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Episode # 111   Tristan and Sabrina

About The Episode:

Have you suffered with back pain? Natalie Ledwell invites Tristan and Sabrina Truscott onto the show. A long time martial artist, Tristan explains how he was able to overcome an overwhelming back injury that happened in an instant in 2000, yet left him unable to walk for nearly 5 years. The surprising cure to his debilitating back pain? Qigong. Tristan's life was completely transformed when he cured his back pain and he now serves the world by sharing what he's learned, which they've developed into the Satori Method.

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Episode # 111 Tristan and Sabrina

Natalie: Today on the show I'm speaking with Tristan and Sabrina Truscott and their story of how Tristan overcame a debilitating injury which he gone and how they are now sharing this knowledge of improving the lives of thousands of people around the world. Please enjoy.

Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show and today I'm here my two really close friends, Tristan and Sabrina Truscott, from Satori method. How are you guys?

Sabrina: HI awesome...

Natalie: They're also my friends that had the amazing idea to give us the mugs for my birthday, which was awesome. Great! I'm drinking water. You guys are doing some amazing works which is part of the reason your in the show but you have an interesting back story. So can you please share with everyone what that story is.

Sabrina: Do you mean back story or back-story?

Tristan: But there are two stories. One is pretty profound and one is horrible back injury that happens in my life. But I think our back story that the most interesting thing happen that we met when we were a little younger in a meditation community, we were training, learning to... just be in touch with the heart and overcome all the distraction and the fears and we fell in love with each other in the meditation community and we've been in this beautiful path. Is that the truth?

Sabrina: That's the truth. The whole truth and mostly the truth. < /p>

Natalie: But what about your story about your back?

Tristan: Well I've been a martial artist for 30 years and it was a hardcore training, lots of disciple training; Chuck Norris, black belt and all of that stuff and one day when I was teaching self-defense class. I just shown these ladies this technique where you drive your knee up really hard and knock the guy out right I'm so passion about empowering women and children and put leg down I took a couple of steps and my back just totally gave out and literally just collapse under the floor in my martial arts school and I can remember right now like it was just happening. I couldn't move, I couldn't get back up, I couldn't roll on my side and I was carried out of the martial art of that night and for the next to months I lay flat on my back and I always been in an alternative healing and the power of the mind to heal the body but no matter what I did, I could not fix it. Fortunately, Sabrina was in my life and she was my little angel and she was like we've got to go looking for the next thing, maybe it's time for the surgery. So went to Beverly Hills, we have the $90,000 surgery and still 5 years later I could barely walk. And so that's the back story. The healing piece of that is not giving up. I'm sure people can relate to that place where you feel so depress and so desperate and you don't know what to do next and you've tried everything, you just feel like quitting. But I could hear my Karate teacher's voice in my mind: If you show me a quitter, I'll show you a loser. I'm not a loser and I kept pushing and opening my mind... Kinda make a deal with God or the divine or whatever you would gonna call that. If you could find me a way to heal, I pay it forward. I would do everything to help get other people back into their power and I was very shortly there after this led to this beautiful art cult she gone, which I love and I know you did to. So I started working with the energy of the body using the power of the mind and with visualization and directing the life force and one day while she gone, I close my eyes and I was visualizing the energy as golden light moving down into the area that has been blocked and stocked. I couldn't move my leg anymore it was totally numb and I was visualizing-visualizing just like getting into space and poof! It just open up and I felt all this tingling going down my leg and it was like buzzing one of my feet. I just started crying because I finally made the connection between the mind and the body and I knew in that moment that I could reclaim my power. I lost all of my students, I've lost my health, and I gained a ton of weight and life suck. And in that moment I knew life could be beautiful again. So I rebuild my body, Sabrina and I have found a way to explain what that was and how to put that together in a way that can empower people whether the have an injured body or the feeling stocked and blocked and all the work that we get to do with visualization and all of that whoop... Satori method.

Natalie: So that is the motivation behind starting this Satori method .What is this Satori method?

Tristan: If I could show you in a nutshell, it's like developing a strong and healthy body and having a clear and focus mind and bringing the two together with a daily ritual of mind body practice. And as you do that, you're creating an awakening of your life force and as that life force awakens and awakens you reach higher and higher of levels of consciousness and enlightenment. So we say the satori method is mind body becomes one and then we have satori that is awakening. So that's the training.

Natalie: Right, and so when did you guys that this was your passion that this is something that you needed to pay for it?

