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Episode # 18   The Power of Thought

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell discusses the power of thought in episode 18. She explains how thoughts become things so it's important to focus on the positive ones. She shares some tips from her close friend the legendary speaker Les Brown on how he beat "the little c." This episode will transform the way you think about your goals.

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Episode # 18 The Power of Thought

Natalie Ledwell: Hi! I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. Now today, what I want to do is cover the information that is in chapter 4 of my book about the power of thought. So in the last chapter, we discovered that if we had any limiting beliefs, we figure out where they came from, and how to release them. Now normally what's attached to those beliefs is this series of recurring negative thoughts, negative languages and negative perceptions which is what we want to address now. So first let's think about thoughts. Let's go through the thoughts. Now if you've seen the movie The Secret or read the book The Secret, You'll probably remember Mike Dooley's quote that thought become things. Not only that they become things, they also create your reality. This is why this is of utmost importance that we are aware of the thoughts and the language that we use because of those thoughts. And ensure that they are positive and not distractingly negative and holding us back. Now I first became blatantly aware of this a couple of years ago when I set myself a goal of dropping two dress sizes in seven weeks just before my 48th birthday. I actually went from a size 14 down to a size 10. Now when I was struggling with my weight, I would actually catch myself thinking, specific things, especially when I was noticing other women. So, I'd be thinking horrible things like "oh my God darling, is that a muffin top?" Or "Good Lord, those pants are a bit tighter on you." But I was judging other women on what they were wearing. And I'm ashamed to admit that I actually had these thoughts and to share them with you. I mean, I'd look back and go "what a nasty piece of work that was in my mind." But what really hit high, what smacked me right between the eyes that these are the same negative thoughts that I worried about that other women were thinking about me. So, of course, I probably were. I'm thinking this, I'm putting it out there, that was I am attracting back. That was, probably I was attracting back those thoughts. But what I was also attracting, was a big fat weight problem that I was battling at that time. Now, I realized that my thoughts and my judgments massively contributed to my weight gain and that I was completely responsible for the current situation that I was in. Now the revelation was, is that if my thoughts had got me into a size 14, then surely if I concentrate on them, change them to positive thoughts, so I can also get to the size 10. Now from that time forward, and I still do it now, I generally make a point of complimenting everybody. Whether it's in my mind or whether it's out loud on something nice about them. You know, I strive to focus on only the positive. Compliment them about their haircut, their hair color, you know, the way they kept their hair, attractive shoes, how their outfits are coordinated, their personality, how lovely they are and so on and so on. Now we also had the same awakening about the language that I used about myself. Now recently I was at a seminar with my friend Les Brown, the legendary speaker. He was speaking and he was sharing with the audience how he was currently in a rematch the little "c." Which is quite his word for cancer. Now it's so funny, he reckons that he beat cancer so hard the first time that it came back for a rematch. But he also explained how careful he was in choosing the language that he uses when he talks about this. Because as Les pointed, your body believes everything you say. And how profound is that? Your body believes everything you say. How true is that? The thing is, you believe everything you say. I believe everything I say. This is when I realize all the things that I constantly say about myself that I don't want to be true. But they are part of my reality cause I keep saying them. And through repetition I believe that they are my truth. You know, I would say things like "I'm really bad at math and numbers." I'm not bad at math and numbers. This maybe because when I was younger, I wasn't as good as math than other subjects at school. That doesn't need to carry through. I'm actually pretty good at numbers when I apply myself. So that, took that out of my vocabulary. You know, I also, cause I really wanna play golf but hasn't played golf and I kept saying I have no hand-eye coordination. Well I stopped saying that about myself and I'm gonna start getting some lessons cause I really want to get out there and enjoy my time with them. The other thing I used to say about myself is "I'm not creative." I mean, seriously I'm not creative? All I do is create at the moment. And when I stopped saying that, I actually opened up the flood gates to my creativity. And I started to believe the opposite because part of my affirmations were "I an creative." And I've been able to come up with the show here, And I've been able to work with the book, and that's a lot of my time in doing creative things. So, can you relate to this? I mean, can you think of things that you say about yourself that maybe, you don't want to be true or definitely aren't true? I mean now, I am banned from saying negative statements and any statements like that. And actually its incredible not that I enlist the help of Glenn, my husband, and we help each other to eliminate these topic statements or negative statements from our language altogether. You know the other thing I did, was starting it to eliminate from my vocabulary was to be pro-active in eliminating these thoughts and language all the time by writing down the negative things that, when I, as I become aware of them or as I started saying them. And then I would write the opposite positive statement like we have done before, include this statements into my current mind movie, or in. And you can include this is you have a mind movie, include it in that or your current list of affirmations. So through repetition and looking at them all the time, you reprogram your subconscious mind. So my question to you is "what area of your life are you challenged with at the moment?" You know, are you aware of about the thoughts and the language that you use around this subjects? You know, are you aware of any judgments or gossiping that you participate in? You know, do you say things about yourself that you don't want to be true? Well, if you've had a yes to any of these questions, again I created a worksheet for you, that you can download by clicking on that banner to the side. And here is the worksheet. Now, this only has two columns. A very basic one. So first, you have, the first column says the negative thought or language. As you become aware of it, write it down. Write these things that you say about yourself. Write these, you know, these negative thoughts or judgments, internal judgments that you have about other people. Write them in that first column and in the second column we want to write the opposite and positive affirmation of that. So that we conclude that in what we look at every day. Now, another thing that you can do, rather that filling out that worksheet, and this is what I did in the beginning, I carry a small notebook around with me. So, as I was saying these things, as I was thinking these things, I can jot it down straight away. Then at the end of the day, when I sit down, I actually write down the positive statement later, the opposite statement of that. So, it's up to you on how to do that. You can use the worksheet or use a little notepad as well. Alright, I hope this information helped you identify some of the negative thought patterns that you have. And inspire you to take some positive actions to eliminate these from your daily language. Okay, so the next video it will be a carry on from this one. And we'll actually address how your perceptions influence your reality. So guys, remember share of all your experiences. I'd love to hear you go, how you go with this exercise and any differences that it makes. And remember if you haven't done so yet, enter your e-mail above and register so you get your six pre-made mind movies and that we can keep you up to date with all the exciting new subjects and the people that we're gonna have up the show in the near future. So guys, thanks again for joining me and remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. I'll see you soon.

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