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Episode # 79   The Yin and Yang of Life

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell has a conversation with Dr. Joseph Lim, a third-generation eastern medicine doctor who wrote the book, The Yin and Yang of Life. His book shares his philosphy of yin and yang with the world, which he has developed in his 25 years of practice.

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Episode # 79 The Yin and Yang of Life

Natalie: Today on the show I'm speaking with Eastern Medicine Doctor and author of the book; The Yin Yang of life, meet Dr. Joseph Kim. Now we're gonna discuss how once you understand the basic principle of Yin and Yang, you can positively influence your relationships, your finances, your health, and all other aspects of your life, so enjoy.

Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Now today, I have a very special guest with me, I have Dr. Joseph Kim, welcome Dr. Kim.

Kim: Thank you, for having me on the show.

Natalie: Thank you so much for being here. And today, I'm actually reviewing Dr. Kim's book, The Yin and Yang of Life. this is such an interesting book actually read it over the weekend. And it's interesting how everything comes down to 2 components, Yin and Yang, but before we get into the book, what I wanna do is actually talk a little bit about your background, who you are and why you wrote such an amazing book.

Kim: Okay, well I'm a 3rd generation practitioner of Eastern Medicine, I have a practice in Sino, California, and I've been practicing approximately 25 years.

Natalie: Right.

Kim: And the reason why I wrote the book is to keep an understanding, in a simple way, in a simple practical way, this eastern philosophy of Yin and Yang, how the entire universe is made up of Yin and Yang and we are part of that universe. So I would like the audience to gain understanding of this Yin and Yang and be able to apply it in their daily life.

Natalie: Right, so you've been practicing for 25 years.

Kim: Yep.

Natalie: And you practice Eastern Medicine?

Kim: Yes, acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Natalie: Right, and so what type of patients do you have? Who comes to see you?

Kim: Many patients know acupuncture for treating of their pains, so I have many patients who are suffering from serious pain. Whether it is low-back pain, or menstrual cramps, or headaches and so forth. But I have other patients, you know, with serious problems, and other internal problems.

Natalie: Right and you've been helping people for 25 years; that's fantastic! And you also have been helping people with this book, so when we talk about like the eastern philosophies, I know that you mentioned Dao, Dao and Taichi in here, what are the definition of those 2 things?

Kim: Dao is a very illusive term, basically means "a way" "a path" a way of the universe, way of nature, way of human beings. You can compare Dao to God, we say in eastern perspective, Dao is equal to God, or else God is within Dao.

Natalie: Right.

Kim: And the more you try to define Dao or God, the further away, go way further from the truth. So in ancient times, the masters of sages created this concept called Taichi, which is graphical demonstration of penetration of Dao. It's something that people can see and actually touch, so that's what the Taichi, how Taichi came along and Taichi means "totality" it means "to source" source of all creation. So the entirety of the universe is Taichi and each individual is all for Taichi.

Natalie: Right.

Kim: Its single seed is a Taichi, so any entity, any phenomena is a Taichi.

Natalie: And Chi means energy right?

Kim: No, no, the Chi is a different, complete different Chinese character.

Natalie: Okay.

Kim: Taichi means Supreme or Grand Ultimate or Polt. The Chi has been known, I come to hear it as the energy, it's a life force, or life energy but it's a completely different character.

Natalie: Right okay, and so within Taichi, you have the 2 components, Yin and Yang?

Kim: Correct! So Taichi being totality is hard to grasp but still, so you need more physical definition of Taichi, so that's where Yin and Yang comes in.

Natalie: Right.

Kim: So now you divide the totality into 2, 2 components, 2 polar opposites, so it's easier to grasp, easier to understand, it's like one and zero, that we use, use in computer.

Natalie: Yep, the thing that I find really interesting about this book is that you use Yin and Yang to describe everything, to describe us, our physiology, the universe, music, food, sex, everything is, can be broken down into Yin and Yang, so how does the person know if they are more Yin or more Yang and what does that mean?

