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Episode # 308   Tina Dietz

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show Natalie Ledwell speaks with international speaker and acclaimed business coach, Tina Dietz. Tina joins Natalie on the show to discuss her latest book ?Solve any problem in 10 minutes?, which is a blueprint to help you overcome challenges and achieve goals faster. During the show, Tina explains how to find your inner strength to overcome any fear in life as well as how to live life with passion and purpose. Plus, she reveals the #1 mistake that business owners make and how to avoid it

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Episode # 308 Tina Dietz

Natalie: Hello, everyone! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. And today

I have a very special guest with me that’s actually going to share with us how we are going to

solve any problem and how we can live a life of passion, of time, money and freedom as well. So

let me please introduce to you my special guest, Tina Dietz. How are you Tina?

Tina: I’m great, Natalie. How are you?

N: I am absolutely fantastic. Now, I want you to share your story with our viewers because you

actually live a life of complete freedom, even though you’re married and with children you

actually get to travel the world and do some really cool stuff. So, why don’t you tell us a

little bit about your background and how did you get to the work that you’re doing?

T: Yeah, sure. Like anybody it wasn’t a straight line that’s for sure, it’s still not a straight

line but I actually grew up inside of my parents’ business. And I started answering phones when

I was 4 and going to trade shows when I was 6. But I never really wanted to own my own business,

I wanted to be in the helping profession. So I became a therapist, but every time when I get on

the helping world, every time I had a job I ended up wanting to create something, something

special, something new and sometimes that went really well and sometimes it didn’t. And I ended

up starting not from profit agencies for team leadership, working for higher education and

program development but ultimately I got drawn back to my own roots in developing a family

business called the Nayata Institute of Massage. And that’s where I really discovered that it

was possible to build what now is commonly called the lifestyle business where you get to

travel, where you get to develop fantastic services for people plus products, make a difference

in the world but still have this time, money, freedom and work from home at the same time.

Eventually, as I develop that business with my father, which still exists, people started asking

me for my coaching. I developed and systematized work that I have done, both in the past with

the non-profits and with the other companies that I have worked with our business and developed

my own system and started coaching people, started coaching entrepreneurs who wanted what I have

and that’s how it kind of brought me to this place. So about a year ago, we sold our home and I

have two young children, my husband and we’ve decided that we’re going to live a mobile

lifestyle and we moved to costa rica. And we’ve been in costa rica for a while, we’ve been to

florida, we’ve spent some time in new York, el Toronto and now we’re going to be going back to

costa rica in another month or so. So, it’s really fun. It’s really exciting and I’m thrilled

for my kids experiencing different cultures, different. And having a lot more time as a family.

N: Yeah, yeah that’s so awesome. You know, that’s the thing, I think these days we can actually

achieve that time, money, freedom lifestyle. So what advice do you have for people who are may

be in a career or a job at the moment that are looking for some more of that into their life?

What are some of the things that they could do?

T: Well, usually, when someone is looking to transition out of a job or a career that they don’t

like, the first thing that you really have to deal with is the fear of leaving what we perceive

as security but we’re also living in a world where there really is not a whole lot of job

security anymore and working for yourself you can create even more security because you are

completely in control of your destiny rather than being on the whim of change or downsizing or

outsourcing or whatever they want to call the case may be. So I usually tell people, before you

start planning for your best case scenario, plan for your worst case scenario. Allow yourself to

actually go there. What will I do if it all went down? If everything went kaput, what would I

actually do? Once you create that worst case scenario, and believe me most people have to work

really, really hard to actually end up to a point where they’re living in a cardboard box. Most

people have some kind of resources and there’s a lot of resources available. Once you get to

know you actually have that safety net you know what you’re going to do, then you can set it

aside and start to look from another point of view and start to create what do I really want

with my life? What would my perfect day look like and create a plan from there.

N: Yeah, absolutely. You help a lot of people solve different challenges that they’re facing not

just in their business but in their life as well. So, what are some of the steps that you take

people through really help them get through these little challenges that they face?

