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Episode # 65   This or Something Better

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell shares her insights from the Yes! Energy Summit. Now, Natalie ends all her Mind Movies with the affirmation "I choose to create all of this or something even better." This will help you stay open to things that are even better than anything you can imagine. Natalie believes this was the key that allow her to keep achieving audacious goals, and she shares a personal story about something amazing that came true from her Mind Movie.

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Episode # 65 This or Something Better

Natalie: Hi. I'm Natalie Ledwell and today I'm gonna show you an amazing insights that I learned the yes energy in the past weekend and illustrate the importance in ending all of your affirmations with the statement. I choose to create all of this or make something better.

So, for those of you who purchased youre mind movies or the same previous of mine. You remember when I talk about private listed acclamations describing your goals. I always encourage you to complete the list in finishing the statement. I choose create all of this or something better. Now, the reason I encourage you to do this is that you can remain open on a amazingly wonderful things to come into your life. That maybe you can imagine right now on things that you could never let down in your wildest dreams that far exceed your expectations. So, today I like to share the experience that I had that perfectly illustrates or you should always end your affirmation with this statement. Well, 1 of those that top my list for 2012 is to speak from the stage. Well, personally it's a massive challenge for me to do that but it's also a fantastic way to reach more people with the mind movies and more of attraction message. I mentioned in the past you're in the state of gratitude or consistent positive vibration. Once you set an attention and focus on your goals, it is astounding how quick the things like to help you achieve your goal. Well. It's already January or the end of January have my first speaking engagement was last we can and lowly in mind energy evened. You could say that it is a pretty good start of a year in achieving my goal. Honestly, I didn't know much about this event. May because I was in Sydney, I was looking of those website and I'm trying to stay away from the computer as much as I can. But of course I say yes to Amor, I wanted to support her, she's a great friend. Well, 2 this is my goal, so, I think there will be a number speak into 2 days and we're all talking about yes energy. None of the speakers should be telling in the stage. This meant that every speaker should be delivering the information. Well, when I look at the affirmation on this goal they conclude things like I am a captivating speaker, I communicate my message clearly. I'm confident and inspiring to move people, I speak on pages all around the world and I share the stage with the greatest transformational leaders at that time. Now, the thing is I didn't expect to achieve all of this information in 1 setting especially the last one. Let us build up into this, you get some experience and then get the time on stage and worked up the nerves to speak the events on what are the legends are speaking. And I think that was the great starting part for me. Wow. What's an eye in for surprise and talk about the line-up of legends as they were on the weekend, they were amazing speakers. Speakers like Jonas Serat, Jams explaining how it can re-program new part ways on brains so we can wire our natural thoughts to positive success. Lesy Nicoles was there amazing dish. Encouraging not just a part of her, but if we can jump, we really jump. Jump of the cliff, jump on a mountain and really commit yourself to achieve your goals and dreams. Mary Morrise was there. Mary has taken this information since 1975 and she teach us how to avoid that inner voice, that inner negativity, that subconscious programming that consistently tells us that you can't do that, you can't achieve those goals. So, when you here that voice in the future and say 'Excuse me, I interrupt this broadcast for an important message.? And then you wanna tell that voice of you what you plan to do, that you can do this, you will do this and you are gonna complete that goal. You have to completely that interrupted that poor puddle that was fantastic. Then, we have Chris Atwood and Chris is showing how love can be applied to the businesses and the listening but actually hearing what your partner is saying to you. Now, Chris really press the point that doing what we are passionate about should not be negotiable and to be something to focus from now on. Robert Allen was there. He is pressing upon us that we have to get in the wisdom, he say that the universe sensitize the messages all the time guiding us to right path, right decisions. So, we listen to that wisdom. We don't wanna wait until the universe scream at us in the form of accident or injury or bank robbery. So, we wanna listen to the wisdom in that way until something massive happens. Greg Great was there he was emceeing the weekend, he did an amazing job. Imparting his gold nuggets of wisdom all throughout the 