Kim: Okay, so basic quality of Yin is cold, it has a down-way direction, it's dark, it's slow, whereas the basic qualities of Yang is fast, it's hot, it's bright and has an outward direction. So coming back to the body, people tend to run cold are more in as a boost to someone who's running hot.

Natalie: Right.

Kim: Someone who has a fast metabolism is Yang and someone who has slow metabolism is Yin. Someone tend to work heat symptoms such as constipation or headaches, high blood pressure, thirst, while Yang, tend to have lose to diarrhea, poor appetite, who are generally, have a lower blood pressure, that will be more Yin so that's where we start, so we ask series of questions to decide whether Yin or Yang, in the practice.

Natalie: Right, so once someone figures out whether they are Yin or Yang, how does that affect their health? For example let's say that they have specific health issues, is there specific food or something that they should eat if they want to be a healthier person?

Kim: Right, if somebody who's in constitution having a problem that's related to Yin, then they will need to eat foods that are warming, hot foods, they should eat more soups, compared to... instead of cold salad, and they should avoid ice creams, ice creams and so forth. Keep everything at minimum room temperature or warmer. Someone who's hot, they could eat little colder or cooler foods, colder drinks.

Natalie: Right.

Kim: To help kind of balance their constitution.

Natalie: So again like, going back to the book, there are so many different examples in here of health, relationships, so even in relationships, if someone is more Yin, should they be looking for partner who's more Yang, is that how it works?

Kim: Well, in no way, in no way. But you could have more conflicts but also you can complement each other, somebody who is Yin, somebody who is Yang, in one way they can complement each other, other way they could have lot of conflicts, for example diet one, someone wants to eat lot of cooler food, if they have Yang characteristics, Yang type of body, the other person wants to eat hot foods all the time, or when they sleep, one person wants to have air-conditioning on, the other person says no they have to wear socks to their bed. So that's the conflict, but you can also learn from each other. So if somebody is very extrovert, outgoing, introvert, home-bound person can learn from that, okay. Learn to make quicker decision for example, learn to get, learn to do things a little bit faster, and the other person can also learn how to slow down, and how to think things too instead of making rush decisions so far.

Natalie: You've just described my marriage. You know my husband and I, we are kind of opposites but we, you know, he's a night person, I'm a morning person, he likes always food cooked, I prefer eat salads, and even with drinks, I don't like ice on my drinks, he likes a lot of ice on his drinks. So there's a complete opposite with that topic thing but you're right, we learned so much of each other. You know my husband is very, very outgoing, he loves to have fun, and that's something that I was more of a home buddy and he's really taught me a lot about that, you just completely described my marriage there and we've been married 15 years, so it's you know, it's all working up very well. So, there's so much information here is there... what is the one message that you really want people to get from reading this book?

Kim: Well, always look at 2 sides of things, okay, there's always the Yin side and the Yang side, it could be positive side or negative side, so learn to appreciate the difference, that's the Yin and yang, and learn to embrace it in your life.

Natalie: Yep, cause there has to be a difference, because Yin could not exist without Yang.

Kim: Correct, they are pollard yet complimentary opposite, they, they define one another, they give existence to one another, and they're dependent from one another, so there has to be a co-existence.

Natalie: Exactly, it's like having that purpose, the purpose of this is to be the opposite of this. But then it's all because the opposite compliments as well.

Kim: Right.

Natalie: And it has to co-exist because they can't exist without each other.

Kim: Right.

Natalie: Interesting, very deep! So Doctor thank you so much for coming in today. It's been a lot of information which has been fantastic. Now if people want to seek out, if they want to find out more information about you, or find out where you practice, where is your practice?

Kim: I have a practice in Sino, California, and I've been there in over 20 years, they can go to my website...

Natalie: Yes.

Kim: ...which is


Kim: Spell it out.

Natalie: Herbs if you restrain, but herbs if you're more comfy.

Kim: Or you can just Google, Google my name or acupunctures in Sino and my name will come up.

Natalie: That's wonderful. Alright, thank you so much for coming in today.

Kim: Thank you so much for having me here.

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