felt lost but you never went anywhere, you just forgot who you were. Something happened at a young age, some dramatic stressful event where you made it mean that you sucked. That you weren't good enough, the made you feel scary that the world is a dangerous place and you can't be you, you can't say the right thing, you can't do the right thing and you have to be in a certain way. So the work that I do with people is about, no, you don't have to look any further than yourself. Happy with answers and it's about returning back home to you.

Natalie: I mean that's the thing, especially women. We fall into the trap of becoming a wife and becoming a mother, and becoming the PTA lady and doing all of those kinds of things. And then we get to a point in our life, and go, and now I don't need to be in these roles as much, who am I? What is my next step? Where do I go from here? So ladies, if you are listening and watching this video and you fall into that category, then I really encourage getting to get in contact with Vasavi because she is an incredible lady, that can help you through that. So, Vasavi where can we send people if they wanna find more about you?

Vasavi: If they want to find more about me, they can go to my website. which I know you're gonna post, Natalie but if you really want to get some awesome, I have these awesome free mindset training videos, go to And if you're interested in joining source, you can just contact me. You can find my information on my website. We start February 11. So we're crankin' up and I'm really excited.

Natalie: Wonderful. So guys, remember if you click on the banner there, you actually go straight through that website as well. So, Vasavi thank you so much again for joining me today. You always have so much energy. And now you have more energy than I do when usually I'm the one who's buzzing all around the place.

Vasavi: It's because I have bangs!

Natalie: Exactly, it's a new do. It's fabulous. So guys I encourage you to share this video and the information in it. And you can that by clicking the Facebook and Twitter shown there above. And if you haven't done so already, make sure that you put your email in the box above there. I love to send you my Manifesting with the Masters video Echoes. It's got masters like Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Joe Vitale. It's valued $87 but I would love to give it to you for free. So make sure you put your name in the box above there to get that. So until next time, remember to live large. Choose courageously. And love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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