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Episode # 288   Twenty Twenty

About The Episode:

Today on the show Natalie speaks with author, coach and NLP guru, Mr. Twenty Twenty. Twenty joins Natalie on the show to discuss how he was able to heal himself from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after being taken hostage in one of the worst prison riots in the United States. During the show, Twenty explains that this traumatic event forever changed his life and why he strongly believes that things never happen by accident, they happen to teach us valuable lessons. Plus, he reveals the effective technique he uses to help people overcome any challenge in life.

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Episode # 288 Twenty Twenty

Natalie: Today on the show, we're speaking with Mr. Twenty Twenty, who actually survived a fatal bashing in one of the biggest prison riots here in the US back in 1999. He shares his insights on how he healed himself from that and how these insights can also help you heal as well, so stay tuned. (intro music) Hi, I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. And today, my special guest is Mr. Twenty Twenty, coming to us all the way from Melvin. How are you this morning?

TT: I'm excellent. How are you today, Natalie?

N: I am absolutely fantastic for a Monday.

TT: It's Tuesday here, so I can tell you that the next 24 hours will be a dynamite for you.

N: Oh fantastic! I knew it was going to be. The reason why we have Mr. Twenty twenty here because he has an exceptionally inspiring story. So why don't we start with that first and then we're going to go through some of the information you shared with us about really stepping into our own power becoming the person we really want to be. So why don't we start with your story first?

TT: Excellent. Back when I was 23 years old, I was pretty typical young guy, newly married, I got a job about 4 months earlier as a corrections officer in (1:29) Pennsylvania, and I did what everyone does there, kiss my wife, I went to work and about 4 hours later I was literally beaten to death in one of the worse prison riots in history as I was told. After that, I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, well they revived me to (1:45), I wasn't a happy camper to come back, the prison stunk and basically I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress disorder and through a series of really interesting events, I decided to literally take my imagination, to take my mind back to reinvent myself because I believe we are all here for a purpose, we all have a vision to live and there are no accidents. So everything happens for a reason and that's where we begin.

N: Right. So it's very interesting, let's go back to the riots. What year was this when this happened?

TT: That was 1989.

N: See, I thought the first traumatic stress syndrome is something that they coined quite recently. Was that actually a term that they used back then?

TT: Yeah, absolutely. There was a medical diagnosis, I think they changed it to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome or something (2:44). I'm not sure but it was definitely life and well, like a call to veterans as well as people like myself back then.

N: Can you describe for us what that's like? To have that condition and what are your thought process when you go through that?

TT: Absolutely, it was interesting that the way I described it today as Post Traumatic Disorder is literally your imagination is out of control and it doesn't demean it at all, I had the full (3:19) life flash back from my sweats, couldn't stand anyone who remind me of (3:24), looked a certain way or dressed a certain way or a chainsaw or smoke, anything could trigger it at any time. So Post Traumatic Stress Disorder literally is the imagination of control and two of the ways to get back from those literally is strategize and phrase to lose your mind to come back to your senses, so you can rediscover the world around you. And also, through the work of (3:51), printing divine and taking control of your imagination because it's really something we can control and we use to reinvent our lives.

N: Right. And so, what kind of help were you getting? Did you seek this out yourself or did someone really help you in that direction?

TT: You know, it's really quite, I got the typical psychological help, once a week, once a month kind of thing, through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I didn't trust my counsellors because they're being paid by the people I worked for whom I didn't trust. I didn't trust the inmates, I didn't trust the prison system and I didn't trust my counsellors, so there was a lot of trust issues there. But during all that, since I was 12 years old I've always been a fan of self-help books and stuff like Wayne Dyer, Napoleon Hill and it was through a really good string of events, my ex-wife got into Amway, and a book about (4:47) and I looked at it sort of (4:51) but it planted a seed that imagination does create reality, what you feel is going to show up in your life and that's what, it took a little while but the seed grew, so I really understood what I had, what people say it's a mental disease or something like that quote, unquote, yeah, I think it's an imaginal disorder. And really our job is again, wrestle (5:16) take back our imagination so we can really live the life that we're here to live.

N: Yeah. I mean we all talk about, we all have a grey moments or times when we're feeling down and our minds goes down a dark path'

TT: Yes.

N: but what you teach is being really able to control your mind in those moments, so that you are imagining in a more powering way. Is that right?

TT: Yeah, absolutely. It's all about, I've studied scripture from all around the world. They're not just Christian, but also Hindu and what they call Native American scripture, and sacred stories, and it seems there is a common thing. And the common thing is, we've got free will to either be focused on control and being controlled or we can create and every ancient tradition says that we are made in the image of God and we're one with God. And the first thing that Divinity did, He created it, he did not control anything. The divinity decided to create and at any moment in time (6:25) somebody tried to control me or I'm getting out of control, why don't we create with this moment, with you, with our conversation and that's when we can be a blessing in the world.

N: Yeah, that's interesting because we like to be in control but we are never really in control. (laughs)

TT: Never.

N: And when we're focusing in control, what we are doing is constricting ourselves and diminishing the actual control of what we have. So what you're talking about is being pro-active and being able to create the future that we want and the reality that we want.

TT: You betcha. You betcha. Anything, and it's such a simple thing, just deciding how I'm going to react to this or who am I being this moment, what really is possible, if we try to control something, it's literally grabbing something with your hand and you can only get a little bit, but if you're creating, it's like brush strokes of an artist and it just keeps, anything you create, it keeps growing. And so, that opens up the heart and lets the soul flow.