T: Well, what we could do to help people get through challenges, there’s some really concrete

step-wise things. Everything we can break down into a reliable system. It’s not big fancy

systems but repeatable processes, repeatable habits, just like in the work that you do, Natalie,

with mind movies, you’re creating new connections, you’re creating this powerful connection in

the mind and in the brain. We’re doing the same thing, really, that work like dove tails very

nicely together, by the way, because you’re taking what is important in the mind and you’re

bringing it out into the world. So, problem solving usually starts with getting past the upset

and into what your underlying commitment is. Is there some sort of agreement that you have with

someone that was broken, so there’s an expectation that has been, you know, messed up a bit. Is

there a communication that you’re not expressing to them. Oftentimes, a communication sometimes

is not expressed because we’re afraid to start a conflict and not the opposite. So it comes from

a place of consideration, but once you can move past that emotional charge then I show people a

process called ranting, how to do that very, very quickly. It only takes two to three minutes.

Then you can go to your underlying commitment and allow your creativity to come out and your

natural solving capability to come out and move through the problem solving process, the whole

thing generally takes about 10 minutes.

N: Cool. So what if there’s someone who’s in job or a career that I’m not loving right now, but

I don’t know what I want. They’re not in tune with what they’re passionate about yet. What’s the

process or something that they can do to try to figure out ideas?

T: Exploration is always the key. Don’t leave a secured job without something that you’re going

to is the ideal situation. Most of the things that we’re really, really good at is invisible to

us because we’re taught at a young age that we need to work hard and work hard on something. But

the gifts that we’re born with comes naturally to us are often where our gold is, where our

contribution and purpose is. So, we often have to ask people. It’s one of the things that I

often help people do is interview the people that know them well, what you see what my strengths

are, what could you see me doing besides what I’m doing now. You can also take strength finder

tasks and things like that, that you could find online and other series of books on the topic.

And that’s just to get your juices flowing about what you’re good at, then you got to find your

why. Why do want to own your own business? Is it, because it has to be more than making an

income, because if it is just to make money, starting your own business is often not the best

way to go. At least not enough for the first couple of years, you know, sometimes we refer to

those as the roman years (laughs). It’s a matter of finding something beyond, you know, what’s

kind of right in front of you, the larger purpose, the legacy you want to leave, whether that’s

for your children or for the world or both. That’s going to help you find the direction where

everything kind of matches up together.

N: Yeah, I agree. The thing is, when we actually think about it and evaluate what we’re good

about at and remember how in our much younger years, we used to love doing that. A lot of times

we forget that, we fall into, like you said, what we are supposed to be doing – to work hard and

create an income. But we forgot what we are good at which is normally only closely related to

what we love to do. And sometimes, it starts to show early in our life, but we don’t realize the

role it’s going to play first later on in our life as well.

T: Yeah, I’ll speak for myself, personally, I mean, when I was very young I wanted to be in

broadway, sing and dance and perform and I did all that and I had training, but when I got into

college I found that it wasn’t really a good match for me. I didn’t like the lifestyle that was

required. But a lot of the skills I had then are my biggest assets now. Public speaking and

self-expression, showing people how to connect their passion, what they’re good at, that’s still

a large part of how I came to this world, singing and dancing and how I expressed myself to

clients or on stage or in a group. So most people, pretty much the same. We have these gifts, we

must find new ways to use them.

N: Yeah, absolutely. I remember when I was in school, I wanted to be a teacher. I actually had

to go when I was 15, and I’m from a big family, finishing year 10. We actually all finished year

10 and got jobs and everything. I remember my first job was in the (10:35) industry as an

aerobics teacher. And then when I got back to this work with mind movies seems like, oh my god,

I’m home. This is exactly where I am supposed to be. This is what I wanted to be doing, an

effective teacher. My why also came from this monumental frustration thinking of this

information for like 10 years and I still didn’t get it, I still couldn’t explain it in a way

that I could understand, so that’s kind of what my passion is, is to help people to understand

and decipher this law of attraction and personal development information in a way that they can

understand and apply. And I can see that’s what you are doing as well. So, I know that you’ve

been working and coaching a lot of people, can you share one of the success stories that you’ve

worked with that was able to create an amazing life, everything that they’ve wanted.