Tristan: because of the healing for me I made a deal with the divine. I will do this. There's no looking back, that's It.

Sabrina: and we have... we both have so much same experience and physicality. I was a professional dancer; he's a black belt martial artist and we spent each of us over 20,000 hour sitting in mediation. So we love meditation and we love to move, that is the same thing and its Chi gong and any movement itchigong... I mean we teach itchigong practice. But when I dance, I'm doing itchigong.

Natalie: yeah...right exactly. So okay you was there a certain point where you went... okay, this was the passion of asses, something we'd like to do but now we've made the decision we're gonna build a business around it pr we're going to make money from it. Was there a certain point that that happens from you guys?

Tristan: It was a big hurl actually because of all the years of spiritual years of meditation, we have kind of become indoctrinated into this concept or this idea that if you have a desire if that's bad, if you want more money to flow to your life that actually not conscious and that was the furthest thing from consciousness, it's what we found. We're sitting on a pillow all day as beautiful as that was, we weren't really able to serve in the world and help more people, we were very limited and we said "you know what, the heck with that" we're the make this real world spiritual training. Let's walk the talk in life, in business, conscious wealth, pay it forward, reaching more people through being able to direct that flow of current, currency, and that's what it's all about, right?

Sabrina: And because we have our martial arts school in Houston, we were able to have you know, a hundred students that we tested our new programs, our new processes on and they had such incredible results physically, and mentally and emotionally that I think at first... it wasn't, how can we make this business just, more and more people need this, and how can we get it to more people who want it that aren't just in Houston area.

Tristan: It's the service not share it, it's like just sit on this for yourself, wait a minute, that's not conscious either.

Natalie: Exactly, that's awesome. So how long have you been doing this?

Tristan: Well we've defined and identified the method over the past 12 years because the back injury was in 2000 but we met way back in the day and I'm not that to reveal. But we thought about 30 years under a belt of mine about these spirit training.

Sabrina: But branded satori probably 6 or 7 years?

Tristan: I think about 7 years.

Natalie: Right that's awesome, ok so you decided you'll going to build a business out of these, were there any limiting beliefs that came up from you along the way?

Tristan: Nope.

Sabrina: And there's the first hood.

Tristan: The first one was the spiritual, I bet a lot of our audiences have had that like it's not conscious to want money, right? And it's like, "wait a minute so I love the feeling of energy." Sheer life force or whatever we call it in my body, money is energy, why can't I allow more of that? And that's the first hurdle, we had to get off the pillow and then dated the life and learned business systems and strategies and marketing and all the stuff that seems so anti, and so we have overcome a lot of mental hurdles.

Natalie: So how did you, like how did you overcome that limiting belief? Was there anything specific that you did to overcome that?

Tristan: Were you honey? What was yours?

Sabrina: We practice a lot of goal setting, visualization, affirmation and brain treatment and I think being together, being partners and being open and honest about it, WOW I have a fear here, and just putting it on a table and seeing what it really is helps you to overcome it and reframing, that instead of, instead of limited belief or fear, it's a challenge you know! It's something we can do together and if we don't do it knowing that the consequence is, it doesn't get shared, and we can't reach those people who... don't they deserve to have what we have? To feel the levels of energy that we feel?

Tristan: Don't we deserve to be all inclusive in our life, right? Don't we deserve to take care of our families and take care of each other and be able to really pay forward and be contributors? Sabrina has shared the event where she has raised 4 million dollars in the last 4 years for children who are victims of violent crime or see violent crime, there she took her talents and she saw pain and she said, "I'm going to find a solution." And so she worked with people who could do that, now there's all these for these children to be helped and healed. It's an amazing feeling, but knowing that the fear can be there, just got to be clear on the mission, and you got the challenge, you got the challenge, you get the growth.

Natalie: Yeah I love that, you change your perspective on how you look at it. Other than, "Now this is something that's holding me back, now this is just a challenge for me to stick to my goal." That's awesome.

Sabrina: Otherwise were just, were not comfort zone and where's the fun in that?

Natalie: There is no fun, there is no fun in the comfort zone whatsoever.

Tristan: You have a saying like, bite-off and then chew-like, how does that go?

Natalie: You just bite-off more than you can chew and then you just chew like hell. So I love that saying.

Tristan: Exactly.

Natalie: Now my next question is about procrastination. Cause we have a lot of people that go, "how do we get positive?" I know what to do but I just never seem to bring myself to do it. What advice do you have for people who are suffering from that at the moment?