N: Yeah. We're definitely on the same page there. So how do we do that? How can someone actually, are there specific steps that they can take to be able to control their imagination?

TT: Yeah. There are a couple of things that they can approach this thing, number one thing before any technique, we have this gift called free will, and free will is not am I going to have a peanut butter sandwich or a baloney sandwich, that has nothing to do with free will, it's just miscellaneous irrelevant choice. What free will really is when any moment you can remember what is our true nature. Am I embodying this earth suit? Or am I the thing that animates it? If I realize that I'm the thing that animates it, that's the, literally, it's like stepping back from the situation, it's just putting it on perspective or get to know what medium I plan to do this or what do I choose to develop or create in my life now? Of course, we also have exercises we can talk about as well. And that's the big thing because we ask, where am I? Am I this body? Am I this circumstance? Or am I this perceptive force field behind it all?

N: Yeah. If we understand and I think most people that are a part of our community can grasp the concept that everything is God and we're a spiritual being having a human experience in this planet.

TT: Yes.

N: But how does that specific information help us when we're looking at a whole pile of bills and thinking why can't I get out of debt?

TT: Yeah. We get tricked so quickly because we look at the pile of bills and we go, okay the pile of bills is this high, I've got a stack of money this high, there is a solution. Nothing in the physical reality is the solution. The solution is imagining your life differently and it can be something as simple as, here's one of my favourite techniques that I use to get out of the funk and it's really, really good'the basic is how to rewrite the past, how to work with the present of create the future and the key to all three is really simple phrase called I remember when. So if you've got that stack of bills and you're feeling funky about it, and that's the thing there is the external bills and I'm feeling funky about it, you start this whole thing and say I remember when I felt funky about those bills. I remember when I had those bills. I remember when, and that tiny little phrase does what we do naturally, because most people sort of naturally living out in the future ' thinking about consequence and what's going to happen next but they're doing it in a bad way.

N: Right.

TT: But if we do this really simple, I remember when I had those bills, I remember when I felt funky about it. That creates the spaces that allows us that inspirational moment to come in because it's that inspirational moment that allows you to move around the world. It's that inspirational moment that takes your business to the next level. It's that inspirational moment that will make you a left instead of a right. I've got a friend who finds diamond rings all the time and what he does is just listen to himself, he just walks along, and when he is upset he goes I remember when and just listens to his body and (10:54) he just picks up diamonds and gives it to his friends, right. It really comes from that tiny little space that we create with that phrase, and again, I don't confuse this with the other techniques for the past and the future but I remember when is such a powerful phrase that just gets you straight out of the funk and it opens up that funk for that inspiration to just come right down to you.

N: Exactly. You know, it's what I teach about, you know, setting yourself a goal and a direction for your life. You can't set that direction when you're setting aside the emotion or the feelings of debt, because in your eyes, you are setting a goal out of desperation. So you need to get yourself out of that. So what you're saying is just by talking in a way like it's past tense, like it's been and done, it actually detaches us emotionally from that situation, so we are now open to that inspiration that can come from God or from source to be able to help us come up with a solution. And not just a solution to get us out of the situation, but to create an amazing new reality.

TT: Yes, you know, you bring up a really important thing. We have to make up a word like Deedee Palmer do when he invented chiropractic. He had to come up with a word to describe what was wrong with the human. He used the word sublexation which means subleic condition, right? We have to come up with a word here to describe what we are talking about and we call it creacting, because you can create, you know what, Victoria and I we imagine this lovely garden and this beautiful, sort of creative space, or we can creact and creacting is reacting trying to create while you are reacting. It's just crap. So you want to stay out of creacting, using I remember when and get out of that state and you can now go on to create, because divinity, god, whatever you want to call it, the big chief, is not a creactor but a creator. Yeah, it changes everything.

N: Yeah, I know it, when your perception is what role do I want to create and who do I want to become in this world. It actually changes your whole state, your whole emotion. So you are in the position where you can go, well what do I want now? And we're talking about this before we started the recording, about thinking out who you really want to be and who it plays out because for you to be able to create this, say, wealth in your life, you need to start acting as if you're already wealthy. You need to start vibrating and resonating at that vibration for you to be able to track the wealth, do you agree?

TT: As a wealthy person, a wealthy person spends less money than they make. And so to walk in the wishful state, to make decisions as that person, so if I had a hundred I could spend ninety. I will spend ninety, I won't spend that last 10, whether it's a hundred dollars or a hundred million dollars, whatever this is, that wealthy me would make. (filler) When they call me to do a coaching about love, if you would make the decisions that you would make back in that relationship, you'll find yourself in there relationship because you're coming from that space of taking care and honouring you which invites others to do the same.

N: Absolutely. That's a fantastic way to close our interview today. Thank you so much for joining me, I know it's kind of a bit early there but your information is fantastic. I love how you come from such a real and authentic place. I know that you're an excessively generous person because you got referred to Morry, Morry is currently the guy, the scientist that we work with our Matrix product.

TT: Yes.

N: So if people want to find out more about you and this amazing information, and may be work with you where can we send them?


N: And guys, if you click on the banner on the side there, you'll be able to go straight through that website from there. So thank you again for joining me, have an awesome day.

TT: And you Natalie, thank you so much. Be blessed.

N: Thank you. Now guys, share this video, you can do that by clicking on the Facebook and Tweeter buttons above. Make sure you download the app, if you haven't done so already, so you can watch the shows on the go and make sure that you leave your email on the box above there because I would love to send you the Manifesting with the Masters video e-course. It's actually valued at $87, and I would love to send it to you for free. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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