2days, my favorite story of his is when he interviewed Evander Holyfield from of the books he was working of on Apolion hill foundation. When he says to Evander, is doesn't hurt when you were punch in the ring all of the time and Evander's was like you can't get focus by being hit all the time coz' when you focus on the pain that takes you away from the focus on trying to beat your opponent. And he said what it makes you champion, what was the secret of becoming the champion and Evander's answer was 'because I set the highest standard for myself than my opponents, because once you win that fight and they put that belt around you and do a champion, you don't feel anything but the god that love the fight his feeling every hit and every bruise'. So, set a highest standard for yourself. Lower yourself was answering all question in the crowd was trying different question that was great was an amazing incredible insight. She's emailing us that it's not a job to be concerned with negative family and friends that will live their lives, we live ours. It's not what we concern what they think, we have to focus at the job that hang and the job that hang is not to get out of it our focus is not to get out of it, our focus is to get more money. It was really impairing and it's an indelible sharing like them. Sharing you probably know it was poor dead. She's also the woman responsible for bringing to life the poem on his latest book which is Outwitting the Devil you must read this book. It is fantastic. Actually written by the pollen hill back in the sequel to thinking you could go rich. Now, sharing next she use it to pollen hills woods and she narrates through there as well, amazing book makes sure you get it, Outwitting the Devil. Sharon was telling us which is my gold nugget I got from her is that to worry is to pray for that you do not want. So, stop worrying and start focusing on what you want. Now, there are many other speakers. People like Dane Henrix, Nick Halley, Adam Markel and my new best mate Mich Yum. So, as you can see there was a I can feel confident on the same but I have shared the stage the greatest transformation of our time. So, I actually think that I should tic that box off. Now, you think that I'd be happy for that. Of course. But it's not the end of the story. But now I'm gonna tell you how I experience the 'something better.' How'd I actually credit that, well I actually credit something better. But before I tell you what that is. I just want to fill a little bit of background. My first career was in the fitness industry. So, in other way I was in a positive environment, I was encouraged to continue education whether it is through book or whatever. Well, my boss on that time, I was 21 years old. He gave me CD cassettes and he tell me that I would learn a lot from this cassettes and this was a success series by the legendary Mr. Bryan Tracey now this is the first time that I was expose on the information this time and it completely opened my mind and change my life. So, it's like now I see this information and realize, if you can change the way you think and look up things positively and set yourself a goal you have actually a complete control of the way you go in life. It was a revelation to me and it was Bryan Tracey's cassettes that actually set that whole ball go into me. On Saturday I'm sat on the speaker's table and I'm ask to move my chair around for a room for another speaker and you could become sitting next to me and I notice that other speaker is the legendary Bryan Tracey. Now, I am star struck. I'm like very nervous, I do introduce myself to him and I say hello but I was absolutely star struck and I couldn't believe that I got sitting next to my hero, my initial mentor, the person that started all of this positive thinking and each and everything for me. I actually so nervous, I could hardly speak to him but I was underneath the table cloth with my phone texting Glenn who is on Austin, who is on Austin at that time. 'OH MY GOD! I'm sitting next to Bryan Tracey.' So, there was sitting, I'm having lunch at the table with the legends Tracey, Allen, Langmire, Swift, McGrid and this are all the legends of personal development. And I had to take the moment to appreciate the milestone that I have achieve that I was able to sit at that table. So, it was an emotional moment and I wanted to share it with you because never in my wish that I think that I would be able to sit in an area with all of those legends in the same place. So, it was fantastic. So, my question to you is have you experience your goal not just coming true but far exceeding your expectations. So, if you have what you really want to do is live and email me at [email protected] and I would love to have you on the show and share your story as well. So, thinks for being with me today. And remember please share this video and share the nuggets that were recorded here in the video and you can do that by clicking the facebook and twitter buttons above and if you haven't done so already, make sure you live your email on the box above there. We'll send you 6 premade mind movies and will keep you up to date with all the upcoming shows. So, until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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