Tristan: Get a coach.

Sabrina: Can we answer that in a minute?

Tristan: Laugh at you procrastinations, step 1. We all have it. we're guilty as charged, I mean it's just losing the vision a lot of the time, I think writing down clearly or having the Mind Movie or that which inspires you and knowing and rehearsing that every day, right and keep reprogramming the mind and...

Sabrina: I would say that my procrastination comes from wanting things to be perfect and having the details taken care of before I start, and I have never been... fly the plane as you go, I want, build the plane as you fly, I want stewardesses, and flight attendants and free peanuts in the refrigerator and yeah, I want everything done you know, I want little customs, little hats on the girls and...

Natalie: That's just facilitating isn't it?

Sabrina: It's totally because I don't think like, when I've had a goal I'm heading towards, as I move towards it I get more vision, so it actually shifts and changes and grows, and improves as I lack consciousness to contribute as a coo-creator, but when I procrastinate, I make it all about me and my ideas and I really don't allow for consciousness to co create.

Natalie: So it's like you try to force it rather than allowing it have interpreting.

Tristan: We get in the way and it's like driving with your foot on the break and the gas at the same time and it just burns you out.

Sabrina: Or starting the goal too big to start with like if some would say, "I'm going to start working out and I'm going to work out 3 hours a day." You'll probably procrastinate but if you say, 10 minutes, and maybe next week 15, you're more likely head in to get started.

Natalie: Yeah, ok my next question is one of my favorite questions to ask, it's a hypothetical, genie is about to appear in front of you, and he's going to grant you one wish and that wish is to have a dinner with anyone of you choosing, with only one person. It could be anyone from past or present, who do you choose to sit and have that dinner with?

Tristan: Are they vegetarian?

Natalie: It doesn't matter what you're reading but it depends, but yeah, who do you choose to spend that time with?

Tristan: Wow, that's such a deep question.

Sabrina: I got mine.

Tristan: Go for it.

Sabrina: Well of course, I would always say Tristan is my first dinner partner but if you aren't available, I think I would love to have dinner with Jesus.

Tristan: Wow.

Sabrina: And just say like, what happened? What did you really say and why are there's a lot of stories around that? Can we have some clarity and really focus on just the truth because I grew up baptized Christian and had so much doctrine about that and then practiced Buddhism and Hinduism and very interested in Yogananda and many spiritual teachers but I've always found that it seems like the teachings of Jesus are the most twisted and the ones people disagree over and fight over and go to war over...

Natalie: Yep.

Sabrina: I'd love to just sit down and say, you know, what you say. What happened, what do you think about all these, what you're doing now?

Natalie: And you know it's really interesting that you say that because you know when we talk about you know, the interpretations of the bible, you know. Mike Dooley latest book, Leveraging the Universe, he actually opens the book that starts with the 1st chapter with a scripture from the bible, and he said when he was young, he was told that this is what that scripture meant. But now that he is an adult, and he knows when he knows about the universe and life and everything, he interpreted it in completely different way you know. So, that's a great answer because I would really like to know, I mean, you know...

Sabrina: You could come...

Natalie: Excellent, thank you! But you know there's a lot of actual proof that Jesus Christ actually existed. But I am interested to knowing what actually happened what actually transited.

Tristan: And I heard that he travelled to the land of India and met Yogis and learned a lot of things that he was able to do through these awakened masters and so the person that popped into my consciousness was a beautiful yogi that was sent by his teacher from India to the States back, I believe in the 20s and that was part of my hunts in yogananda and I've been through asylums and temples and the palaces and there is one close on in Sanidas and I've always felt attracted to him and his work because he is doing what I love. He went into his inner being and he found that love and the he brought it to the world through his books, his products through his talks and I'm like; "I want to walk that talk." So I'd love to sit in front of him feel the energy of that and ask him for the advice, "how did you do it men?" how did you do such an amazing service while you were here.

Natalie: That's the thing too, I think a lot of people especially if their message is spiritual, and it's like how do you do it? And still capable of doing things to and you know...

Tristan: Totally, being in the world.

Natalie: Guys thank you so much for sitting down with me today, we've been meaning to do this for a long time so we finally got the opportunity, because you're in town from Houston. So, now guys if people want to find out more about you, where can we send them?

Tristan: Let's say hello over at, so its s-a-t-o-r-i-method dot com, and we'll see you there.

Natalie: Awesome.

Sabrina and Tristan: Thank you so much.

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Tristan and Sabrina



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