T: One of my favourite, I have a lot of favourite clients but one of my favourite clients was a

massage therapist who had been working for a chiropractor, never owned her own business kind of

on her own and two young children, just like me, husband was a teacher, and she came to me

saying that she had this spectacular idea for a business and she wanted to open her doors in 6

months from nothing. And the first thing I asked her was, what if I tell you it’s impossible?

And she said, well, I’d be very sad to hear you say that and I’ll go find another coach who will

tell me it was possible. And that’s how I knew that she’d be able to do it. So, it happened. She

took the coaching. She took it quickly. She did the work. She opened her doors to this brand new

facility in 6 months and it was partly a massage clinic but more than that, it was the person

(12:31), it’s a self-recovery center for athletes to, it was just an incredible place, you know.

(12:38) but what was really very important for her and to me was at the same time, she grew her

support circle and ended up having more self-care and more time with her husband and more time

with her kids, even while she was inside this process. She was even able to create this better

relationship with this chiropractor’s office that she was leaving and changed the relationship

from being more of an employee to being a colleague. So, it was very cool. I’m super proud of


N: Yeah. That’s really an important point you bring up because the last thing that we want to do

is to leave a secured job with a regular pay-check to just go buy ourselves a job, when we are

working more hours and ending with less money. (makes a face)

T: Yes. (laughs)

N: Which can happen from time to time. With all business in the beginning, you’ve got to work

your butt off in the beginning but I love the fact that you get people to think about the

lifestyle that they want to create, which is very important because you need to have that


T: You absolutely do. I mean, most people will create their career or their business and then

their lifestyle kind of like defaults it, the after-thought, and that’s where burnout happens.

That’s where relationship breakdown happens. That’s where all kinds of health issues happen. But

if you actually create your life from your perfect day, from this lifestyle you have to live,

you can create a plan that’s going to sit with that. I mean it’s one of the great issues people

has is they get into a profession and they think it’s going to go one way and they find

themselves working 80 hours a week, wanting to have a child or never seeing their husband or

wife, or whatever. It’s just very sad. But you really can start, even if you are in that

situation, you can start to make shifts and it all has to do with getting the support that you

need, you know, the mind training, the visioning of all of that, that you do with mind movies

and the work I do is successful. There’s a lot of support out there, you and I can probably go

on and on about our colleagues and everything that’s available to people and very excited about

it. But you’ve just got to start with one thing. One step to make a positive change in your life

and let it grow into a snowball.

N: Yeah, absolutely, absolutely. Tina, thank you so much for joining me today. You’ve got an

amazing message and you’re helping so many people and I know you actually have a free gift for

our friends on this online community. Can you tell us a little more about that?

T: Yeah. I have a free e-book and a template. It’s kind of a blueprint for you and this is one

of the key pieces, one of the key tools in my success funnel system. So the book is called,

Solve Any Problem in 10 minutes, and yes, I actually mean that. And it really brings together

some of the coaching work, some of the ways people are designed neurologically speaking,

psychologically into this nice little process that you can go through and use over, and over,

and over again at any time you feel stuck, to get out of the “stuckness” and into action,

solving any problem in about 10 minutes. So, it’s very exciting. It’s got information in it

about, you know, what you’re dealing with personally and about why it’s not your fault why

you’re having a hard time and then a template on how to move through the process and change it.

I can’t wait for people to have that because my mission is to create 10,000 thriving businesses,

so have it

N: (laughing) Great. Where can people find that?

T: You can find that at, let’s see, website is

N: Okay. Perfect. Awesome. Thanks again, Tina for joining me. I really appreciate your time. Now

guys, I encourage you to share this video. You could do that by clicking on the Facebook and

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So until next time, remember, live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We’ll see

you soon.
Tina Dietz



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